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Ry Smith
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            AUTHORS NOTE
            Samizdat - copying & distribution of literature banned by state.
            Gobsmacked - utterly astonished; astounded.
Pro   Steve   Bannon   Conservative media executive and former Trump Strategist.
    Roger   Ailes   Former Head of Fox News. Fired for sexual improprieties.
    Donald John   Trump   The President.
    Alexandra   Preate   Bannon's aide.
            Autodidacts - a self-taught person.
            Universal Field Theory - attempt to unify magnetism & gravity.
            Louche - disreputable in an appealing way.
            Avatar - an icon representing a person in video games.
            Symbiotic - a mutually beneficial relationship.
    Rex   Tillerson   Formerly Exxon CEO. Now Secretary of State.
    Jeff   Sessions   Formerly Alabama Senator. Now Head of Justice Department.
    Jim   Mattis   Formerly Marine General. Now Secretary of Defense.
    Michael   Flynn   Former Army General and former National Security Advisor.
    John   Bolton   Conservative lawyer who served in several GOP administrations.
    Bernie   Sanders   Liberal Democratic Senator from Vermont. Ran for President.
            Tea Party - a conservative wing of the Republican Party.
    Sheldon   Adelson   Casino billionaire and far-right Israel supporter.
    James   Comey   Former FBI Director. Fired by President Trump.
    John O.   Brennan   Former CIA Director. Retired in January, 2017.
    Susan   Rice   National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration.
            Auteur - a filmmaker with strong control over the movie.
    Rupert   Murdoch   Media owner of 20th Century Fox, Fox News and others.
1   Kellyanne   Conway   One of Trump's campaign managers.
    Reince   Priebus   Head of Republican National Committee (RNC).
    Katie   Walsh   Priebus associate at RNC.
    Sean   Spicer   Priebus associate at RNC.
    John   McLaughlin   Trump campaign pollster.
    Jared   Kushner   Trump's son-in-law.
    Sam   Nunberg   Trump aide. Previously worked for Roger Stone.
            Leitmotif - recurring theme in a musical or literary composition.
    Corey   Lewandowski   Trump's first campaign manager.
    Paul   Manafort   Trump's second campaign manager.
    Bob   Mercer   Right-wing billionaire.
    Ted   Cruz   Texas Senator and Presidential candidate.
    Rebekah   Mercer   Bob Mercer's wife.
    David   Geffen   Business magnate and film producer.
    Steve   Mnuchin   Trump campaign finance chairman.
    Roger   Stone   Early campaign manager and Trump advisor.
    Hope   Hicks   Trump campaign public relations aid.
    Ivanka   Trump   Trump's daughter by first wife Ivana.
    Billy   Bush   Trump's friend. Involved in infamous video.
    Melania   Trump   Trump's current wife, his third.
    Barron   Trump   Trump's son with Melania.
    Rudy   Giuliani   Former New York City Mayor. Trump's friend.
    Chris   Christie   New Jersey Governor.
            Quid pro quo - a favor granted in return for something.
            Oligarchy - small group controlling country or organization.
    Oleg   Deripaska   Russian billionaire and oligarch.
    Charlie   Kushner   Jared's father. Real estate developer.
    Don   Trump Jr.   Trump's son. aka: Uday.
    Eric   Trump   Trump's son. aka: Qusay.
    Hillary   Clinton   Democratic candidate for President.
2   Jerry   Hall   Murdoch's new wife.
    Wendi   Murdoch   Murdoch's first wife.
    Carl   Icahn   Financier. Trump's friend.
    Scott   Pruitt   Oklahoma politician now head of the EPA.
    Betsy   DeVos   Business woman and politician. Now Secretary of Education.
    Peter   Thiel   PayPal co-founder. Supported Trump's campaign.
    Piers   Morgan   British newspaper man.
    Tony    Schwartz   Wrote book on Trump with Trump.
    Bill   Clinton   Former President.
            Hoi polloi - the masses. The common people.
            Perp walk - walking in or out of police station or courthouse.
