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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Phoebe Duke of Kingston's daughter. Aka: Redbird; Lady Clare.
 WestonRavenelA bully. Aka: West.
 Henry 1 Phoebe's husband. Aka: Lord Clare.
 Mr.FarthingHenry's teacher.
 Justine Phoebe and Henry's first child.
 Stephen Phoebe's younger son.
 Gabriel Phoebe's brother. Aka: Lord of St. Vincent
 Lady PandoraRavenelGabriel's wife.
 Cassandra Pandora's twin sister.
 DevonRavenelWest's older brother. Aka: Lord Trenear.
 Kathleen Devon's wife. Aka: Lady Trenear.
 Bracegirdle A nanny.
 Seraphina Phoebe's younger sister.
 Ivo Seraphina's brother.
2Sebastian The Duke of Kingston.
 Evangeline The Duchess of Kingston. Aka: Evie.
3TomSeverinA mechanical engineer. West's friend.
 Lady Berwick Phoebe and Cassandra's teacher.
 RhysWinterborneWest's old friend.
 Raphael Seraphina's brother.
 Lillian Evangeline's old friend.aka: Lady Westcliff.
 Jack Ivo's acquaintance.
 EdwardLarsonHenry's cousin.
5Matthew 1 Kathleen's son.
 Ernestine Phoebe's lady maid.
 Ashton Youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon.
 Augustus Ashton's twin brother.
 Mr.SimonFamily Challlon's close friend.
 Mrs. SimonMr. Simon's wife.
 Uncle Marcus Lillian's husband. Aka:Lord Westcliff.
 Lady MerrittSterlingOne of Phoebe's closest friend.
 Georgiana Henry's mother.
 JoshuaSterlingMerritt's husband.
6Lord Foxhall Westcliff's older son. Aka: Fox.
 Lady DollyColwickLady Berwick's daughter.
 Jerome One of the footmen.
7GeorgeStricklandA farmer.
8Sutton Devon's valet.
 Helen Rhys Winterborne's wife.
 Mrs. ChurchThe housekeeper.
9Splinter A hobbyhorse.
 Agatha A blacksmith's daughter.
 Neddy One of the workmen in the barn.
 Brick-end The head cowman.
 Rollaboy One of the workmen in the barn.
 Stub The blacksmith.
 Slippy One of the workmen in the barn.
 Chummy One of the workmen in the barn.
14Annabelle One of Evie's closest friend.
 Daisy One of Evie's closest friend.
 Matthew 2 Daisy's husband.
16Galoshes A cat.
21Frederick Edward's father.
 Mr.PatchEstate's land manager.
 Oliver One of the footmen.
 Arnold The younger footman.
22Verity A nurse maid.
 Hodgson A butler.
 Dr. GarrettGibsonA surgeon.
 Mrs. GurneyA housemaid.
 EthanRansomDr. Gibson's patient.
27Mr.MortonA farmer.
29James PrinceHaywardA coach builder.
 RuthParrisThe daughter of button and comb maker. Aka: Mrs. Parrett.
 Henry 2 Ruth's son.
33Niall One of the porters.
 Culpeper An elderly valet.