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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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    Gregory   Heffley   Protagonist. Diary owner. aka: Greg.
    Chirag   Gupta   Mean kid.
    Chris   Hosey   Sits in front of Greg.
    Lionel   James   Sits behind Greg.
    Jason   Brill   Student who almost sat at Greg's right.
    Shelly       Hot girl.
    Ronnie   McCoy   Fastest fifth grade runner.
    Bryce   Anderson   Most popular boy in Greg's current grade.
    Charlie   Davies   Getting braces - which means less popularity.
    Rowley   Jefferson   Greg's best friend.
    Darren   Walsh   Boy who touched rotten cheese with his finger.
    Abe   Hall   Student who got Cheese Touch in April and moved away.
    Rodrick   Heffley   Greg's older brother.
    Manny   Heffley   Greg's younger brother.
    Fregley       Greg and Rowley's neighbor.
    Mrs.   Craig   Teacher.
    Marty   Porter   Guy also running for treasurer.
    Mr.   roy   Vice Principal.
    Shane   Snella   Neighborhood kid.
    Mr.   Mitchell   Greg's neighbor.
    Jeremy       Mr. Mitchell's son.
    Dr.   Garrison   Greg's neighbor.
    Mr.   Underwood   Physical Education teacher.
    Preston   Mudd   Athlete of the month.
    Benny   Wells   Strong kid in PE class.
    Patty   Farrell   Girl in Geography class.
    Mr.   Ira   Geography teacher.
    Mrs.   Norton   Musical Director.
    Dorothy       A character in the Wizard of Oz play.
    Rodney   James   The shrub at the Wizard of Oz play.
    Toto       The dog in the Wizard of Oz play.
    Archie   Kelly   A student who's part of the play.
    Charlie       Greg's uncle.
    Lydia       Greg's aunt.
    Ricky   Fisher   In Greg's Independent Study class.
    Mr.   Darnell   Independent Study teacher.
    Mr.   Winsky   Teacher.
    Mrs.   Levine   English teacher.
    Bryan   Little   School kid with Wacky Dawg comic.
    Susan   Lim   Rachel's best friend.
    Rachel       The girl Bryan kissed behind the lockers.
    Barry   Palmer   Owes Bryan $5.
    Chris   Carney   Won Antismoking Contest at school.
    Creighton   (the) Cretin   Character from Greg's comic.
    Tabitha   Cutter   Wrote the Girls Rule comic.
    Lisa   Russel   Wrote the Girls Rule comic.
    Gill   Tritt   Wrote the Dumb Teacher's comic.
    Mr.   Humphrey   Teacher.
    Mrs.   Irvine   A friend of Rowley's mom.
    Collin   Lee   Rowley's friend.
    Bill   Watson   Guy in Rodrick's Yearbook.
    Kathy   Nguyen   A girl in Rodrick's Yearbook.
    Jenna   Stewart   Dresses like a pilgrim.
    Mr.   Worth   Teacher.