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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  The Measure of a Man
 Hester Dellarobia's mother-in-law. Aka: Mammaw.
 BurleyTurnbow Jr.Hester's son. Aka: Cub.
 Cordelia Dellarobia's daughter. Aka: Cordie.
 PrestonTurnbow Dellarobia's son.
 MikeBushPolice officer.
 Dovey Dellarobia's best friend.
 Burley Turnbow Sr.Cub's father. Aka: Bear.
 Jimmy The telephone man.
 Dellarobia Cub's wife.
 Moses A prophet.
 Ezekiel A prophet.
 KennyChesneyAmerican singer-songwriter.
2  Family Territory
 Mr. CookOne of Hester's neighbors.
 Valia EstepOne of Hester's neighbors.
 CrystalEstepValia Estep's daughter.
 PeanutNorwoodOne of Hester's neighbors.
 LutherHollyBear Turnbow's acquaintance.
 Roy One of the collies.
 Charlie One of the collies.
 Jazon One of Crystal's boys.
 Mical One of Crystal's boys.
 Brenda Crystal's acquaintance.
 EdCameronA banker.
 Damon Dellarobia's friend.
 BobbyOgleA pastor.
 Charles DickensAn English writer.
3  Congregational Space
 Blanchie BiseCheerleader.
 Nate WeaverChoir director.
 Loretta LynnAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Eula RatliffA choir member.
 Wilma CoxAn actress.
 Tammy WorshamChurch member.
 Quaneesha WilliamsThe sole African American choir member.
 Mrs. LakeBobby's acquaintance.
 JamesJoyceIrish novelist.
 Haylee A little baby.
 Sister Rachel A beacon.
 SisterJill Member of the church.
4  Talk of a Town
 King Billy Clusters of butterflies.
 Mike The mail carrier.
 Strickland Cub's old friend.
 Ace SayersCrystal's acquaintance.
 JoCoxA sister.
 Dear Abby American advice column founded by Pauline Phillips in 1956.
 Josefina Preston's classmate.
 Miss Rose Preston's teacher.
 Lupe Josefina's mother.
 ReynaldoDelgadoJosefina's father.
 Miss HuntA teacher.
5  National Proportions
 Ovid ByronA world renowned entomologist.
 Lucadella RobbiaAn Italian sculptor.
 Martha StewartAmerican businesswoman.
 BarackObama44th U.S. President.
 Bob MarleyJamaican singer-songwriter.
 Sidney PoitierAmerican-Bahamian actor.
 Mr. MonarchA kind of butterfly.
6  Span of a Continent
 JohnnyMidgeonA reporter.
 Mrs. Noah A Biblical figure. Noah's wife.
 Pete One of Mr. Byron's helpers.
 Mako One of Mr. Byron's helpers.
 Bonnie One of Mr. Byron's helpers.
 Noah Biblical figure - God asked to rescue species from flood.
 George StraitAmerican singer.
 PattyLovelessAmerican singer.
7  Global Exchange
 Winnie ViceCrystal or Brenda's relative.
 Greg Cub's supervisor.
 Jane GoodallA primatologist.
 Shakira Colombian singer.
 Michael JacksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
8  Circumference of the Earth
 Felix  A bartender.
 Toby KeithAmerican singer-songwriter.
 KittyWellsAmerican singer.
 Pam TillisAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Nate CoyleAn actor.
 Ralph StanleyAmerican musical artist.
 Billy RayHatchA man who was shot in head multiple times in North Houston.
 Kathy MatteaAmerican singer.
 CharlieDanielsAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Deana CarterAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Jerry  One of Cub's friends.
 Noel One of Cub's friends.
 Cleopatra The queen of Egypt, becomes the mistress of Julius Caesar.
 VictoriaBeckhamA businesswoman. Aka: Posh Spice.
 Tina UltnerA reporter.
 RonRainsTina Ultner's associate.
 Jack StellThe mayor.
9  Continental Ecosystem
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 Osama bin LadenFounded the pan-Islamic militant organization.
 Coach Bishop Dellarobia's science teacher.
 Mrs.Lake An English teacher.
 CoachOtisA Math teacher.
 Job A Biblical figure.
 Vern ZakasPresident of the environment club.
 Jack LondonAmerican novelist.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican journalist.
10  Natural State
 Al GoreFormer Vice President of the United States.
 Roger  One of the workers.
 Carlos One of the workers.
 JulietEmersonOvid's wife.
11  Community Dynamics
 Sam HillAn Australian biker.
 OprahWinfreyAmerican media executive.
 Tommy Dovey's brother.
 Felix Dovey's love life.
 Vera WangAmerican fashion designer.
 Angie DickinsonAmerican actress.
 Herbert HooverGeologist and politician who served as 31st U.S. President.
 Leighton AkinsOne of Dellarobia's acquaintances.
 Dimmit SlaughterOne of Dellarobia's acquaintances.
 Mr. BraidOne of Dellarobia's acquaintances.
12  Kinship Systems
 Hanky White ewe.
 Dr. GatesOne of the veterinarians.
 Dr. WorshOne of the veterinarians.
 Myrtle One who knows how to knit.
 Nelda Myrtle's daughter.
 RickBakerAmerican actor.
 Camorah Preston's acquaintance.
  Everett Cameraman.
 Sir Isaac NewtonA Mathematician.
13  Mating Strategies
 Isaac FryeActor and writer.
 Tom ThumbA circus performer.
 Beulah RasberryBlanchie's acquaintance.
 William lll King of England. Aka: William of Orange.
 Alcidus ByronOvid's father.
 Raquida Ovid's mother.
 Reggie One of the sheep.
 Winnie OgleBobby's wife.
 Mary Hester's cousin.
14  Perfect Female
 ChristopherColumbusAn explorer.
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