    John   Boehner   Former Speaker of the House.
    Tom   Barrack   Trump's real estate friend.
    Steven   Roth   Trump's real estate friend.
    Richard   Lefrak   Real estate developer in New York.
    Jeffrey   Epstein   New York financier. Served jail time.
            #MAGA - Twitter code for Make America Great Again.
    Ann   Coulter   Right wing diva and Trump supporter.
    Steve   Wynn   Las Vegas gaming mogul.
    Joe   Scarborough   Former congressman. Morning Joe host.
    Scott   Walker   Wisconsin governor. Presidential candidate.
            Opprobrium - harsh criticism, or public disgrace.
            Ne Plus Ultra - the perfect example of its kind.
            Betes noires - a person or thing that one dislikes.
    Stephen   Schwarzman   Head of Blackstone Group. Kushner friend.
    Anna   Wintour   Vogue editor. Sought ambassadorship to Britain.
    Mark   Hemingway   Conservative writer for Weekly Standard.
            Epochal - epoch making.
            Encomiums - highly praising someone or something.
3           Preternaturally - beyond nature, or unnatural.
    Henry   Kissinger   Former Secretary of State. A Kushner "Wise Man".
    James   Clapper   Former Director Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
    Ben   Rhodes   Susan Rice's deputy.
    Bob   Corker   Tennessee Senator.
            Joie de guerre - joy of a good fight or battle.
            Antiwonk - not preoccupied with details or procedures.
    Mike   Pompeo   CIA Director under Trump.
4   David   Halberstam   Author - The Best and the Brightest.
    Bob   Woodward   Washington Post writer.
            Quadrennial - recurring every 4 years.
    Jon   Corzine   New Jersey Governor. From Goldman Sachs
    Mike   Murphy   Republican media consultant. Ran Jeb Bush PAC.
    Edward   Bass   An oil heir.
    David   Bossie   Bannon partner in conservative book sale project.
    Andrew   Breitbart   Founder - Breitbart News. Deceased.
            Svengali - a person who dominates another. Usually selfishly.
            Quant - a quantitative analyst.
            Consigliere - an advisor, especially to a crime boss.
            Aphoristic - a general truth or astute observation.
            Shambolic - chaotic or mismanaged.
    Stephen   Miller   Former Sessions aide, then Bannon assistant.
            Nativism - a policy of protecting native-born over immigrants.
            Sotto voce - speak quietly to not be overheard.
    John   Kelly   Director of Homeland Security. A former General.
            EO - Executive Orders.
    Mika   Brzezinski   Morning Joe co-host.
    Zbigniew   Brzezinski   President Carter's National Security Advisor. Mika's father.
    Josh   Kushner   Jared's brother.
            Solipsism - a theory that self is all that exists.
            Realpolitik - practical politics without moral considerations.
    Fred   Trump   Donald Trump's father.
    Freddy   Trump   Donald's brother. Deceased.
    Ronald   Perelman   Billionaire financier and takeover artist.
    Roy   Cohn   Trump advisor. Right hand man to Joe McCarthy. Disbarred.
    Arthur   Carter   New York Observer (NYO) patron.
    Greydon   Carter   Started Spy magazine. Became NYO editor.
    Peter   Kaplan   Editor at NYO.
    Enrique Pena   Nieto   President of Mexico.
    Jamie   Johnson   Johnson & Johnson heir.
            Douchebag - an obnoxious or contemptible person.
            Bifurcate - divide into two branches.
    Dasha   Zhukova   Wife of Russian - Roman Abramovich.
    Dina   Powell   Goldman Sachs executive who joined the White House.
            Hondling - bargaining.
    Travis   Kalanick   Uber CEO.
    Bob   Iger   Disney CEO.
    Gary   Cohn   Chief National Economic Council.
            Aberrant - departing from accepted standard.
    Maggie   Haberman   White House reporter.
    Glenn   Thrush   White House reporter.
            Fatuousness - foolish or inane.
