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Christina Hale
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   Indian Princess - The most finely crafted peak in Idaho.
 Audrey WestoverTara Westover's sister who broke both her arms and legs.
   Part 1
1GeneWestoverTara Westover's father / An avid Mormon member.
 LaRue Tara's Grandmother / Faye Westover's mother. aka: Grandma.
 FayeWestoverTara's Mother / a herbalist.
 JimWestoverGene Westover's brother / Tara Westover's uncle.
 GrandpaLottTara's Grandfather. Aka: Grandpa-over-in-Town.
 Aaron A boy from Tara Westover's school.
 RichardWestoverTara Westover's brother.
 LukeWestoverTara Westover's brother.
 Randy WeaversGene Westover's friend who was shot by the feds.
 Tyler WestoverTara Westover's brother who buried his father's rifle.
 Kamikaze Luke's goat.
2TaraWestoverProtagonist / Narrator / Author.
 Maria Judy's daughter.
 Judy The midwife / Faye Westover's friend.
 TonyWestoverThe oldest brother of Tara Westover.
 ShawnWestoverThe second oldest brother of Tara Westover.
3Donna Tara Westover's cousin.
 Lynn Faye Westover's brother.
 Angie Faye Westover's younger sister.
 GrandmaWestoverGene Westover's mother. Aka: Grandma-down-the-hill.
4MavisBeaconTara Westover's teacher in typing class.
6Robert A man who worked for Gene Westover.
 Emma Shawn Westover's girlfriend.
 Susan Faye Westover's friend.
8Myrna MoyleWife of Jay Moyle.
 JayMoyleOwner of "Papa Jay" gas station.
 MaryMoyleMyrna and Jay Moyle's daughter.
 Eve Mary Moyle's friend.
 Randy  A man who's selling cashews and almonds.
 CarolineMoyleSister of Mary Moyle / Myrna and Jay Moyle's daughter.
 BrotherDavisA Mormon member.
9BrotherMumfordA Mormon member.
 JessicaHardyTara Westover's friend.
 Rob HardyJessica Hardy's father.
 DianeHardyRob Hardy's wife / Jessica Hardy's mother.
 PresidentRooseveltThe President.
 Charles Tara Westover's first friend.
10Rosie An energy specialist.
11Bud Shawn Westover's horse.
 Apollo A 7yr old buckskin / Shawn Westover's horse.
12Sadie Charles's friend / New girlfriend of Shawn Westover.
13Benjamin Aubrey Westover's husband / A blonde farm boy.
 Jeanette BarneyA woman who wears a low-cut blouse.
 Erin Shawn Westover's ex-girlfriend.
14SisterSearsThe church choir director.
16Dwain Faye Westover's client.
   Part 2
17Shannon Tara Westover's roommate.
 Mary Tara Westover's roommate / Studying child education.
  JosephSmithEmcee of lecture about American history. Aka: Prophet Smith.
 Vanessa Tara Westover's friend-Seatmate of Tara Westover in class.
18StefanieWestoverTyler Westover's wife.
20Dr. RichardKimballAmerican History professor of Tara Westover.
21Robin Tara Westover's new roommate / An athletic guy.
 Megan Tara Westover's new roommate.
 Jenni Tara Westover's friend.
23Emily Shawn Westover's new girlfriend.
24SammyWeaverRandy Weaver's son / deceased.
 VickiWeaverRandy Weaver's wife / deceased.
27Josh Tara Westover's new roommate.
 Dr. KerryJewish History professor of Tara Westover.
 PeterWestoverShawn Westover and Emily's son.
 Heather Tara Westover's classmate in Jewish History class.
 Mariane Tara Westover's classmate in Jewish History class.
28JonathanSteinbergTara Westover's supervisor / Former master at Cambridge.
29Mark Tara Westover's Mormon friend.
   Part 3
30Drew Tara Westover's friend in BYU / Tara Westover's boyfriend.
 KamiWestoverRichard Westover's wife.
 DonavanWestoverRichard and Kami Westover's son.
31Missy Tara Westover's cousin who worked on Audrey Westover.
 Dr. DavidRuncimanTara Westover's supervisor.
 Nic An Italian classmate of Tara Westover.
34Diego Shawn Westover's German shepherd.
39Daryl Tara Westover's uncle.
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