Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProSiddaleeWalkerProtagonist. A director. Aka: Sidda, Madame Voilanska.
 Viviane J. A.WalkerSidda's mother. Was reported as tap-dancing abuser.
   The Ya-Ya Rabilia - Vivi's gang of girlfriends.
 BillieHolidayAn American singer.
1RobertaLydellA theatre critic who interviewed Sidda.
 Hueylene Sidda's dog.
 ConnorMcGillSidda's fiancee.
 HueyLongFormer Governor of Louisiana.
 MaySorensonThe playwright. The Protagonist on the play that Sidda directed.
 WadeCoenenConnor's bestfriend. A theatre costume designer.
 Shepley JamesWalker Sr.Sidda's father. Aka: Big Shep.
 Shepley JamesWalker Jr.Sidda's brother. Aka: Little Shep.
 TalullahWalkerSidda's sister. Aka: Lulu.
 BaylorWalkerSidda's baby brother.
 ClareBooth-LuceFormer U.S. Congressman.
 Caroline E. B.BrewsterVivi's bestfriend. One of the Ya-Yas.
 Denise R. K.OgdenVivi's friend. One of the Ya-Yas.
 Aimee MalissaW. ClaiborneVivi's friend.
2Shirley Teensy's maid.
   The Betty Ford Center - The Ya-Ya's lexicon.
 Mary K. B. AbbottVivi's mother.
 Taylor CharlesAbbottVivi's father.
4MarthaGrahamAn American dancer.
 GenevieveSt. WhitmanTeensy's mother.
 NewtonWhitman IIITeensy's father.
5M'lainChauvinSidda's friend.
 HenryRuthThe nun at Sidda's former school.
 AnnieOakleyAn American sharpshooter.
 MarleneDietrichAn American actress.
 RodneyMarieOne of the nuns at Sidda's former school.
 WaltWhitmanAn American poet.
 Dr.MottThe doctor in Pecan.
 BlaineBrewsterCaro's husband.
 ChickClaiborneTeensy's husband.
 JacquesClaiborneChick and Teensy's son.
 GennyClaiborneChick and Teensy's daughter.
   The Petite Ya-Yas - Son and daughters of The Ya-Yas.
6MiaFarrowA woman who was accused by the Ya-Yas of imitating Vivi.
 ClaudeHovietThe perfumier in the French quarter.
7MissBeverlyOwner of a beauty parlor.
 LowellBennettCaro's brother.
 Newton J.WhitmanTeensy's brother. Deceased. Aka: Jack.
 RobertBennettCaro's father. Aka: Mr. Bob.
   The Bob- Mr. Bob's theatre.
 ShirleyTempleAn American actress.
 LanceLaceyThe judge in the Shirley Temple constest. Aka: Mr. Hollywood.
 BobbyBennettCaro's brother.
 PeteAbbottVivi's brother.
8FatherCoughlinThe radio priest.
 DeliaAbbottVivi's grandmother.
 Ginger Delia's maid.
 Lola The mother of the tribal Ya-Yas. A black she-ape.
 TheMoon LadyThe protector of the Ya-Ya tribe.
10GeorgeOgdenNecie's husband.
 LizaOgdenGeorge and Necie's daughter.
 JoannieOgdenGeorge and Necie's daughter.
 RoseOgdenGeorge and Necie's daughter.
 Stephen Malissa's husband.
 VivienLeighA film actress.
 LouisseBlaineTeensy's aunt.
 James Teensy's uncle. Louisse's husband.
 ClarkGableAn American film actor.
 JamesBlaine Jr.Teensy's cousin.
 CaroleLombardAn American film actress.
 OliviaDe HavillandAn Actress.
 Collie Necie's uncle.
 MargaretMitchellAn American novelist.
 William Louisse's driver.
11WilettaLloydBlack woman who raised her during most of her childhood.
 AbbyChauvinM'lain Chauvin's mother.
12Maurine Sidda's teacher.
 GertrudeSteinAn American novelist.
14AlmaAnsellOwner academy - charm & beauty. Aka: Miss Alma Asshole.
 LizzieMitchellA beauty care products representative.
 SamMitchellLizzie's husband. Deceased.
 Chaney Willeta's husband.
 SamMitchell Jr.Lizzie's son.
 JedMitchellLizzie's son.
 Bobbie Lizzie's sister-in-law.
 Lurleen Bobbie's girlfriend.
16EteineeSt. ClairGenevieve's father.
 Mr.CharlesLane Parker's uncle.
 Mrs.CharlesLane Parker's aunt.
 LaneParkerThe Ya-Yas' schoolmate.
 JezieAbbottVivi's sister.
 RoscoeJenkinsA police officer.
17PaulNewmanThe man Vivi is supposed to marry.
 JoanneWoodwardPaul's wife.
 Richard Blaine's boyfriend.
18ArthurMillerAn American playwright.
 ShawnKavanaughThe aging ex-tv star.
19RedBeaumontA man that Caro dated.
20Mrs.RabelaisA member of Altar Society Women.
21AnneSnobbyVivi's classmate.
 LeeBeaufortDelia's friend.
 SisterFerminA religion teacher at St. Augustine.
 SisterSolangeA nun who nursed Vivi.
 FatherO'DonaganThe priest in St. Augustine.
 AnneMcWatersVivi's old rival.
22Torie The massage therapist.
25Melinda The baby nurse who nursed Baylor.
 Dr. BeauPocheBaylor's doctor.
 MaryLeeGinger's granddaughter.
 Mrs.BoyetteOwner of a tailor shop.
26JeffLeMoyneThe boy that Little Shep punched.
29Lawanda The huge elephant in Garnet Parish. Aka: The Magnificient.
 LyleJohnsonThe clerk at Shep's charge card station office.
31Arthur OchsSulzberger Jr.The publisher of New York Times.
32ThomasLeCompteOwner of Tante River House.