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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1KeirMacRaeProtagonist. Scottish owner of MacRae Distillery.
 LukeMarsden3rd son of an Earl.
 Lady MerrittSterlingProtagonist. Sister of Luke. Owner of Sterling Enterprises.
 JoshuaSterlingMerritt's husband. Deceased.
 Owen One of Keir's employees.
 RanaldSlorachOne of Keir's employees.
 MarcusMarsdenEarl. aka Lord Westcliff. Father of Merritt and Luke.
 MissEwartMerritt's secretary.
  MerrittVeterinarian who assisted in Merritt's birth.
3Mr.GruinardThe supervising exciseman.
4DaisySwiftMerrit's Aunt.
5GordanCatachElderly lawyer from Islay.
 SebastianChallonThe Duke of Kingston. Owner of Jenner's.
 HoraceHoaglandManaging steward of Jenner's.
 LachlanMacRaeKeir's father.
 IvoChallonYoungest son of the Duke of Kingston.
7Mrs.ChalkerMerritt's cook.
 Jeffrey Merritt's footman.
 EthanRansomGarrett's husband. Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.
 CormacRansomGarrett and Ethan's son.
 Jenny One of Merritt's housemaids.
9LillianBowmanMerritt's mother. Lord Westcliff's wife. American Heiress.
 ElspethMacRaeKeir's mother.
 Neil Keir's friend when he was younger.
12Lady PhoebeRavenelMerritt's best friend. The Duke of Kingston's daughter.
13WestRavenelPhoebe's husband.
14 KentDoctor.
16Culpepper Duke of Kingston's valet for 25 years.
17Evie Merritt's mother. The Duchess of Kingston.
 Cordelia aka Lady Ormonde .
 Lord Ormonde Cordelia's husband.
18Henry Phoebe's first husband. Deceased.
 EdenRavenelPhoebe and West's daughter.
22Lord St. Vincent aka Gabriel. The Duke of Kingston's oldest son.
 RaphaelChallonThe Duke of Kingston's second son.
 SeraphinaChallonMerritt's younger sister.
23Wallace Keir's dog.
 Ajax Family dog of the Challon's.
 James The Duke of Kingston's footman.
25Sir GeorgeStevensonNewly appointed British Ambassador.
 Lady SylviaStevensonSir George's wife.
28AnnabelleHuntOne of Lillian's closest friends.
33SidBrownlowFormer member of the 1st Dragoons special regiment.
35FiaSlorachWife of Ranald.
36ErrolMacTaggartSheriff of Islay.
37Duffy One of Ethan's agents.
 Wilkinson One of Ethan's agents.
38JohnPeltieWorking for Lord Ormonde.