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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProEdithFoyDonalda's housemaid.
 ThereseLaporteDonalda's housekeeper. Deceased. Aka: Tess, Theresa.
 FatherAlphonseA priest.
 FatherCorbiereFather Alphonse's friend.
1AliceBlackA prostitute. The owner of the backyard where Therese's dead body was found.
 BernnadetteWestonAlice Black's friend and housemate. Aka: Ettie.
 JamesMccayAlice's boss.
 OliverWickenA 2nd class constable.
2WilliamMurdochProtagonist. A detective inspector.
 Crabtree Murdoch's constable.
 Johnson Murdoch's associate.
 Grasett The Chief Constable.
 Richmond A policeman.
 Cavendish A police photographer.
 Foster Cavendish's colleague.
 FatherFairThe priest at St. Paul.
 BeatriceKitchenMurdoch's landlady and close friend.
 JohnTinneyMurdoch's acquaintance.
 Wiggins One of the gossipers.
 Driscoll Wiggin's neighbor. Another gossiper.
 ElizabethMilnerMurdoch's lover. Deceased.
 SamuelQuinnAlice and Bernadette's housemate.
 Mr.WebsterA tailor.
 Princess Mr. Quinn's dog.
 PrinceAlbertMr. Quinn's dog.
3DonaldaRhodesDr. Rhode's wife. Therese's boss.
 Marianne Donalda's friend.
 HarrietShepcoteOwen's girlfriend.
 OwenRhodesDonalda's son.
 CyrilRhodesDonalda's husband.
 JoeSeatonThe stable lad.
 JohnFoyEdith's wife. Donalda's butler.
4ArthurKitchenBeatrice's son.
 HenryStanleyA biographer.
 ThomasBrackenreidThe inspector of Murdoch's division.
 MansfieldOtrantoMurdoch's dancing professor.
5SergeantSeymourMurdoch's colleague.
 Graham A young policeman.
 RobertMoffatA pathologist.
 GodfreyShepcoteHarriet's father. An alderman.
 GeorgeCanningGodfrey's driver.
 MarthaStoneThe Rhodes's former housemaid.
 EzekielStoneMartha's father.
6Sprague Owen's friend.
 HughMCDonoughOwen's friend. The Yeoman's medical officer.
7Davidson Owen's teacher.
8LetitiaWrightMrs. Rhodes's friend.
 MathildaKleiserMrs. Rhodes's friend.
9CharlesElrodThe newspaper boy. Aka: Carrot.
10Jack Alice's friend.
12MariaJenkinsAlice's deaf neighbor.
 Courtney Owen's classmate.
 Dr.CavinThe demonstrator.
 Silver The Rhodes's horse.
13JimmyGallagherThe man who helped Jenkins.
 Zephaniah The man who found Alice's dead body.
 Mrs.LewisMrs. Kitchen's acquaintance.
14Mrs.PhillipsThe woman who saw the carriage.
 Palmer A doctor.
 Pritchard A doctor.
 Lamson A doctor.
15MaryStockdaleCyril's nurse.
 WalterLatimerOne of Cyril's patients.
 Mrs.SpoffardOne of Cyril's patients.
 DickieLatimerWalter's son.
17FredVoseA shop owner. John's acquaintance.
 J.CarvethA medical bookseller.
 Dr.OslerA doctor.
 Mr.GrantThe porter.
 Mr.BeresfordOne of the medical students.
 Llewelyn The lone student.
19JohnKeeneThe steward at the Yeoman club. Aka: Sean Kelly.
 LotharReinhardtThe founder of the Yeoman club.
 Minnie Kelly's wife.
 Forsyth Kelly's assistant.
 Humphrey The Yeoman club's waiter.
21Mr.WebsterEttie's boss.
 Tsar One of Mr. Quinn's dogs.
EpiDorisWinnThe Rhodes's new cook.
 Enid Beatrice's new tenant. A widow.
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