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Remy Hale
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Pro  The Taproot
 Mary JoWhiteA fearsome litigator.
 BarackObama44th U.S. President.
 J.P.MorganA global leader in financial services.
 PaulHanlyA lawyer.
 KatheSacklerA medical doctor.
 ArthurSacklerA doctor. aka: Artie.
 MortimerSacklerOne of Arthur's brothers. Kathe's father. aka: Morty.
 RaymondSacklerOne of Arthur's brothers. aka: Ray.
   Book I The Patriarch
1  A Good Name
 SophieGreenbergArthur Sackler's mother.
 IsaacSacklerSophie's husband.
 ThomasJeffersonFounding Father who served as the 3rd President of the U.S.
 AlexanderHamiltonFounding Father served as the 1st U.S. secretary of the treasury.
 AaronBurrFormer Vice-President of the United States.
 JohnRayFormer President of the Continental Congress.
 DesideriusErasmus15th century Dutch scholar.
 Alcmaeon of Croton Early Greek medical writer and philosopher.
 Hippocrates Greek physician.
2  The Asylum
 MariettaLutzeA doctor.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
 FranciscoGoyaA Spanish painter.
 Johan vanOphuijsenA Dutch psychoanalyst. aka: Van O.
 VirginiaWoolfAn English modernist writer.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English poet, playwright, and actor.
 JohnDonneAn English poet and cleric.
 JohnKeatsA British romantic poet.
 SylviaPlathAn American poet and writer.
 LouReedAn American musician.
 HarryLaBurtThe director of Creedmoor.
 Kurt A German Naval officer.
 IngridBergmanA Swedish actress.
 AlbertEinsteinGerman-born theoretical physicist.
 ElseJorgensenArthur Sackler's wife.
 Carol Arthur and Else's first daughter.
 Elizabeth One of Arthur and Else's daughter.
3  Med Man
 JohnMcKeenThe president of Pfizer.
 William DouglasMcAdamsOwned a pharmaceutical advertising agency. aka: Mac.
 JohnKallirArthur Sackler's employee for 10 years.
 CharlesMayA professor at Columbia Medical School.
 Arthur Felix Arthur Sackler and Marietta's son.
 DennisChavezA senator from New Mexico.
 RudiWolffAn artist and designer who work for McAdams.
 JosephMcCarthyA Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin.
 BeverlyFeldmanRaymond Sackler's wife.
 CharlesAddamsA famous cartoonist.
 AndyWarholA young artist.
 TonyD'OnofrioArthur's former employee.
 HarryZelenkoArthur's colleague.
 HelenHabermanArthur's obvious rival.
 PhilKeuschA former McAdams employee.
 LudwigFrolichThe president of L.W. Frolich firm. aka: Bill.
 AdamSmithA Scottish moral philosopher and political economist.
 MichaelSonnenreichArthur Sackler's longtime attorney.
 AlexandreDumasA French writer and dramatist.
 RichardLeatherA lawyer.
 MurielLazarusMortimer Sackler's wife.
 Ilene One of Mortimer's daughter.
 RobertSacklerMortimer and Muriel's son. aka: Bobby.
 Richard One of Raymond Sackler and Beverly's sons.
 Jonathan One of Raymond Sackler and Beverly's sons.
4  Penicillin For The Blues
 LeoSternbachA chemist.
 WinGersonArthur's longtime deputy.
 AndreaToneA historian.
 Denise Arthur and Marietta's daughter.
 Bottoms A dog.
 George A gardener.
 FrankBergerThe president of Wallace Laboratories.
 BettyFordFormer First Lady of the United States.
 EdwardKennedyThe 3rd longest-serving member of the United States Senate.
 MickJaggerAn English songwriter, singer of The Rolling Stones.
5  China Fever
 BillDrummondA man who had an antique business.
 HarryHendersonArthur's longtime friend.
 PaulSingerA Vietnamese psychiatrist.
 DaiFubaoOne of the dealers of the rarest treasures. aka: Mr. Tai.
 Jade Denise's dog.
 Henry ClayFrickAn American industrialist.
 AndrewCarnegieAmerican businessman and philanthropist.