    Gail   Collins   New York Times reporter.
    Jeff   Zucker   Head of NBC.
    Phil   Kent   Former Turner CEO.
7   Sally   Yates   Justice Department lawyer.
    Don   McGahn   White House council.
    Michael   Glynn   National Security Advisor.
    Sergey   Kislyak   Russian ambassador.
    Michael   Pence   Vice President of the U.S.
            FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
            Kafkaesque - oppressive or nightmarish.
    Webster   Hubbel   Figure in the Clinton Whitewater affair.
    Franklin   Foer   Former New Republic editor.
            Sycophantically - one who uses flattery to get what they want.
            Paucity - something in small amounts.
    Tevfik   Arif   Former Russian official. Ran Bayrock Group.
    Felix   Sater   Worked for Bayrock. Criminal past.
    Carter   Page   Banker. Spent time in Russia.
    Edward Jay   Epstein   Intelligence community journalist
            Disintermediate - removal of intermediaries.
    Michael   Anton   NSA official.
    Shizo   Abe   Japan prime minister.
    Justin   Trudeau   Canada prime minister.
8   Omarosa   Manigault   Trump's Apprentice (TV Show) sidekick.
            Phobic - extreme or irrational fear.
            Oeuvre - the collective works of an artist.
    Mick   Mulvaney   Director Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
            Bête noir - something or someone who is disliked.
            Machers - a person who gets things done.
            Tropes - figurative use of a word or expression.
            Jarvanka - referencing Jarod Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
    Karen   Pence   Vice President Pence's wife.
9           Outré - unusual and startling.
            Subsume - absorb in something else.
    Allie   Hanley   Palm Beach conservative donor.
    Matt   Schlapp   Washington Times writer. President alt-right Institute.
    Milo   Yiannopoulos   Alt-right British man.
    Sebastian   Gorka   Former Breitbart writer.
    Mercedes   Schlapp   Matt Schlapp's wife.
            Identitarian - white nationalist movement from France.
    Wilbur   Ross   Head of Department of Commerce.
    Robert   Lighthizer   Head of Department of Trade.
            Existential - concerned with human existance.
            Raconteur - an amusing storyteller.
            Denegation - deny or say no.
10   Tucker   Carlson   Fox News anchor.
    Ike   Perlmutter   New York billionaire investor.
    Sheldon   Adelson   Billionaire casino magnate.
    Benjamin   Netanyahu   Israel prime minister. Kushner family friend.
    Avi   Berkowitz   Kushner White House lieutenant.
    Josh   Raffel   Kushner White House lieutenant.
            Cuck - men who let women do whatever they want sex-wise.
    Larry   Kudlow   CNBC commentator.
11   David   Remnick   The New Yorker editor.
    Tony   Blair   Former British prime minister.
    Gina   Haspel   Deputy Director of the CIA.
    Paul   Ryan   Speaker of the House of Representatives.
    Louise   Mensch   Former British politician living in the U.S.
12   Mark   Meadous   Head of the Tea Party.
    Mitt   Romney   Former Senator and BOP Presidential candidate.
            Rectitude - morally correct behavior.
            Ad hominem - an argument against a person - not a position.
            Obfuscated - render obscure or unclear.
    Tom   Price   Georgia Congressman.
    John   McCormick   Former Speaker of the House.
    Tip   O'Neill   Working class Democratic, former Speaker of the House.
            Benighted - intellectual or moral ignorance.
    Devin   Nunes   Chairman, House Intelligence Committee.
13           Misanthropic - disliking and avoiding human society.
    Wendell   Wilkie   Losing GOP candidate for President in 1940.
    H.R.   McMaster   Former General, now National Security Advisor.
    Newt   Gingrich   Republican Speaker of the House from Georgia.
            Ethnopopulism - political parties appealing to ethnic groups.
    George   Soros   Wealthy democratic donor.
    Joseph   Dunford   Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
            Penultimate - 2nd to last in a series of things.
    Joe   Hagin   Deputy chief of staff for operations.
