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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   James   Williams   Elephant Talker. aka: Elephant Bill/Billy.
Sir William Slim World War II famed Field Marshall.
    Susan   Williams   Williams wife.
    Bandoola       Exceptional elephant. William's kindred spirit. aka: Bandula.
    Aung   Net   Williams servant.
2   Nick   Williams   Williams older brother.
    Tom   Williams   Williams younger brother.
            Wallah is a native or inhabitant of a specified place.
3   Willie   Harding   Pseudonym for William's boss. aka: Freddie.
    Po   Ryan   Head servant.
    Ma   Oh   Elephant. aka: Pin Wa, meaning - Mrs. Fat Bottom.
    Bo   Shwe   Elephant.
    Chit   Yar   Male elephant. aka:lovable.
    Chit   Ma   Female elephant.
    U Tha   Yauk   Village leader. "U" stands for uncle.
    Reginald   Farrer   Botanist who died of diphtheria.
    Me   Tway   Elephant. Chit Ma companion.
            A Mahout is a person who works with elephants.
            Boluses is a large mass of chewed food.
    Po   Toke   Elephant man. Master "mahout". Works for Williams.
5   Aung   Net   Village urchin.
            Loofah is an Old World climbing plant of the gourd family.
            Kheddaring - capture and break young elephants for work.
6   Ma   Shwe   Bandoola's mother.
    Ma   Pyoo   Po Toke's wife.
8   Jabo       Williams' dog.
    Millie       New office manager. Harding replacement. Jungle knowledgeable.
9   U Chit   Phoe   Po Toke's assistant. aka: Mr. Old Lovable.
10   Kya   Sine   Hunter hired by the Company.
11   Ma   Chaw   Female elephant. aka: Miss Smooth.
    Ma Yay   Yee   Baby elephant. aka: Miss Laughing Water.
    Mahoo   Nee   Female elephant. aka: Fire Opal. Became blind.
    Bo Lan   Pya   Nee's child. aka: Guide Man.
12   Colin   Kayem   Williams forest friend. Works for the Company.
    Harold   Browne   Williams friend.
    Geoff   Bostock   Williams friend at the Company. A manage.
    Joseph       Williams personal cook. Part Indian, part Burmese.
    San   Pyu   Orphan. Mail Carrier.
13   Aung   Kyaw   Itinerant worker.
14   Tony       Jungle life prospect.
    U Sin   Din   Head elephant man.
15   Aung   Bala   Killed by Bandoola. An opium addict.
    Saya   San   Buddhist monk and nationalist against the British.
    Tow Sin   Ma   Mean-tempered elephant. aka: Miss Wild Elephant.
17   Stephan   Hopwood   Chief forest conservator.
    Susan   Rowland   Hopwood's niece (Susan Williams).
18   Geoffrey   Houlding   Williams assistant in the Andamans.
    Max   Bonington   Williams assistant.
    Bruno       Williams assistant.
    Edward       A Company recruit.
    Po   Lone   Williams team member and servant in Burma.
    Gerry   Carol   Williams young assistant.
    Saw Pa   Soo   Fleet of foot servant.
    San   Pyu   Camp messenger.
    Poo   Zone   Bull elephant.
    Swai   Zike   Gull elephant.
    Marzah   Khan   Night watchman.
    Jeremy   Williams   Williams'first son.
    Ma   Kin   Nammy.
    Treve   Williams   Williams second son.
    Naw   Lah   Nanny.
    Diana   Williams   Williams brother Tom's child.
    Michael   Williams   Williams brother Tom's child.
    Joe   Stilwell   American General. aka: "Vinegar" Joe.
    Lamorna   Williams   Williams daughter.
    Nod   Irwin   Officer commanding the Eastern Army.
    Stanley   White   Army man. aka: Chindwin.
        MacVittie   Williams recruit.
    Orde   Wingate   Colonel of elite guerilla group.
25   C.W.   Hann   In charge of elephants.
    Thomas   Sharpe   Indian Civil Services member. aka: Tim.
26   James   Sinclair   Tea planter.