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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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 Melba Billie's aunt.
 Genie Billie's older sister.
1  Book I - Eleven Years Later
 JakeNewberryBillie's boss.
 BillieBreslinJake's new assistant.
 Maggie An executive food editor.
   Spring Cheese
 Sherman Jake's dog.
 Samuel W.StoneA travel editor. Aka: Sammy.
 Paul One of the cooks.
 Lori A food stylist and a baker.
 Valente A cameraman.
 ThursdayBrownAmerica's most famous female chef.
 Sal Owner of Fontanari's food shop.
 Joey A policeman.
 Theresa Sal's sister.
 Rosalie Sal's wife. Aka: Rosie.
 Benny A butcher.
 KimWongMakes the best chocolates.
 Toni A lawyer.
 Diana One of the cooks. Billie's friend.
 Sharon Sammy's friend.
 ArthurPickwickOwner of Pickwick Publishing.
 Young ArthurPickwickTook over the Pickwick Publishing.
 AmandaBrenstockA chef.
 BabeCloverlyOne of Jake's deloys.
 JamesBeardA regular contributor to Delicious magazine.
 Tom A chef
 Ned Diana's boyfriend.
 Michael Diana's older brother.
 Sarah Jake's previous assistant.
 Wilhelmina Real name of Billie. Aka: Willie.
 Jane Sal's first love.
 Gennaro Sal's acquaintance.
 Mr.ComplainerSal's friend.
 Stelvio Sal's customer.
   Seizing Opportunities
 Sumiko A chef.
 Remy The staff photographer.
   The Mania of the Moment
 Sean A farmer who produced best pigs in town.
 Greg A farmer who produced wheats.
 ElbertCarmanA plant breeder.
 JacquesTorresA chef.
2  Book II - Magic Moments
 Ruby Young Arthur's secretary.
 Emma I  Emmajane's aunt.
 Mrs.DavisLulu's neighbor.
 LuluSwanA girl who wrote a letter to Mr Beard.
 TommyStrohLulu's friend.
   Library Ladies
 Amy Mr. Complainer's sister-in-law.
 Boyd Mr. Complainer's father.
 Betty Boyd's wife.
 Julia J.ApplebeeA sophomore college student .
 Mrs.DicksonLulu's homeroom teacher.
 Mr.Shoemaker8th grade Mathematics teacher.
 Mrs.Cappuzzelli6th grade Mathematics teacher.
   Under Milkweed
 Boirdi An American-Italian chef.
 PaulJonesThe principal.
   Dancing Horse
 VanAllenUniversity professor.
 Bertie The previous librarian.
   Feast of the Seven Fishes
 Marco Mrs. Cappuzzelli's son.
 Mrs.SwanLulu's mother.
 Mr.MurrowA radio announcer.
   A Terrible Synphony
 Andre Sammy's friend.
   Dripping Pudding
 Mario One of Mrs. Cappuzzelli's sons.
 Massimo One of Mrs. Cappuzzelli's sons.
 Mauro One of Mrs. Cappuzzelli's sons.
 EstelleDizonMrs. Swan's acquaintance.
 Mr.CappuzzelliMrs. Cappuzzelli's husband.
   Cake Sisters
 RobertBreslinA lawyer. Billie's father.
 Barb Billie's mother.
 EliPierceGenie's friend.
 Owen Billie's ex-boyfriend.
 BeverlyJacksonBillie and Genie's customer.
   April Fool
 Hermione Boutique's owner.
 Joan-MaryWhitfieldA business woman.
 ChristopherVan PattenJoan-Mary's colleague.
 Bernard M.HammondReal name of Mr. Complainer. Aka: Mitch.
   Vintage Cookbook
 BonnieSlotnickThe proprietress of the vintage cookbook store in the village.
 AnneMiltonA retired professor of literature.
 Bertram A.AncramReal name of Bertie.
 JamesSwanLulu's father.
 Mrs.BridgemanLulu's new homeroom teacher.
 RosieMullaneyOne who tasted the pumpkin pie.
 SusieRiveraOne whose father was shot dead in Leyte.
 Joe  Tommy's older brother.
 Mr.BridgemanMrs. Bridgeman's husband.
   I Love To Eat
 Eric One Joan-Mary's worker.
 Alex One Joan-Mary's worker.
 Eva Best hairdresser.
 Ferran A chef.
 Mrs.StrohTommy's mother.
   Same as Pickles
 Mr.MingA chef.
   Between Triborough Bridge and Union Square
 Macy Butcher's shop owner.
 HenriSouleSuperb chef.
 DavidLee ChildA lawyer.
 Lydia MariaChildA poet.
   Book III - Appetites
 Bruce  Mitch's brother.
 Bill  Bruce brother.
 Bryan Amy's husband.
 Valerie Mitch's sister-in-law.
 Karen Mitch's sister-in-law.
 Emma II Mitch's live-in-partner for four years.
 Heidi Mitch's ex-girlfriend.
 FatherMarinoA christian missionary.
 FatherTrivisonnoA genealogy.
 Emidio Owner of a pizza parlor.
 EltonCloverlyBabe's husband.
 Susie Babe's sister.
 Victoria A chef.
   A Whole Lot of Medicine
 PeterTaberA doctor. Lulu's husband.
 JamesSwan TaberLulu's son.
 JoannaTaberLulu's daughter. Aka: Jo.
 Francesca T.CappuzzelliLucas's wife. Aka: Frankie.
 Clara One of James Taber's daughter.
 Jim James Taber's son.
 Pete  Jim's brother.
 Sophie Clara's sister.
 Wally Lulu's acquaintance.
 Lucas Massimo's son.
   Truth or Consequences
 Gayle Tommy's wife.
 Lucette Lulu's sister.
 Claudine Lulu's niece.
   Gingerbread Girl
 Stanley Lulu's cat.
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