            Ad hoc - done for a particular purpose only.
    Sheryl   Sandberg   Facebook CEO.
            Botlike - video game.
            Discursive - digressing from subject to subject.
14   Robert L.   Caslen Jr.   Superintendent of West Point.
15   Bill   O'Reilly   Fox News anchor.
            Hoary - old and white.
            Troll - mythical, ugly giant or dwarf.
            Obeisance - differential respect.
            Dialectical - logical discussion of ideas and opinions.
            Misogynist - someone who dislikes women.
            Inchoate - just begun. Not fully formed.
    Frank   Luntz   GOP polester.
    Laura   Ingraham   Conservative cable personality.
            Schtick - a performance associated with a particular person.
            Cruella de Vil - character from book and Disney movie.
            Self-abnegation - the denial or abasement of oneself.
    Mathew   Hiltzik   Head of small PR firm. An active Democrat.
            F-Troop - satirical wild-west TV sitcom.
    Josh   Faffel   Spokesperson for Kushner in Office of American Innovation.
    Mike   Dubke   Republican PR operative.
    John   Dickerson   Face the Nation moderator.
16   Beny   Steinmetz   Israeli billionaire with Russian ties.
            Hagiographic - writing about the lives of saints.
    Mark   Halperin   Political reporter.
    Howard   Kurtz   Fox reporter.
    Keith   Schiller   Trump's personal security guard.
            Semiotic - the study of signs and symbols.
            Hegemonic - dominant in political or social context.
    Robert   Mueller   Head, FBI Russia investigation. Former FBI Director.
17   Rush   Limbaugh   Conservative talk show host.
    Liz   Trotta   Former Fox correspondent.
    Kimberly   Guilfoyle   Fox anchor.
    Mohammed   bin Salman   Crown Prince of the House of Saud. aka:MBS.
    Sarah H.   Sanders   Deputy Press Secretary.
    Dan   Scavino   Social media director.
            Zelig - a person who changes for any situation.
            POTUS - President Of The United States.
            FLOTUS - First Lady Of The United States.
    Hamid   bin Khalifa   King of Bahrain.
    Abdel Fattah   el Sisi   Egyptian strongman and President of Egypt.
    Lanny   Davis   Clinton impeachment lawyer.
18   Julia   Hahn   Former Breitbart writer.
    David   Bossie   Trump political adviser.
    Nick   Ayers   V.P. Pence's Chief of Staff.
            Detritus - waste or debris of any kind.
            Risible - to provoke laughter.
            Zeitgeist - defining a period of history by their ideas or beliefs.
            Opprobrium - harsh criticism or censure.
    Arthur   Schwartz   PR consultant
            Hypermedia - interlocked media forms - basis of the Web.
            Jumo - an offensive slur.
    Mark   Corallo   Trump legal team spokesperson. Resigned.
20   David   Petreaeus   Former Army Commander.
    Erik   Prince   Blackwater (Company) founder.
            Factotum - an employee who does all kinds of work.
    Anthony   Scaramucci   Advisor to Vice President Pence.
            Hortatory - tending or aiming to exhort.
21   Nikil   Saval   Liberal writer for the Guardian.
    Peter   Baker   NY Times writer.
    Michael   Schmidt   NY Times writer.
    Andrew   Weissmann   Enron prosecutor. Now on Mueller's FBI team.
    Rachael   Brand   Associate Attorney General.
    Mark   Dowd   Member of Trump's legal team.
    Jay   Sekulow   Member of Trump's legal team.
22   Robert   Kuttner   American Prospect editor.
    Jason   Miller   Bannon PR person.
    Johathan   Swan   White House reporter.
Epi   Mitch   McConnell   Senate majority leader. Kentucky Senator.
    Luther   Strange   Alabama Senate candidate (lost).
    Roy   Moore   Alabama Senate candidate (lost).
    Colin   Kaepernick   Famous for "Taking the knee" racist protest.
    Nikki   Haley   UN Ambassador.
    Charles   Harder   Kushner lawyer.