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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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 ElleRamone Victim.
 RosettaPoelar Victim.
3CaitlynMcBealVictim and witness.
 Samuel JacobBlueAccused. aka Sam. Harry's brother.
4Harriet JupiterBlueSex Crimes Detective in Sydney. Sam's sister. aka Harry.
 Edward WhittackerDetective. Harry's partner. aka Whitt.
6NigelSpaderDetective. Head of the Georges River Task Force team.
7 MorrisChief Sydney MPD. Aka Pops. Harry's friend. Boxing trainer.
8VictoriaSnaleSenior Sergeant at Last Chance Valley. aka Vicky.
12ElliotKashWith Counter-Terrorism Task Force, Islamic Fundamentalism Div.
14 SorrellNew South Wales Police Commissioner.
 LinnySimpsonIntended victim.
15TheoCampbellVicky's retired Chief. aka Soupy.
17ZacTaby15-year old troublemaker. Student at Last Chance Valley.
18 HemsillDoctor. Expert witness on Sam's trial.
19Jerry Vicky's pig and companion.
 OliviaCampbellSoupy's wife.
 DavidLewisSoupy's friend.
22TenacityBridgeElliot's wife.
 AlexFintonAssaulted Tenacity.
23Mick Bartender at Last Chance Valley.
 JaceRobitResident of Last Chance Valley.
 John Destro Mayor Last Chance Valley. Runs Post Office. Aka Dez.
26Digger The town dog.
30TateBarnesDetective Inspector. Worked with Harry in a case. Aka Tox.
31GregHarveyTeacher at Last Chance Valley.
33 Taby(Mrs.) Zac's mother.
 AdeelTabyZac's father.
37Julia Harry's mother.
42MichelleStanthorpSchool Administrator.
43BrandonSkinnerOne of the students at Last Chance Valley. Deceased.
 JedChattAka Scary Old man.
48BellaDestroDez's daughter.
52John StiegJace's friend and also a resident of Last Chance Valley.
54Sandy Hired by Tox - conducted investigation related to Sam's case.
55WilliamPerkinsAka Bill. Security Guard at Caitlyn McBeal's school.
76RonnieHipwellHomeless man.
85FrankScullenJace's friend and also a resident of Last Chance Valley.
 DamienPonchJace's friend and also a resident of Last Chance Valley.
91MarySkinnerBrandon's mother.
92Claudia Acquaintance of Regan when he was young.
93Glen Forensics/Crime Screen Investigator.
 Wayne Forensics/Crime Screen Investigator.
114RebeccaGreenFormer teacher of Bella.
 Mara Acquaintance of Bella when she was young.
130RachelHowesVeterinarian. Victim.