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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1RogerAngmeringBuilt a big house on Leathercombe Bay.
 HerculePoirotThe famous Belgian detective.
 CarrieGardenerOdell's wife. American tourist.
 OdellGardenerMrs. Gardener's husband.
 EmilyBrewsterAthletic woman with a pomeranian.
 Kelso The cook in Jolly Roger.
 RosamundAnne DarnleyOwner of London's best-known dressmaker.
 CorneliaRobsonMrs. Gardener's acquaintance.
 MajorBarryRetired Indian army.
 IreneGardenerMrs. Gardener and Odell's daughter.
 StephenLaneClergyman who took Mrs. Gardener's place,
 ChristineRedfernSchool teacher. Patrick's wife.
 PatrickRedfernChristine's husband. A good swimmer.
 HelenStuart MarshallFormer stage star. Victim. aka: Arlena Stuart.
2KennethMarshallArlena's husband. Rosamund's friend. aka: Ken.
 LordCordingtonInfatuated with Arlena.
 RogerErskineLeft his money to Arlena.
 LindaMarshallKenneth and Ruth's daughter. Arlena's step-daughter.
 ArthurHastingsHercule's friend.
3RuthMarshallKenneth's former wife. Linda's mother.
 HoraceBlattCheerful tourist. Rich.
5InspectorColgatePolice detective working on Arlena's murder case.
 Dr.NeasdenMedical examiner.
 ColonelWestonChief constable. Hercule's friend.
 Mrs.CastleOwner of Jolly Roger Hotel.
 George An attendant on Jolly Roger's Bathing Beach.
 William Beach attendant.
6MajorCowanRegular visitor of Jolly Roger Hotel.
 Mrs.CowanMajor Cowan's wife. Jolly Roger's hotel guest.
 PamelaCowanMajor Cowan's daughter. Jolly Roger's hotel guest.
 Master RobertCowanMajor Cowan's son. Jolly Roger's hotel guest.
 Master EvanCowanMajor Cowan's son. Jolly Roger's hotel guest.
 Mr.MastermanA regular visitor of the Jolly Rogers Hotel.
 Mrs.MastermanMr. Masterman's wife.
 EdwardMastermanMr. and Mrs. Masterman's son.
 JenniferMastermanMr. Masterman's daughter.
 RoyMastermanMr. Masterman's son.
 AndrewBastonJolly Rogers Hotel employee.
 InspectorJappChief constable. Hercule's friend.
9Phillips Police sergeant.
 Henry Bartender at Jolly Rogers.
 Chief Insp.RidgewayChief constable in charge of dope business.
11NellieParsonsWas strangled. Deceased.
 AliceCorriganWas killed by her own husband.
12EdwardCorriganAlice's husband.