 LouisGoldburtSackler brothers' friend and confidant.
 Charles FollenMcKimAn American Beaux-Arts architect.
6  The Octopus
 Henry ClayWelchA man with the power to make or break drug.
 DwightEisenhower34th U.S. President.
 FelixMarti-IbanezA Spanish doctor.
 JohnLearAn investigative reporter.
 EstesKefauverAn American politician from Tennessee.
 JakeGuzikKnown as the Chicago mob's financial genius. aka: Greasy Thumb.
 TonyAccardoAn American longtime mobster. aka: Big Tuna.
 Harry S.Truman33rd president of the United States.
 AdlaiStevenson II31st governor of Illinois from 1949 to 1953.
 BarbaraMoultonA drug examiner at the FDA.
 GideonNachumiServed as in-house copywriter.
 WarrenKieferPfizer PR man.
 JohnBlairOne of Kefauver's trusted deputies.
 ClarkCliffordA legendary Washington power lawyer and fixer.
7  The Dendur Derby
 LutherBradishAmerican lawyer and war veteran.
 FelixBonfilsA French photographer.
 Abdel elSawyAn Egyptian official.
 John TaylorJohnstonServed as President of the Central Railroad of New Jersey.
 JosephChaoteAmerican lawyer and diplomat.
 Rembrandt A Dutch painter and printmaker.
 JamesRorimerThe Met's director.
 ThomasHovingRorimer's successor as Met's director.
 RobertMosesFormer director of the Cloisters in Washingto Heights.
 S. DillonRipleyThe head of the Smithsonian.
 JacquelineKennedyFormer First Lady of the United States. aka: Jackie.
 John John Jackie Kennedy's son.
 Nelson A.RockefellerGovernor of New York City.
 John D.RockefellerAn American business magnate and philanthropist.
 RobertLehmanThe grandson of the co-founder of Lehman Brothers.
 EdwardWarburgAn American philanthropist and art patron.
 ArthurRosenblattOne of senior Met officials.
 JosephNobleA Met official.
 Tutankhamun The antepenultimate pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.
 MarthaGrahamAn American dancer and choreographer.
 EdwardKochFormer Mayor of New York City.
 JimmyCarterThe 39th president of the United States.
8  Estrangement
 GertraudWimmerMortimer's new wife. aka: Geri.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAn American novelist, essayist, and short story writer.
 ZeldaFitzgeraldAn American novelist, painter, playwright. F. Scott's wife.
 PaulGallicoAn American novelist and short story and sports writer.
 Samantha Mortimer and Geri's daughter.
 BarryDierksAmerican architect.
 W. SomersatMaughamAn English playwright, novelist, short story writer.
 JackWarnerAn American motion-picture producer.
 M. David AlfonsSacklerGeri and Mortimer's son.
 MichaelRichDenise's husband.
 Pierre-AugusteRenoirA French painter and sculptor.
 ClaudeMonetA French impressionist painter.
 JillianTullyArthur Sackler's third woman.
 AdamTannerA journalist.
 ElizabethBernardMortimer's housekeeper.
 DoloresWelberMuriel Sackler's friend.
 CeferinoPerezA doorman.
9  Ghost Marks
 LucianoPavarottiAn Italian operatic tenor.
 RalphNaderAn American lawyer and activist.
 AnwarSadatThe President of Egypt.
 MarcChagallA Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin.
 BernardMalamudArthur's friend.
 Janna M.SmithBernard Malamud's daughter.
 OscarSchachterAn American international law and diplomacy professor.
 TheresaRowlingMortimer's third wife.
 Michael One of Mortimer and Theresa's children.
 Marissa One of Mortimer and Theresa's children.
 Sophie One of Mortimer and Theresa's children.
 Valentino An Italian designer.
 RaquelWelchAn American actress.
 NormanMailerAn American novelist, journalist, playwright, filmmaker.
 MikhailBaryshnikovLatvian-born Russian-American dancer, choreographer and actor.
 BrookeShieldsAn American actress and model.
 MuhammadAliAn American boxer, philanthropist, and activist.
 Phillipe The latest director of Met.
 SolChanelesA sociologist and occasional journalist.
