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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   The Beginning
 Uba The nursemaid from Kisun.
 MarikoHattoriProtagonist. Samurai daughter. Aka:S.Takeo, Lord Lackbeard.
   Illusion and Expectation
 ChiyoChanMariko Hattori's young maidservant.
 LadyHattoriMariko Hattori's mother.
 Nobutada One of Kano Hattori's confidants.
 KanoHattoriA prominent samurai / Mariko Hattori's father.
 KenshinHattoriMariko Hattori's brother / The Dragon of Kai.
 MasaruMinamotoThe Emperor of Wa.
 Prince RaidenMinamotoThe son of Masaru Minamoto / Mariko Hattori's fiancee.
   The Nightbeast
   The black clan - a group of people who wants to kill Hattori Clan.
   The Golden Castle
 RokuMinamotoHalf-brother Prince Raiden Minamoto. Son of Emperor Masaru.
   A Calculated Risk
 RanmaruTakedaBoy that M. Hattori suspected to be leader of "The Black Clan".
 Ronin Takeda Ranmaru's servant.
   An Unmerited Blessing
 Kane Kenshin Hattori's sorrel steed.
   The Consequence
 Okami Black Clan's champion / M.Hattori's new friend. aka: The Wolf.
 Akira The Black Clan's member.
   The Jewel Steel and Night Rain
 SengoMuramasaA celebrated Artisan / Kano Hattori's metalsmith.
 AmayaMuramasaSengo Muramasa's daughter
   Many Kinds of Strength
 Ren The boy with the murder eyes / Mariko Hattori's watcher.
   Weakness of the Spirit
 Yoshi The Black Clan's cook.
   The Throwing Star
 Haruki Black Clan's metalsmith / Childhood friend of Mariko Hattori.
   Rivets of Gold and Petal Pink Water
 ShingenTakedaFather of Ranmaru Takeda
   An Honest Exchange
 Korin Okami's Grandmother.
   The Hot Spring
 Yumi Okami's sister.
   The Raid
 Fumio Kano Hattori's soldier.
   The Phoenix
 GenmeiYamatoEmperor Masaru's wife / Empress of Wa.