Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs.BidwellThe laboratory cleaner.
InspectorBlakelockThe assistant police liaison officer.
GeraldBowlemThe son of Brenda's father's boss.
Mr.BowlemAlfred's boss.
CliffBradleySusan's husband.
SusanBradleyA wife of a high-ranking scientific officer.
Dr. Mavers-BrownMaxim's companion.
BillCarneyThe bus conductor.
StephenCopleyThe senior chemist.
AdamDalglieshThe commander who handles Dr. Lorrimer's death case.
ConstableDavisA policeman.
Mrs.DeanThe chapel minister's wife.
InspectorDoyleThe detective inspector.
MaureenDoyleInspector Doyle's wife.
LordDungannonThe leader of Lords.
ClaireEasterbrookThe senior scientific officer in the biology department.
PeterEnnallsMiddlemass wife's cousin.
AngelaFoleyDirector of Hoggatt's Laboratory. Lorrimer's cousin.
CharlesFreebornController of the forensic science service.
AlfredGoddardA witness.
BobGotobedThe leader of the troop.
Dr.GreeneThe local police surgeon.
FatherGregoryThe reverend.
MaximHowarthHenry's boss. The director of forensic science laboratory.
MajorHuntDr. Lorrimer's lawyer.
EleanorKerrisonHenry's daughter. Aka: Nell.
HenryKerrisonA forensic pathologist.
William KerrisonHenry's son.
AnnieLorrimerDr. Lorrimer's paternal grandmother.
Dr. EdwinLorrimerA pathologist. Victim.
TomLorrimerDr. Lorrimer's paternal grandfather.
Dr.MacHenry's predecessor.
Dr.MacintyreThe former director at Hoggatt's.
Mrs.MallettThe general's typist.
Chief InspectorMartinThe senior police liaison officer.
JohnMassinghamAdam's partner.
StellaMawsonOwner of Lavender Cottage. Angela's friend.
PaulMiddlemassThe principal scientific officer document examiner.
BillMorganThe vehicle examiner.
ReverendMotherThe mother superior.
AlfredPridmoreBrenda's father.
BrendaPridmoreA clerical officer at Hoggatt's laboratory.
Mrs.PridmoreBrenda's mother.
DomenicaSchofieldHowarth's half-sister.
SimoneSignoretAn actress.
HarrySproggA member of a troope.
Dr.StoddardA pathologist.
Mrs.SwaffieldThe rector's wife.
BlainThomsonThe pathologist at Dr. Lorrimer's murder case.
Dr. J.DUnderwoodDr. Howarth's colleauge.
MissWillardThe Kerrison's cleaner.
Debbie Susan's child.
Emma Dr. Lorrimer's lover.
Mercer The detective superintendent.
Mitching Major Hunt's assistant.
Reynolds The police in charge of the crime scene.
Scobie The laboratory attendant.
Underbill The police in charge of the crime scene.
Will Brenda's uncle.