 BrookeAstorAn American philanthropist, socialite, and writer.
 LinusPaulingOne of Arthur's new friends.
10  To Thwart the Inevitability of Death
 TheodoreRooseveltServed as the 26th president of the United States.
 WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.An American Baptist minister and activist.
 DerekBokAn American lawyer and former president of Harvard University.
 ItzhakPerlmanAn Israeli-American violinist and conductor.
 GlennCloseAn American actress.
 Frank PhilipStellaAn American painter, sculptor and printmaker.
 Warren EarlBurgerAmerican attorney and jurist served as15th chief justice of U.S.
 George H. W.Bush41st President of the United States.
 LouisLasagnaArthur's longtime friend.
 Frederika Denise's grandmother
 JackOgdenA museum consultant.
 J. CarterBrownThe director of the National Gallery in Washington.
   Book II Dynasty
11  Apollo
 RichardKapitRichard Sackler's roommate.
 MargieYospinRichard Sackler's girlfriend.
 Neil AldenArmstrongAn American astronaut and aeronautical engineer.
 BuzzAldrinAn American former astronaut, engineer and fighter pilot.
 MichaelCollinsAn American astronaut, lunar module pilot, and test pilot.
12  Heir Apparent
 W. T.GrantA Connecticut millionaire.
 DanielNelsonA Purdue Pharma's employee.
 CharlesOlechA Purdue Pharma's salesman.
 BethBressmanRichard Sackler's wife.
 BartCobertA doctor who joined Purdue Pharma in 1983.
 BillPollackCobert's colleague.
 HowardUdellThe Exec VP/General Counsel at Purdue Pharma.
 EddieTakesueJoined Purdue as director of clinical research.
 CicelySaundersAn English writer, doctor, founder of the hospice care movement.
 RobertTwycrossRetired British physician and writer.
 FrankYoungAn FDA commissioner.
 RonaldReaganThe 40th president of the United States.
13  Matter of Sackler
 MiriamKentArthur's longtime assistant.
 StanleyBergmanOne of Arthur's lawyers.
 LoisKatzArthur's personal curator.
 RobertRauschenbergAn American painter and graphic artist.
14  The Ticking Clock
 AbrahamLincolnServed as the 16th president of the United States.
 RobertKaikoA specialist in the use of analgesic medicine.
 John J.BonicaA Sicilian American anesthesiologist and professional wrestler.
 EckhardBeublerA doctor from Austria.
 JeromeRomagosaA retired radiation oncologist from Louisiana.
 John W.ThompsonA British professor of pharmacological science.
 SusanShackKathe Sackler's wife.
 KatheKollwitzGerman artist who worked with painting, printmaking and sculpture.
 LarryWilsonA Purdue chemist who worked on OxyContin.
 MichaelFriedmanRichard Sackler's vice-president in charge of marketing.
15  God Of Dreams
 Samuel TaylorColeridgeAn English poet, literary critic and philosopher.
 Percy ByssheShelleyA British romantic poet.
 Morpheus A Greek deity associated with sleep and dreams.
 MartinBoothA British novelist and poet.
 HamiltonWrightAn American physician and pathologist.
 HeinrichDreserA German chemist.
 LennyBruceAn American comedian and social critic.
 RussellPortenoyA professor of neurology and neuroscience at Cornell
 KathleenFoleyAmerican physician; fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.
 CurtisWrightA former FDA examiner.
 RobertRederOne of Purdue's official.
 DianeSchnitzlerOne of Wright's colleagues.
16  H-Bomb
 CalixtoRiveraWorked at the Napp chemical plant. aka: Papo.
 JosephMillanCalixto's friend.
 WinthropLangeOne of longtime Purdue's employees.
 RichardBonczaA Polish-born chemist.
 Princess Diana Member of the British royal family; first wife of Prince Charles.
 Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
17  Sell, Sell, Sell
 Hershel M.JickAn American medical researcher.
 DavidJuurlinkHead of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology division.
 MikeInnauratoThe Purdue manager.
 StevenMayAn ex-cop who joined Purdue in 1999.
 JohnnySullivanA heavyset construction worker.
