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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1Katherine A.KavanaghAnastasia's roommate and best friend. aka Kate.
 Anastasia R.SteeleNarrator. Protagonist. aka Ana.
 Olivia One of the assistants of Christian.
 ChristianGreyOwner and CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
 Andrea Assistant of Christian.
2 Clayton(Mrs.) One of the owners of Clayton's Hardware Store.
 RaySteeleAna's stepfather. Her mother's 2nd husband.
 JoséRodriquezAna's friend.
 JoséRodriquez Sr.José's father.
  ClaytonMrs. Clayton's husband. Owns Clayton's Hardware Store.
 PaulClaytonMr. Clayton's younger brother.
 CarlaAdamsAna's mother.
 BobAdams4th husband of Carla.
3Travis José's friend.
  TaylorChristian's head of security, bodyguard and driver.
 ElliotGreyChristian's brother.
 Levi English student and the photographer at school newspaper.
6 WelchChristian's employee.
 Joe Manager of the helipad in Portland.
9Grace T.GreyChristian's mother.
10Ros One of the Executives at Christian's company.
14 CollinsProfessor. Ana's tutor and favorite teacher.
 EthanKavanaghKate's brother.
15MiaGreyChristian's sister.
17 FlynnChristian's Therapist.
19CarrickGreyChristian's father.
 Gretchen Grace and Carrick's maid.
21 Jones(Mrs.) Christian's housekeeper.
 Marco Christian's employee.
 Barney Christian's employee.
 Bill Christian's employee.
 Sam Christian's employee and in charge with publicity.
 JackHydeEditor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP).
22Lucas Christian's employee.
25Leila Former submissive of Christian.
 Elena Was in relationships with Christian. Dominant. aka Mrs. Robinson.
 MarkBensonTow pilot.
 ElizabethMorganWorks at SIP.