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Kristian Fabricante
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Newton Scamander Author. aka: Newt Scamander.
Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts.
Werewolves  Spend most of their time as humans but transform once a month.
Centaurs  They live in the wild, refuse clothing, and are not at all humanlike.
Trolls  Bear only a humanoid appearance, but are less intelligent.
Burdock MuldoonChief of the Wizards' Council.
   The Wizards' Council - Preceded the Ministry of Magic.
Beings  Any creature that has sufficient intelligence to understand the laws.
Beasts  All other magical creatures.
Elfrida ClaggAttempted to redefine Beings. aka: Madame Clagg.
Grogan StumpThe newly-appointed Minister for Magic.
Ghosts  Not classified as beings, but as has-beens.
Muggles  People who are a member of the non-magical community.
Arcomantulas  Classified as Beasts.
Manticores  Classified as Beasts.
Sphinx  Talks only in puzzles and riddles.
Bro. Benedict  A Franciscan monk from Worcestershire.
Bathilda BagshotMagical Historian and Author of A History of Magic.
   Clause 73 - Concealment, care, & control of all beasts and beings.
Blenheim StalkAuthor of Muggles Who Notice.
Dodgy DirkA muggle who escaped the Mass Memory Charm of '32.
Mordicus EggProfessor. A wizard who was an expert on Muggles.
   Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement - Largest department.
   Dept. for the Reg. & Control of Magical Creatures - Second largest.
   Magizoology - The study of Magical Creatures.
Ashwinder  A thin, pale-grey serpent with glowing red eyes.
Augurey  A thin and mournful-looking bird. aka: Irish Phoenix.
Basilisk  A brilliant green serpent that may reach up to fifty feet in length.
Billywig  A vivid, sapphire blue insect native to Australia.
Bowtruckle  Tree-guardian creature that is small and is made of bark and twigs.
Bundimun  Skilled at infesting houses and is found worldwide.
Chimaera  Greek monster with lion's head, goat's body, and a dragon's tail.
Chizpurfle  A small parasite that is crablike in appearance with large fangs.
Clabbert  Tree-dwelling creature - looks somewhat like a monkey and a frog.
Crup  Almost a wizard-created dog. Intensely loyal to wizards.
Demiguise  A peaceful herbivorous beast.
Diricawl  Plump, fluffy-feathered, flightless bird. Easily escapes danger.
Doxy  Has black hair and an extra pair of arms and legs. aka: Biting Fairy.
Dragon  The most famous of all Magical Beasts.
Antipodean OpaleyeA pure-bred dragon. The most beautiful type.
Chinese FireballA pure-bred dragon. The only Oriental dragon. aka: Liondragon.
Common Welsh Green A pure-bred dragon. Has an easily recognizable and melodious roar.
Hebridean BlackA pure-bred dragon. Feeds mostly on deer.
   MacFusty - A wizard clan have taken responsibility for Hebrideans.
Hungarian HorntailA pure-bred dragon. The most dangerous of all dragon breeds.
Norweigan Ridgeback A pure-bred dragon. Nowadays one of the rarer dragon breeds.
Peruvian Vipertooth A pure-bred dragon. The smallest of all known dragons.
Romanian LonghornA pure-bred dragon. Has dark green scales and long, golden horns.
Swedish Short-Snout A pure-bred dragon. An attractive silvery-blue dragon.
Ukranian Ironbelly A pure-bred dragon. The largest breed; weighs 6 tonnes.
Dugbog  Marsh-dwelling creature found in Europe and The Americas.
Erkling  An elfish creature with a pointed face. They prey on children.
Bruno SchmidtA six-year-old wizard who was attacked by an Erkling.
Master SchmidtKilled earthling who attacked Bruno by hitting it over the head.
Erumpent  A large grey African beast of great power.
Fairy  A small and decorative beast of little intelligence.
Fire Crab  Shoots flames from its rear end when attacked.
Flobberworm  Lives in damp ditches and prefers lettuce or almost any vegetation.
Fwooper  An African bird with extremely vivid plumage.
Ghoul  An ugly, wizarding family pet. Generally resides in attics or barns.
Glumbumble  A grey, furry-bodied flying insect.
Gnome  A common garden pest.
Graphorn  Has an extremely aggressive nature.
Griffin  Often employed by wizards to guard treasure.
Grindylow  A horned, pale-green water demon.
Hippocampus  Has the head of a horse and the tail of a giant fish.
Hippogriff  Has the head of a giant eagle and the body of a horse.
Horklump  A favorite delicacy of gnomes. A beast with no discernible use.
Imp  Has a slapstick sense of humor.
Jarvey  Resembles an overgrown ferret. Talks in short and rude sentences.
Jobberknoll  A tiny, blue speckled bird which eats small insects.
Kappa  A Japanese water demon that inhabits shallow ponds and rivers.
Kelpie  The British and Irish water demon that can take various shapes.
Knarl  Looks like a hedgehog and is usually mistaken by muggles as so.
Kneazle  A small catlike creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur.
Leprechaun  A mischievous beast that is green in color. aka: Clauricorn.
Lethifold  A mercifully rare creature found solely in tropical climates.
Flavius BelbyWizard who was fortunate to survive a Lethifold attack in 1782.
Lobalug  A creature found at the bottom of the North Sea.
Mackled MalaclawA land-dwelling creature found on rocky coastlines around Europe.
Merpeople  Loves Music. aka: Sirens, Selkies, Merrows.
Moke  A silver-green lizard reaching up to ten inches in length.
Mooncalf  Shy creature that emerges from its burrow only at full moon.
Murtlap  A rat like creature found in coastal areas of Britain.
Niffler  A British beast.
Nogtail  Demons that resemble stunted piglets with long legs and black eyes.
Nudu  The most dangerous beast in the world.
Occamy  A plumed, two-legged creature with a serpentine body.
Phoenix  A magnificent, swan-sized, scarlet bird.
Pixie  Delights in tricks and practical jokes of all descriptions.
Plimpy  A spherical, mottled fish distinguished by its two long legs.
Pogrebin  A Russian demon.
Porlock  A horse-guardian covered in shaggy fur.
Puffskein  A highly popular wizarding pet that has no objection to being cuddled.
Quintaped  Highly dangerous carnivorous beast with a taste for humans.
Ramora  A silver fish found in the Indian Ocean. It is powerfully magical.
Red Cap  A dwarflike creature. Lives in holes on old battlegrounds.
Re'em  An extremely rare giant oxen with golden hides.
Runespoor  A three-headed serpent.
Salamander  A small fire-dwelling lizard that feeds on flame.
Sea Serpent  Has no known account of ever killing humans, despite scary appearance.
Shrake  A fish covered entirely in spines.
Snidget  An extremely rare, protected species of bird.
Streeler  Giant snail that deposits a trail so venomous it burns all plants.
Tebo  An ash-colored warthog. Has the power of invisibility.
Unicorn  A beautiful beast with highly magical properties.
Winged HorseHas varying classifications depending on its many different breeds.
Abraxan  A winged-horse breed. Immensely powerful.
Aethonan  A winged-horse breed. Popular in Britain and Ireland.
Granian  A winged-horse breed. Particularly fast.
Thestral  A rare winged-horse breed. Has the power of invisibility.
Yeti  Fears fire and may be repulsed by skilled wizards. aka: Bigfoot.