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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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PreTalal Bin MusaidPrince of Saudi.
 KingFaisalBin Musaid's uncle. The King of Saudi.
 OsamaBin LadenThe leader of the terrorist group called Al-Qaeda.
 JoeMaslickThe officer-in-charge of Rabat, Morocco.
 StanHurleyMitch Rapp's old mentor.
 Gaffar Rapp's acquaintance in Iraq.
 MohammedQarniShada's husband. The leader of the Iraqi slaves.
 Shada Mohammed's wife.
2BrunoMcGrawJoe's colleague.
 ScottColemanJoe's commander. The former SEAL.
 CharlieWickerThe shooter in Rabat Operation.
3Yusef One of Gaffar's colleagues.
 Ali One of Gaffar's colleagues.
 GeneralMazriThe Iraqi General.
 HaykAlghaniAn ISIS member.
 Mulah SayidHalabiThe leader of ISIS.
 Mira Alghani's partner.
 MarcusDumondRapp's acquaitance in Iraq. A computer hacker.
 Laleh Mohammed's sister.
 Fred Rapp's colleague.
6IreneKennedyThe CIA director.
7CraigBailerA former marine. Rapp's colleague.
 Gunter The Swiss dude who makes Rapp subs.
 ClaudiaGouldLouis's wife. A former assassin.
 LouisGouldOne of the top, private contractors. Deceased.
 StanHurleyThe man who killed Louis.
 MikeNashColeman's colleague.
8AaliNassarThe Saudi Intelligence Chief.
10KhaledBin AbdullahThe head of the General Intelligence Directorate.
 MaheerBazziThe leader of Saudi Arabia's special forces.
 DabirAl-OmariThe ISIS general. One of Saddam Hussein's talented officers.
 Joshua AlexanderThe U.S. President.
11AnnaGouldClaudia's daughter.
 TommyKennedyIrene's son.
12GaryFielderA man with congenital neurological condition.
19FaresWazirThe leader of Saddam Hussein's secret police force.
20GrishaAzarovThe former security of the Russian President.
 CaraHansenA surf instructor.
21MahjaZamanThe boss of Nassar's parents. Nassar's friends.
22DonatellaRahnA mossad assassin. A private contractor.
 JimmyGattonA drug dealer.
23AnthonyStatonA soldier.
24KentBlackA weapon dealer. Aka: Steve Thompson.
 Kariem The most psychotic of the rebel leaders. Kent's customer.
 Abdo One of Kent's customers. Kariem's ally.
25HosseinBin MusaidTalal's brother.
 Carmen Prince Talal's sister-in-law.
26Nanomi Abdo's colleague.
28AnnaReillyAn idealistic little reporter.
 KlausAlcherAzarov's friend.
31HamidSafarNassar's assistant.
35AhmedEl-HashemSaudi Arabia's assistant ambassador.
 JulienMoreauThe man who oversaw El-Hashem's death.
39JoelWilsonFBI special agent.
40QadirSultanThe last man who knew Nassar's involvement with ISIS.
41CarlFerrisOne of Kennedy's most ardent supporters.
 DirectorMillerThe director.
45BarnabasMalseThe man who attacked Black.
50Malik One of Nassar's men.
 GeneralJayyusiNassar's colleague. The general at Juba.
 JasonBlazeA firearms dealer.
53Jamie Irene Kennedy's executive assistant.
55Paco Rapp's colleague.
 DavidGravesThe pilot. Rapp's friend.