Characters - Alphabetical
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Francis LeeBaileyAmerican criminal defense attorney.
BillyBarnesJimmy Minty's friend.
ClarenceBonifaceThe principal.
GladysBonifaceMr. Boniface's wife.
Mr.BrownA baseball coach.
CandaceBurkeTick's new friend. aka: Candy.
CandyBurkeAn author.
GeoffreyChaucerEnglish poet and author.
WaltComeauMiles' acquaintance.
PerryComoAmerican singer, actor, television personality.
WalterCronkiteAmerican broadcast journalist.
RandyDanillacJanine's acquaintance.
BillDawsChief of police.
JustinDibbleOne of Tick's classmates in art.
EmilyDickensonAmerican poet.
HaroldDuFresneMiles' acquaintance.
Mrs.DumbrowskiA housekeeper.
CharleneGardinerA waitress at the Empire Grill.
BillGatesAmerican business magnate.
ErnestHemingwayAmerican novelist.
DavidIrvingEnglish author.
MickJaggerEnglish singer.
CoachLaSalleA baseball coach.
JanineLouiseMiles' ex-wife.
BeaMajeskiJanine's mother.
BarryManilowAmerican musician.
JohnMarinAmerican artist.
FatherMarkAssistant pastor.
HarpoMarxAmerican comedian, actor, mime artist and musician.
Oscar F.MayerGerman American who founded the processed meat.
CharlieMayneGrace's new acquaintance.
Mr.MeyerThe principal.
OttoMeyer Jr.Miles old friend.
Mr.MillerGrace's acquaintance.
JamesMintyZack's father. aka: Jimmy.
WilliamMintyJimmy Minty's father.
ZacharyMintyTick's ex-boyfriend. aka: Zack.
Mrs.NeumanJanine's acquaintance.
RosieO'DonnellAmerican comedian.
CharlotteOwenJohn Voss' grandmother.
AnnPaceroOtto's date.
PabloPicassoSpanish painter.
OfficerPollardA cop.
JacksonPollockAmerican painter.
FranceineRobideauxC.B. Whiting's wife.
ChristinaRobyMiles' daughter. aka: Tick.
GraceRobyMiles' mother.
MaxRobyMiles' father.
MilesRobyThe proprietor of the Empire Grill.
BillRoderigueA local insurance man.
DorisRoderigueAn art teacher.
NolanRyanA baseball pitcher.
RogerSperryFormer proprietor of the Empire Grill.
FatherTibideauxA priest.
FatherTomPastor at St. Catherine.
BillTraylorAfrican-American self-taught artist.
Vincentvan GoghDutch painter.
WilliamVandermarkA man who worked for a Boston firm.
JohnVossOne of Tick's classmates in art.
IreneWalshA housekeeper.
HoraceWeymouthA reporter.
Charles B.WhitingAn artist. aka: C.B.
CindyWhitingMrs. Franceine Whiting's daughter.
ElijahWhitingHonus' father.
HonusWhitingC.B. Whiting's father.
OprahWinfreyAmerican host.
BillyWolffZack's acquaintance
AndrewWyethAmerican visual artist.
Adam Otto's acquaintance.
Amber Janine's co-worker.
Bill Mrs. Roderigue's husband.
Bobby Candace's boyfriend.
Brenda Charlene's substitute.
Buster Miles' alternate at the Empire Grill.
Buster Miles' fry cook.
Craig Candace's ex-boyfriend.
Curtis A regular state guy.
David Miles' younger brother.
Dawn Peter's wife.
Donny Tick's acquaintance.
Glady Otto Meyer's secretary.
Heather Zack's new girlfriend.
Jane Father Mark's aunt.
Jetta Miles' car.
Marcia Miles' high school friend.
Maud Charlie Mayne's employee.
Otis Bea's acquaintance.
Pete Max's older brother.
Peter Miles' old friend.
Phyllis Father Mark's cousin.
Thomas One of Zack's friends.
Timmy Mrs. Whiting's cat.
Zed One of Zack's friends.