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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Richard   Hilzoy   Inventor. Entrepreneur. Shot.
2   Alex   Treven   Silicon Valley lawyer at Sullivan, Greenwald - (SG).
    Time   Nicholson   Kleiner, Perkins partner.
    Alisa       Alex's secretary.
David Osborne SG lawyer.
    Sarah   Hosseini   1st year SG lawyer.
    Ben   Treven   Alex's older brother. In the Army.
3           Muezzin - a man who calls Muslims to prayer.
    Omid   Jafari   Iranian nuclear scientist.
    Ali   Kazemi   Iranian nuclear scientist.
    Ali Reza   Asgari   Iranian scientist who defected.
    Rolan   Vaslyer   A Russian. An Iranian contact.
6       Gamez   San Jose Police Department Detective.
7   Scott   Horton   Joint Special Operation Commander. aka: Hort.
    Katie   Treven   Ben and Alex's sister.
8   Emaan   Hosseini   Sarah's father.
    Ashraf   Hosseini   Sarah's mother.
            Inchoate - just begun, not fully developed.
    Josh   Marshall   Dated Sarah.
    John   Cole   Dated Sarah.
9   Hank   Shiffman   Works at U.S. Patent Office.
    Jane   Hamsher   SG Software Director.
    Wally   Farquhar   Katie's boyfriend.
    Dr.   Rosen   Stanford Hospital doctor.
10       Musamano   College wrestler.
11       Randol   Police officer.
        Tibaldi   Police officer.
13   Roberta   Jones   Ben's Atherton schoolmate.
    Molly   Jones   Ben's Atherton schoolmate.
14   Wanda       SG receptionist.
27           Heuristics - simple, efficient rules used to solve problems.
            Polymorphic Virus - a complicated computer virus.
55   Gabe       Ritual Coffee employee.