 AlanSpanosThe North Carolina pain specialist.
 DavidSacklerOne of Richard Sackler and Beth's children.
 Marianne One of Richard Sackler and Beth's children.
 Rebecca One of Richard Sackler and Beth's children.
18  Ann Hedonia
 BarryMeierAn investigative reporter.
 JohnCampbellMeier's editor.
 Francis X.ClinesMeier's colleague.
 MarthaWestUdell's longtime legal secretary.
 AnnHedoniaA psuedonym used by Martha West.
 JayMcCloskeyA top federal prosecutor in Maine.
 RussellGasdiaPurdue sales executive.
 GaryRitchieWorked at Purdue as a chemist.
 JillSkolekA woman who died by using OxyContin.
 MarianneSkolekJill's mother.
 RobinHogenA Purdue public relations man.
 DoddDavisA former Purdue sales rep from Louisiana.
 DavidHaddoxA pain specialist who worked for Purdue.
 Eric K.WilsonA sales representative.
19  The Pablo Escobar Of The New Millennium
 JamesGreenwoodA Pennsylvania congressman.
 RichardPaolinoA local osteopath.
 PaulGoldenheimPurdue's chief medical officer.
 RichardBlumenthalThe attorney general of Purdue's home state.
 EricHolderA former deputy attorney general.
 RudolphGiulianiA former mayor of New York City.
 JoeFamularoThe U.S. Attorney for eastern Kentucky.
 BurtRosenA full time lobbyist and government relations executive for Purdue.
 EricDezenhallA public relations specialist.
 SallySatelA psychiatrist.
 KarenWhitePurdue's former sales rep.
 JayWettlauferRichard's friend.
 PabloEscobarA Colombian drug lord.
 JaysonBlairA former American journalist.
 DanielOkrentAn American writer and editor.
 RushLimbaughAn American conservative political commentator.
 Allan M.SiegalAn American newspaper editor and journalist. aka: Al.
20  Take The Fall
 John L.BrownleeU.S. Attorney for the Westen District of Virginia.
 George W.BushThe 43rd president of the United States.
 CecilKnoxA local physician who illegally dispensed OxyContin.
 RandyRamseyerServed as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for John Brownlee.
 RickMountcastleA federal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Virginia.
 HowardShapiroA powerful Washington lawyer.
 JamesComeyAn American lawyer who was the 7th director of the FBI.
 MarkAlfonsoOne of Purdue's official.
 Lauren One of the patients who took OxyContin.
 Mary Lou Johnny Sullivan's wife.
 KirkOgroskyA young attorney in the criminal division department.
 AliceFisherThe assistant attorney general.
 BobCoughlinFisher's deputy chief of staff.
 JackAbramoffAn American republican lobbyist.
 PaulMcNultyThe Deputy Attorney General of the United States. fisher's boss.
 PaulPelletierFormer official who reviewed the prosecution memo at justice.
 MichaelElstonPaul Mcnulty's chief of staff.
 LynnLocascioOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 EdBischOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 KennyKeithOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 Brian Jill Skolek's son.
 JudgeJonesAmerican judge.
 Ira Michael Friedman's brother.
 Anne Goldenheim's wife.
 RichardSilbertAn attorney in the legal department at Purdue.
 JeffreyUdellHoward Udell's son.
 ArlenSpecterA Republican senator from Pennsylvania.
 NancyCampPurdue's new administrative assistant.
 EdMahonyPurdue's chief financial officer.
   Book III Legacy
21  Turks
 BradPittAn American actor and filmmaker.
 DavidBeckhamAn English former professional footballer.
 JacquelinePughMortimer Jr.'s wife.
 PeterMarinoAn American architect.
 IvankaTrumpAmerican businesswoman and former Pres. Trump's daughter.
 AlexanderBaldwinAn American actor, comedian, and producer. aka: Alec.
 HeathLedgerAn Australian actor and music video director.
 JoeBidenThe 46th and incumbent president of the United States.
 EleanorSantiagoLos Angeles' elderly physician.
 MicheleRinglerA Purdue's district manager.
 JackCrowleyAn investigating officer on suspicious pharmacies at Purdue.
