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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Aimee   Tierney   James' fiancé. Owner of Aimee's.
    James   Donato   Aimee's fiancé. Donato Enterprises Finance Exec. aka: Jaime.
    Claire   Donato   James, Thomas, and Phil's mother.
    Thomas   Donato   James and Phil's brother. President Donato Enterprises.
    Phil   Donato   James and Thomas's cousin/brother.
    Lacy   Saunders   Psychic Counselor. aka: Laney/Elaine/Lucy.
    Nadia       Interior Designer. Friend of Aimee's.
    Kristen   Garner   Nick's wife. Friend of Aimee's.
    Nick   Garner   Kristen's husband. James's best friend. Attorney.
2   Hugh   Tierney   Aimee's father. Owner of The Old Irish Goat.
    Catherine   Tierney   Aimee's mother. Chef at The Old Irish Goat. aka: Cathy.
    Dale       Former Sous Chef at The Old Irish Goat.
    Margie       Owner of Margie's Bakery and Artisan Breads.
    Robbie       Kid across the street from young James and Aimee. A bully.
    Frankie       Robbie's cousin. A bully.
3   Edgar   Donato   James's father. Former President of Donato Enterprises.
5   Joseph   Russo   Owner of Joe's Coffee House. aka: Joe.
    Wendy   Yee   Local photographer. Nadia designed her gallery.
    Ian   Collins   Belize Sunrise photographer. Barista at Aimee's.
6   Brenda   Wakely   Realtor of Joe's Coffee House.
8   Grant   Donato   Phil's father. Claire's brother. James and Thomas's uncle.
9   Mark   Everson   Property broker. Nadia is dating.
12   Roxanne   Livingston   Stole Aimee's underwear in gym class prank.
13   Gina       Lead barista at Aimee's. Quit before opening.
    Ryan       Barista at Aimee's.
    Jilly       Barista at Aimee's.
14   Mandy       Chef at Aimee's. Also worked at The Old Irish Goat.
    Emily       Waitress at Aimee's.
    Faith       Waitress at Aimee's.
    Marie       Maid at the Donato's.
15   Ray   Miles   Private investigator.
16   Alan   Cassidy   An Aimee's customer. Aimee will not date him.
    Douglas   Chin   Lessee of house formerly rented by Lacy.
    Trish       The other shift manager.
17   Imelda   Rodriquez   Casa del Sol Hotel manager.
18   Celine       The real estate agent over at Mexico.
20   Angelina       Waitress at Cas del Sol.
21   Perdo       Casa del Sol bartender. Makes great Mai Tais.
    Joaquin       Carlos's friend. Creates sculptures.
23   Pia       Girl who works the Saturday shift at Carlos's gallery.
24   Sarah       Ian's mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder. aka: Jackie
27   Raquel   Dominquez   Carlos's wife. His former physical therapist.
    Marcus   Dominquez   Carlos's son.
    Julian   Doninquez   Carlos's adopted son.