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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ANHansRoslingNarrator. Author of the book.
 OlaRoslingHans's son. Co-author of the book.
 Anna R.RonnlundHans's daughter-in-law. Co-author of the book.
INBillGatesOwner of Microsoft.
 MelindaGatesBill's wife.
1TheJournalisthe Danish journalist Hans talked to.
   Level 1 - A family who earns $1 a day.
   Level 2 - A family who earns $4 a day.
   Level 3 - A family who earns $16 a day.
   Level 4 - A family who lives a normal life.
2Grandmother Hans's grandmother. Lesothian.
3MinoRoslingHans's youngest grandchild.
   Somalian Women - Has the most number of babies.
   Chad Women - Has the most number of babies.
   Mali Women - Has the most number of babies.
   Nigger Women - Has the most number of babies.
   Nile Delta - A mysterious place for children.
 AswanDamA place the Egyptians built to eradicate malaria.
4Birgitta Head nurse during the war.
   IPPNW - International Physician for Prevention of Nuclear War.
 RachelCarsonScience reporter.
   Silent Spring - A book that becomes a global bestseller.
   Chemo phobia - The fear of chemicals.
5  Mozambique - The poorest country in the early 80s.
 AgnetaRoslingHans's wife.
 IngegerdRoothA missionary nurse in Congo and Tanzania. Hans's mentor.
 Niem Hans's colleague. Local doctor.
 MariLarssonWoman killed by multiple blows of an axe to the head.
 JohanVesterlundThe first person who was killed by a bear.
   IMF - International monetary fund.
6Thorkild Hans's colleague interviewed people in the remote village.
 MabroukSalhiA 52-year-old gardener. Father of the Lazy family in Tunis.
 JamilaSalhiOwner of a home-based bakery. Mabrouk's wife.
7  Balmoura Hotel - A five-star hotel in Edinburgh.
 ProfessorMalek-AfzaliHost in Iran's family planning seminar.
 GustavRoslingHans's grandfather.
 KingDevenampiya TissaCreated the world's first nature reserve.
 NkosazanaDlamini-ZumaChairwoman of the African union.
 NiherewaMaselinaMozambican mining engineer. Hans's african friend.
8  Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting - A large group of scientists.
   WWF - World wide fund.
 HafdanMahlerDanish public doctor.
 FidelCastroPresident of Cuba.
 ConchitaHuergoMember of the Cuban Politro.