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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Daisy       Rex's buddy. aka: Maura.
    Dale   Miller   Clara's husband. aka: Miller.
    Clara       Miller's second wife.
    Ryan       Miller's son.
    Simon       Ryan's brother.
    Rex   Canton   Police officer.
1   Trey       Brenda's abusive boyfriend.
    Ellie       Nap's close friend.
    Leo       Nap's twin brother.
    Jauss       Baseball coach.
    Tammy   Walsh   Nap's neighbor.
    Ned       Tammy's husband.
    Napoleon   Dumas   Police detective. aka: Nap.
2   Stacy   Reynolds   A lieutenant.
    Bates       Police detective.
3   Brenda       Trey's girlfriend.
4   Lynn   Wells   Maura's mother.
    Augie       Captain of Westbridge Police Department.
    Audrey       Augie's wife.
5   Hal       Bartender.
    Diana   Styles   Augie's daughter.
7   Bunny       Old-school server.
    Cindy   Monroe   High school class secretary.
    Mrs.   Freedman   Ellie and Nap's history teacher.
8   Beth   Lashley   Member of conspiracy club. aka: Dr. Fletcher.
    Hank   Stroud   Conspiracy member.
9   Yvonne   Shifrin   Augie's girl.
10   Dr.   Bauer   Hank's doctor.
    Myron   Bolitar   Formerly, a great basketball player.
    David   Rainiv   CEO of a big firm.
    Jill       David's wife.
    Kristen   Megargee   Hank's girl.
    Mrs.   Stroud   Hank's mother.
11   Simon   Fraser   Rex's divorce attorney.
    Ellen   Mager   Ellie's classmate in math class.
    Marcha   Stein   Ellie's colleague.
    Dean       Marcha's handsome boyfriend.
    Wanda       Marcha's friend.
    Elbe       Fraser's partner in law firm.
    Benjamin   Baroche   Elbe's partner.
    Pete   Corwick   Arrested by Rex for drunk driving.
12   Jill   Stevens   Rookie cop.
    Tom   Stroud   Hank's father.
13   Doris       Tom's ex-wife.
14   Deborah   Keren   High school principal.
    Cathy       A traumatized student.
    Kimmy   Konisberg   Town MILF. Stands for: (Mother I'd Like to F---).
    Maria   Hanson   School secretary.
    Suzanne       Maria's mother.
15   Joe       Suzanne's husband.
    Cassie       Office manager.
    Jeff   Kaufmann   Librarian and town historian.
    Andy   Reeves   Agriculture expert. aka: Dick Shaftwood.
16   Bernadette   Hamilton   Lynn's more than friend.
    Mike   Jenson   Pet store owner.
17   Loren   Muse   Essex County Prosecutor.
    Alan   Manning   Detective.
    Franco   Cadeddu   County medical examiner.
    David   Elefant   Found Hank's body.
18   Carl   Legg   Police detective.
19   Bob       Ellie's husband.
    Leah       Ellie's daughter.
    Kelsi       Leah's sister.
21   Stavros       Cashier.
22   Mr.   Warner   Maura's art teacher.
    Ann   Hannon   Maura's real friend.
23   Paul   Simpson   Dr. Fletcher's partner.
24   Alicia       Ellie's friend.
    Colin       Alicia's boyfriend.
    Merle       Ellie's cousin.
25   Terry   Fremond   Rich white kid who became a terrorist.
31   Agent   Rockdale   Federal officer.
    Agent   Krueger   Special agent.