 DerekMcGinnisA former navy corpsman.
 MargaretMiddletonA woman who founded the veterans legal center.
 StuartBakerHoward Udell's successor.
 JamieDalrympleSophie's husband.
22  Tamperproof
 UNCH Richard Sackler's dog.
 JohnStewartThe company's new CEO.
 StevenTolmanA state senator from Massachusetts.
 SamQuinonesAn American journalist from Los Angeles.
23  Ambassadors
 Madeleine Jonathan Sackler's daughter.
 MaryCarsonJonathan's wife.
 Clare One of Jonathan and Mary's children.
 Miles One of Jonathan and Mary's children.
 JeffreyWrightAmerican actor.
 BoydHolbrookMadeleine's friend.
 GeorgeClooneyAn American actor and filmmaker.
 MikePenceThe 48th Vice President of the United States.
 NickPaumgartenHas been a staff writer at The New Yorker.
 Cliff One of the inmates.
 VanJonesAn American news and political commentator, author, and lawyer.
 ShawnKingAn actress and producer.
 KerrySulkowiczAn American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
 Jeffrey Ilene Sackler's son.
 HughGrantA British actor.
 JemimaKhanEnglish screenwriter, television, film and documentary producer.
 MichaelSacklerMortimer's son from his third marriage.
 Marissa Michael Sackler's sister.
 MichaelBloomberg108th mayor of New York City.
 IanDejardinThe Sackler's director of the Dulwich Picture Gallery.
 BarryColeA pain specialist from Reno, Nevada.
 JosephPergolizziA Florida doctor.
 RamanSinghServed as CEO of the company based in Singapore.
 RaulDamasThe Purdue public affairs executive.
24  It's A Hard Truth, Ain't It
 GregStumboAn American lawyer and former Speaker of the Kentucky House.
 PhilipBobbittRichard Sackler's friend.
 Lyndon B.JohnsonThe 36th president of the United States.
 MarkTimneyPurdue's new CEO.
 MitchelDenhamA young prosecutor from the state of Kentucky.
 TylerThompsonA personal injury lawyer based in Louiseville.
 RobinAbramsA Purdue lawyer.
 KeithHumphreyA psychology professor at Stanford.
 ScottGloverA reporter on the CNN Investigates team.
 DavidKesslerA former FDA commissioner.
 MariaBartonPurdue's general counsel.
 RobertJosephsonPurdue's spokesman.
 AlanMustA lobbyist. Burt Rosen;s colleague.
 CraigLandauA longtime Purdue executive.
 LynnWebsterA pain researcher and physician.
 CynthiaMcCormickAn FDA official.
 TomFriedenA CDC's director.
 Lewis S.Nelson.Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology.
25  Temple of Greed
 NanGoldinAn American photographer.
 Barbara Nan's older sister.
 DavidWojnarowiczA gay artist and activist.
 PeterHujarOne of Nan's friends and mentor.
 CookieMuellerOne of Nan's friends.
 AllenFrancesThe former chair of psychiatry at Duke Univ. School of Medicine.
 ChristopherGlazekAn American journalist, critic.
 DonaldTrumpThe 45th President of the United States.
 TomClareAn attorney for the Raymond Sackler side of the family.
26  Warpath
 MikeMoorePurdue Pharma's attorney general from 1988-2004.
 BillClintonThe 42nd President of the United States.
 MichaelMannAn American film director, screenwriter, and producer.
 RussellCroweAn actor from New Zealand.
 AlPacinoAn American actor and filmmaker.
 Dan AaronPolsterA federal judge in Ohio.
 Mary EmmaWoolleyPresident of Mount Holyoke College.
 MarkRylanceA British actor, playwright and theatre director.
 HitoSteyerlA German contemporary artist.
 MeganKaplerGoldin's close deputies in PAIN.
27  Named Dependants
 JossSacklerDavid's wife.
 JaseleenRugglesJoss's real name.
 MatthewSchneierA fashion writer.
 MariettaAntoinetteThe Last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution.
 MauraHealyThe attorney general of Massachusetts.
 JoannaLydgateHealy's deputy attorney general.
