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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Liz   Emerson   Protagonist. Bulimic. Soccer Captain. Attempted suicide.
3   Monica   Emerson   Liz's mother.
    Julia       Liz's best friend. Soccer player.
    George       Julia's father.
    Kennie       Liz's best friend. Member of Meridian High's Dance Team.
    Jenny   Vickham   Member of Meridian High's Dance Team.
    Kyle   Jordan   Kennie's boyfriend. Plays tennis.
5   Ms.   Harrison   Teacher at Meridian High.
    Tyler   Rainier   Student at Meridian High who threw a big beach party.
    Kellie   Jensen   Girl at Tyler's party.
    Jake   Derrick   Liz's official on-off boyfriend. Plays varsity football.
    Jem   Hayden   Julia's potentially gay boyfriend.
6   Dr.   Henderson   One of Liz's doctors.
    Liam   Oliver   First to see the crash. Called police. In love with Liz.
11   Lily   Maxime   A student Liz ignored. Hates Liz.
    Andrea   Carsten   A student Liz ignored. Hates Liz.
    Jessie   Klayn   Backstabber who flips Liz off.
    Lena   Farr   Rants at lunch about selfish Liz.
14   Mr.   Eliezer   Physics teacher.
15   Ms.   Hamilton   Psychology teacher who cries a lot.
    Ms.   Haas   World History teacher.
16   Mr.   Dempsey   Art teacher.
    Ms.   Greenberg   Pre-calculus teacher.
        Loven   Liz's classmate at pre-calculus.
    Carly   Blake   Soccer player.
17   Jimmy   Travis   Liz's first official boyfriend.
    Zack   Hayes   An older boy Liz met at her first party.
    Lori   Anderson   An upperclassman bully.
20   Mackenzie   Bates   Popular girl in 4th grade.
    Melody Lace   Blair   New girl in 4th grade from California.
    Mack   Jennings   Small-sized jock in 4th grade.
22   Mattie       Julia's Ford Falcon. aka: Matilda/Piece of crap.
24   Jenna   Haverick   Soccer player.
    Napoleon       Jenna's dog.
    Skyler   Matthews   Soccer player.
    Allison   Chevero   Soccer player.
    Gilson       Soccer coach.
    Ellen   Baseny   Soccer player.
25   Phil       Pastor.
30   Matthew   Derringer   One of the Sophomore Representatives.
36   Marcus   Hills   A student at Meridian High.
41   Joshua   Willis   The senior who threw the Saturday night party.
46   Dylan   Madlen   The Senior Class President.
    Mr.   Jacobsen   Spanish teacher.
    Jenna   Eikson   Fell off the bleachers and broke her leg.
    Riley   Striver   Football player.
    Kate   Dulmes   Student at Meridian High.
    Brandon   Jason   Student at Meridian High.
    Brianna   Vern   One of the sophomore representatives.
    Nick   Braden   Football player.
48   Lauren   Melbrook   Dated Lucas after he dumped Kennie.
    Lucas   Drake   Dumped Kennie and then dated Lauren.
    Sandra   Garrison   The girl Liz cheated off on Algebra test.
    Mrs.   Schumacher   Algebra teacher.
    Justin   Strayes   Victimized by Liz by planting pot in his locker.
51   Hannah   Carstens   Jake's ex-girlfriend.
    Sarah   Hannigan   Girl Jake cheated on Liz with.
    Natalie   Zimmer   Girl Jake cheated on Liz with.
    Sammie   Graham   Girl Jake cheated on Liz with.
    Abby   Carey   Girl Jake cheated on Liz with.
    Bailey   Henry   Girl Jake cheated on Liz with.
53       McMillan   AP Physics teacher.
    Thomas   Bane   Guy Liz had fling with.
    Mr.   Stephens   Teacher at Meridian High.
54   Veronica   Strauss   Queer.
68   Mr.   Dickson   Guidance Counselor.
74   Daniel       Kennie's older brother.
    Jessica   Harley   Girl in Chemistry Class.
78   Dr.   Sampson   One of Liz's doctors.