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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Drew MichaelJaggerProtagonist. Lawyer.
 Ed Doorman.
 Tommy Foreman in the construction crew. aka: Tom.
 JohnCougarScammed Emerie into renting Drew's office.
2EmerieRoseProtagonist. Psychologist.
3FrankCarusoPolice officer. Drew's friend.
 KierraAlbrightDrew's ADA.
4Hawkins Judge.
5Mrs.HollisterEmerie's friend.
 Mr.AikenDrew's friend who recommended a client to Drew.
 Monica Drew's client.
 Mr.PattersonDrew's client.
 BaldwinMarcumEmerie's TA and guy he's in love with. aka: Mr. Bowtie, Prof. Putz.
6AlexaThompsonDrew's ex-wife.
 HalLondonDrew's client. Calls every chance he gets.
7Levi Alexa's friend from the past.
8RomanOlivetDrew's best friend and private investigator.
 Tess Drew's secretary.
 FerdinandArmonkDrew's client. Arrested for assaulting his young bride.
 CandiceArmonkFerdinand's wife.
9JonathanGatesAbusive man.
 Meredith Baldwin's girlfriend.
 Rachel Baldwin's newest girlfriend.
11JeffScottKami's husband. Emerie's client.
 KamiScottJeff's wife.
 DanMorrisonDrew's client. Been cheated on by his wife.
 Mrs.MorrisonDan's wife.
 Laire The guy Mrs. Morrison has an affair with. Tennis instructor.
 AlLoringDrew's former client. Been cheated on.
 McDune Drew's former client.
12Ms.BalickEmerie's professor.
13HenryArcherDrew's favorite client. A good man.
 BillDawsonA physically abusive man. Mrs. Dawson's husband.
 Mrs.DawsonEmerie's client.
 Mrs.LoganA random client who calls Jagger's office.
14Lauren (1) Alexa's friend.
 Allison Alexa's friend.
 BeckketJaggerAlexa's son. aka: Beck.
15SarahAsterEmerie's friend.
 BenAsterEmerie's friend.
 Beth Sarah's best friend.
17Emilyde LucaLawyer. Drew's sidechick.
18Tiny A bartender at Fat Cat.
 Will A guy Emerie met at Fat Cat.
 MissyRobinsonEmerie's elementary classmate.
19AndrewJaggerDrew's father. aka: AJ.
21Yvette Flight attendant. Drew's sidechick.
24TessMcArdleEmerie's client.
27George Court officer. Has side work with Roman.
 WadeGarrisonAlexa's lawyer.
 Hixton A judge on Drew and Alexa's divorce case.
 Levi ArcherBodineBeck's biological father.
28AlanAveryAn opposing attorney.
 Dr.AppletonAlan's client.
29Lauren (2) Tim's fiance. Emerie's client.
 Tim Lauren's fiance.
30DanielleMarie WarrenFlight attendant. Drew's airport acquaintance.
35MartinRoseEmerie's father.
38AtticusCarlyleAlexa's lawyer.
 Walliford A judge on Drew and Alexa's rights to their son.
40NancyIrvineThe chicken pox girl. Roman and Drew's ex-girlfriend.
EPRaymondClapmanJudge who signed the approval of Drew's visits to his stepson.