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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1 Will Robie CIA Agent.
Roger Walton Will's superior. aka Blue Man.
3 Jessica Reel CIA Agent. Sniper. aka Jess.
5 Hugh Barkley British. Member of Jess team deployed in Iraq.
7 Rachel Cassidy Director, Central Intelligence Agency. Rogers new boss.
8 Valerie Malloy Sheriff and detective in Grand. Former cop in New York.
Derrick Bender Deputy Sheriff and detective in Grand.
Holly Malloy Valerie's sister. Graduate from MIT. aka Shiela.
9 Roark Lambert Owner of the cabin where Roger was staying.
JC Parry Local guide hired by Roger. Reported that hes missing.
10 Patti Bender Derrick's sister.
11 Claire Bender Derrick and Pattis mother. Was engaged to Roger.
Dorothy Roger's mother. Had ovarian cancer. Committed suicide
12 Doctor King Founder of Kings Apostles (KA).
Matthew One of the members of Kings Apostles.
14 Zeke Donovan Hired to shoot and scare Jess and Robie.
Russell Zekes nephew.
17 Tyler Robie's half-brother.
18 Luke Miller Hollys boyfriend. Northwestern graduate.
21 Brenda Fishbaugh Director, Rehab Facility where Holly treated.
Laura Boyd Nurse at Rehab Facility.
25 Clment Lamarre Patient at the same Rehab Facility as Holly.
27 Dolph Founder and leader of the skinheads.
29 Clyde Driscoll Owner of Clydes Stop-In store where Clment worked.
Sonny Driscoll Clyde's son.
Beverly Drango Clment's girlfriend.
32 Dwight Sanders Special Agent of the FBI.
Todd Cummins Special Agent of the FBI.
39 Karl Gate keeper at one of the facilities (called silo) that Roark owns.
41 Scott Randall Owner of an apartment in the Roarks silo. aka Scotty.
Mrs. Randall Scott's Wife.
Hank One of the security guards working for Roarks silo.
46 Jerry One of the waiters at the Lancaster Hotel.
Barry Worked with Beverly for the Lancaster party thrown by Roark.
49 Jorge Schindler Held his retirement party at the Lancaster Hotel.
52 Tommy Page Limousine driver. Hired by Roark to drive his clients.
59 Roy Bender Derricks father and Claires first husband. Deceased.
65 Arthur Fitzsimmons Has Ph.D. from Caltech. Dolphs real name.
70 Camilla One of the prisoners.
Mateo One of the prisoners.