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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Winston   Peck VI   Leader of the group.
Hamlet Simonian Small guy in group.
    Hayk   Simonian   Big guy in group. Hamlet's brother.
2   Virgil   Flowers   Cop. Key guy.
    Frankie   Nobles   Flower's gal. Short, well proportioned.
    Lucas   Davenport   Ex Cop. Formerly Flower's boss.
    Sparkle       Tall, slender blonde. Frankie's sister. aka: Wanda.
    Bill       aka: Father Bill. Part time priest.
4   Jon   Duncan   Flowers new boss.
    Sam       Frankie's youngest child.
    Virginia   Landseer   Zoo director.
    Robert   McCall   Chairman of the Zoo Board.
    Nancy   Farelly   Member of the Zoo Board.
    Gina   Latimore   Member of the Zoo Board.
    Dan   Best   Head of Zoo maintenance.
        White   Apple Valley cop.
5   Joel   Charvin   Zoo cleanup guy.
    Bob   Moreno   Zoo worker.
    Toby   Strait   Sells animal parts to Chinese.
    Bea   Sawyer   Crime scene specialist.
        Vance   Real estate agent.
        Schmidt   Owns house where van stored.
 6    Zhang   Xiaomin   Tiger parts purchaser. Ferrari driver.
    Ahang   Min   Xiaomin's father. Illegal medicine distributor.
7   Dr. Randolf   Bern   Works at Zoological Gardens.
    Maxine   Knowles   Animal rights person with a gun.
    Sandy       Police researcher at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).
    Dick   Ho   Seattle located animal parts shipper to China.
8   Carolyn   Monty-McCall   Chinese medicine expert. Phd.
    Sandra   Gupti-Mack   Sells homemade pills.
9   Inez       Strait's girlfriend.
    Buck       Sherburne County deputy.
    James       Sherburne County deputy.
    Jan   Aarle   Farmer.
    Bobbie   Patterson   Deals in animal parts.
11   Maxwell   Broom   Peck's neighbor.
12   Rolf   Nobles   Frankie's oldest son.
    Jenkins       Policeman.
    Shrake       Policeman.
13   Curt   Yoder   Hank's brother.
    Hank   Yoder   Curt's brother.
14   Nguyen   Ran   Medical Inspector.
15   Roberta   Patterson   Sells fauna and flora - herbs. aka: Bobbie.
    Bob   Roberts   Mankato policeman.
16   Catrin   Mattsson   BCA employee.
    Al   Foreman   Mankato policeman.
    Donnie   Carlson   Mankato Public Safety employee.
17   Levon   Simonian   Hamlet's and Hayk's brother.
    Mrs.   Broda   Homeowner.
    Chuck   Dvorsky   Landlord of vacant house.
    April   Dvorsky   Dvorsky's wife.
    Daisy   Jones   TV Reporter.
    Joe   Werner   Zoo worker.
    Barry   King   Zoo employee who lives near vacant house.
18   Random   Powers   St. Paul Police Sargeant.
    Gloria   Ortiz   King's "fiance'e"
19   Ramona   Alvarez   Sparkle's friend. Works at canning factory.
    Roger   Briggs   Pierce County, Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff.
    Brad   Blankenship   Bar bouncer.
    Fredrick   Reeves   aka: Slow Freddie.
20   Leandro   Cortez   Ramona Alvarez's husband.
21   Jason   Rudd   Highway Patrol guy running speed trap.
27   Carl   Beard   A Fireman - Lieutenant.
28   Anderson   Huber   Minneapolis Homicide Detective.
    Kevin   Howser   Homicide Lieutenant.
29   Dougie   Howe   Biker.
30   Horace   Turner   Attorney.
33   Buddy   Gates   Mailman.