 SandyAlexanderOne of Healy's attorneys.
 JoannaLukeyHealy's friend and mentor.
 JanetSandersA judge in Massachusetts.
 MarkCheffoA Purdue lawyer.
 FathallaMashaliA doctor ran a chain of clinics in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
 WalterJacobsA North Andover physician.
 GillianFeinerThe lead attorney from Massachusetts to Sackler's case.
 LetitiaJamesThe attorney general of New York.
 MartinEllingOne of McKinsey's consultant.
 ArnabGhatakMartin Elling's colleague.
 BrettJeffersonSackler fund's manager.
 MarcKesselmanPurdue's new general counsel.
 GeorgeSorosA Hungarian-born American billionaire investor and philanthropist.
 StephenColbertA writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and TV host.
 JohnOliverBritish-American writer, producer, political commentator, TV host.
 MichaelKeatonAn American actor.
 BryanCranstonAn American actor and filmmaker.
 MichaelWilliamsA British actor.
 RichardKindAn American actor and comedian.
28  The Phoenix
 BethanyMcLeanAn American journalist and contributing editor.
 DavidMametAn American playwright, filmmaker and author.
 JoshSteinServed as the 50th Attorney General of North Carolina.
 JoshShapiroAmerican lawyer serving as the attorney general of Pennsylvania.
 ElizabethKennedyA designer who worked with Isaac Mizrahi.
 IsaacMizrahiA Fashion designer and television personality.
 CourtneyLoveAn American rock musician and actress
 KurtCobainLove's late husband.
 Robert D.DrainUnited States bankruptcy judge.
 DaveYostThe 51st Attorney General of Ohio.
 HerbertSlateryAn American attorney from the state of Tennessee.
 LutherStrangeAn American lawyer served as a U.S. Senator from Alabama.
 DrakeMartinA plaintiff's lawyer.
29  Un-Naming
 AbbyAlpertAn economist at Wharton School.
 WilliamEvansOne of the economists at Notre Dame.
 EthanLieberOne of the economists at Notre Dame.
 DavidPowellAn economist at Rand.
 Hesiod An Ancient Greek poet.
 DomenicEspositoA Massachusetts's visual artist and activist.
 FrankHuntleyA painter and wall paperer.
 John C.CalhounThe 7th Vice President of the United States.
 CecilRhodesA British mining magnate and politician in southern Africa.
 ElizabethWarrenFormer law professor who is the senior United States senator.
 LawrenceBacowThe current and 29th president of Harvard University.
 Jean-LucMartinezThe former president of the Louvre.
 Anthony P.MonacoServed as the 13th president of Tufts University.
 NicholasVerdiniA first-year med student at Tufts University.
 DanielCarrRichard's acquaintance.
 DonaldSternA former federal prosecutor.
 HarrisBermanThe dean of the School of Medicine.
 Mary BridgetLeeOne of a medical students.
 DanielConnollySackler's family attorney.
 StevenMillerPurdue's new board chairman.
 KennethFeinbergA man appointed to be one of the mediators in the bankcrupcy.
 HarryCullenOne of PAIN activists.
 GeraldPosnerAn American investigative journalist.
 RalphBrubakerAn American professor, specializing in bankruptcy.
 JohnKapoorServed as CEO and board chairman of the pharmacompany Insys.
 JeffreyRosenThe deputy attorney general for the Trump administration.
 MarshallHuebnerA Purdue lawyer.
 TimKramerOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 KimberlyKrawczykOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 CarolynMaloneyU.S. Representative from New York.
 Barbara VanRooyanOne of the complainants about OxyContin.
 Patrick Barbara's son.
 JamieRaskinU.S. Representative from Maryland.
 ClayHigginsA former cop in Louisiana.
 KellyArmstrongU.S. Representative from North Dakota.
 JamesComerAn American politician from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
 RajaKrishnamoorthiAmerican politician serving as the U.S. representative from Illinois.
 PeterWelchAmerican lawyer served as the junior U.S. senator from Vermont.
 JoaquinGuzmanA Mexican former drug lord. aka: El Chapo.
 JimCooperServed as the U.S. representative for Tennessee.
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