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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   David   Birkmann   Killer. aka: Big Dave/Daveareeno/D-Man/Chips/Bug Boy
    George   Marx   Assistant principal in charge of discipline.
    Gina   Hemming   David's love from 6th grade. Formerly popular at school.
    Ryan   Harney   Committee member. A physician.
    Lucy   Cheever   Former homecoming queen. Owner of Chevy dealership.
    George   Brown   Athletic boy. Now owner of bowling alley.
    Cary   Lowe   David's former classmate.
    Bob   Hart   David's former classmate.
2   Ben   Potter   Old man who found Gina's body.
3   Virgil   Flowers   Agent - Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).
    Frankie       Virgil's girlfriend.
    Jon   Duncan   Virgil's boss at BCA.
    Sparkle       Frankie's sister.
    Honus       Virgil and Frankie's dog.
    Johnson   Johnson   Virgil's old college buddy.
4   Peter   Thruston   Medical examiner.
    Laurie       Lawyer that Peter is in love with.
    Karl   Lone   Death investigator.
    Margaret   Griffin   Private investigator.
5   Clarice       Johnson's girlfriend.
    Hank   Johnson   Johnson's friend.
    Rob   Knox   Justine's new beau.
    Jesse   McGovern   Maker of Bargie-Os.
    Jesse   Hammer   Formerly Jesse Wagner. Owned Wagner Pumpkin Farm.
    Larry   Hammer   Jesse Wagner's husband.
    Joe   Hammer   Larry's father.
    Barb   Hammer   Larry's mother.
6   Jeff   Purdy   Buchanan County Sheriff.
    Janice   Anderson   Elderly lady. Retired high school teacher.
    Marv   Hiners   First Vice President of Second National Bank.
    Ann   Ryan   Gina's sister. Terry's wife. A psychologist.
    Tery   Ryan   Ann's husband. A surgeon.
            Wells Fargo Bank - Buyer of the bank.
    Alewort       Department's crime scene investigator.
7   Ralph   Filson   Trombone player Justine was necking in high school.
    Corbel   Cain   A brute that Gina had an affair with.
    Janey   Cain   Corbel's wife.
8   Sean       Leads the crime scene crew.
10   Rick   James   Gina's lawyer.
    Barry   Long   Part of reunion committee. Class President of '92.
    Margot   Moore   Part of reunion committee. Runs Moore Financial.
    Jenkins       BCA house thug.
    Shrake       BCA house thug.
12   Elroy   Cheever   Lucy's husband.
    Alice       Dave's Dunkin Donut counter woman.
    John   Handy   Worked for the city's building department.
13   Rick   Thomas   Mayor of Ice Town.
    Jerry       Almost died from CO poisoning.
    Duane   Hawkins   Mechanic at the Kubota dealer.
    Rusty   Tremblay   Man from the other fishing village.
    Booger       Rusty's granddaughter.
14   Bob   Jackson   Post Office clerk.
    Bernie   Barker   Deceased owner of Bernie's Books.
    James   Barker   Bernie's son. Now runs Bernie's Books. aka: Jimmy.
    Fred   Fitzgerald   Biker guy who's got a tattoo shop on Melon.
15   Denwa   Burke   Corbel's oldest pal.
    Karen   Harney   Ryan's wife.
    Taylor   Miller   Ryan and Karen's divorce attorney.
    Bea   Sawyer   From BCA.
    Bill   Jensen   From BCA.
    Jerry   Williams   Has a meeting with Margot Moore.
    Luke   Pweters   Deputy.
16   Don   Baldwin   Bea's regular partner.
    Clay   Danson   Diver.
    Blue       Diver.
    Ralph       Diver.
    Lew   Andrews   Staff at US Bank.
    Joseph   Anderson   Has supply packages for altered dolls.
    Carolyn   Weaver   One of the women who attacked Virgil.
17   Sandy   Hart   Margot's second guest.
    Belle   Penney   Margot's guest.
    Kelly   Brenner   Taught Belle how to shoot her nine millimeter.
18   Ann   McComber   The public defender.
19   Bret   Carlson   Prosecutor. Had close relationship with school board members.
21   Janet   Lincoln   Runs Sugar Rush.
    Lucille   Becker   50 year-old English teacher.
22   Marge       Girl who sat in Birkmann's office.
    Randall   Cambden   One of the blonde drivers.
    Bill   Houston   One of the blonde drivers.
    Miz   Homer   One of the girls who attacked Virgil.
    Jay       Assistant manager at a convenience store.
    Bobbie   Cole   Works at the convenience store.
23   Sheila   Carver   Dave's former classmate.
24   Sandy   Martinez   Someone from Trippton.
26   Anderson   Blaine   Lieutenant. aka: Andy
    William   Gurney   Gay.
    Mark   Pendleton   Gay.
    Son   Davis   Another recommendation by knox.
    Doug       Bartender.
27   Lanny       Witness to Griffin's assault.
    Lucas   Davenport   Virgil's old boss.
    Kidd       Lucas's friend.
28   Buster   Gedney   Sells silencers and makes auto modification kits.
    Jerry   Clark   Club Gold's Manager.
    Carroll   Wilson   Guy at Club Gold.
    Jeannette   Wilson   Carroll's wife.
31   Russell   Roy   BCA agent.