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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Joseph   Burkett Jr.   Maya's murdered husband. aka: Joe.
    Maya   Stern   Former Army Captain and special-ops helicopter pilot.
    Judith   Burkett   Joe's mother. aka: Judith Velle.
    Neil   Burkett   Joe's brother.
    Caroline   Burkett   Joe's sister.
    Lily   Burkett   Joe and Maya's two-year old daughter.
    Eileen   Finn   Maya's oldest friend.
    Edith       Joe's aunt.
    Daniel   Walker   Maya's nephew.
    Alexa   Walker   Maya's niece.
    Shane   Tessier   Maya's platoon mate.
    Claire   Walker   Maya's murdered sister.
    Edward   Walker   Maya's brother-in-law. aka: Eddie.
    Roger   Kierce   NYPD Homicide detective.
    Isabella   Mendez   Lily's nanny.
    Kyle   Finn   Eileen's son.
    Missy   Finn   Eileen's daughter.
3   Rosa   Mendez   Joe's childhood nanny. Isabella's mother.
    Hector   Mendez   Isabella's brother.
    Kitty   Shum   Works at day care center. Growin' Up,. aka: Miss Kitty.
    Jake   Evans   Soldier who survived in Iraq.
            CoreyTheWhistle - whistle-blowers posting website.
    Phil       Alexa's soccer coach.
    Patty       Phil's daughter.
    Amanda       Soccer player.
4   Corey   Rudzunski   Founder of CoreyTheWhistle.
            Farnwood - the name of the Burkett's family estate.
    Heather   Howell   Burkett's family attorney.
7   Emilio   Rodrigo   Murder suspect.
    Fred   Katen   Murder suspect.
9   Robby       Eileen's abusive husband.
11   Morris       Burkett's gate keeper.
    Joseph   Burkett Sr.   Joe's father.
    Andrew   Burkett   Joe's brother who died at sea.
    Charles   Howell III   Heather's father. Burkett's family lawyer before Heather.
    Charles   Howell II   Heather's grandfather. Former Burkett family lawyer.
12   Laszlo       Caroline's dog.
13   Billy       Leather and Lace (Strip Club) manager.
    Lulu       Club security.
14   Tom   Douglass   Private investigator.
15   Mrs.   Douglass   Tom's wife.
16   Rick       The Guntry Club (shooting range) owner.
    Zen       Maya's buddy at the shooting range.
17   Mr.   Ronkowitz   Alexa's English teacher.
    Ricky   Wu   Veterans Affairs shrink.
    Martin   Dempsey   A General. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
21   Angela   Warner   Judith's colleague.
    Mary   McLeod   Judith's colleague.
    Jack       Mary's son.
    Bobby/Tim       Burkett's butler.
22           Occam's razor - Two explanations for an occurance.
    Benjamin   Barouche   Eileen's boyfriend.
23           Lucky Girl - Burkett's family yacht.
    Theo   Mora   Andrew's dead soccer teammate.
24   Karena   Simpson   Former Army pilot and Maya's boss.
    Neville   Lockwood IV   Headmaster of Franklin biddle Academy.
    Christopher   Swain   Joe's soccer teammate and co-captain.
25   Javier   Mora   Theo's father.
    Melvin       Theo's schoolmate. Received school financial aid.
    Johnny       Theo's schoolmate. Received school financial aid.
26   Julian   Rubinstein   Storage owner.
28   Demetrius   Mavrogenous   Essex County detective.
29   Melissa   Lee   Drug rehabilitation facilitator.
30   Larry   Raia   Present in Theo's hazing.
    Neil   Kornfeld   Present in Theo's hazing.
34   Selina       Eddie's new wife.
    Dean   Vanech   Lily's husband.