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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1RonaldParsonsMargaret's husband.
 MikeBurdenThe police inspector. Wexford's colleague.
 Margaret IrisParsonsMurdered. Mr. Parsons's wife. Aka: Minna, Meg.
 JeanBurdenBurden's wife.
2Wexford The chief inspector. Protagonist.
 Mrs.JohnsonMargaret's next-door neighbor.
3ThomasHoodA publisher. Poet and Humorist.
 Mr.PrewettThe owner of the farm where Margaret's body was found.
 Bryant One of Wexford's police.
 Gates One of Wexford's police.
 Dr.CrockerThe post-mortem doctor.
 Martin One of Wexford's police.
 Mrs.PrewettMr. Prewett's wife.
 JohnDraycottMr. Prewett's farm manager.
 Edwards Draycott's companion.
 DorothySweetingMr. Prewett's land girl.
 Mrs.CreaveyThe farm's cook and caretaker.
 JimmyTraynorMr. Prewett's pig man.
 Bysouth Mr. Prewett's cow man.
4MissClementsOne of the lipstick customers.
 Mrs.DarellOne of the lipstick customers.
 HelenMissalOne of the lipstick customers.
 IngeWolffHelen's nanny.
 DymphnaMissalHelen's daughter.
 PriscillaMissalHelen's daughter.
 PatBurdenMike's son.
 JohnBurdenMike's son.
 PeterMissalHelen's husband.
5Camb The police sergeant.
 Mrs.JonesBurden's neighbor.
 Doon The mysterious man who wrote letters to Margaret/Minna.
7DouglasQuadrantA solicitor. Helen's family friend and lover.
 FabiaQuadrantDouglas's wife.
8ArthurGodfreyMargaret's father.
 IrisDrusillaMargaret's mother.
 Ethel MaryIvesIris's sister. Margaret's aunt.
 GeoffreyIvesEthel's husband.
 WilburtStobart-KatzAnne's husband.
 MissFowlerThe school's headmasters.
 Mrs.mortlockThe school's secretary.
 Anne MaryIvesMargaret's cousin. Ethel and Geoffrey's daughter.
9Mr.SpellmanOwner of Spellman's nursery.
 ClareClarkeA member of the teaching staff. Margaret's classmate.
 HelenLairdMargaret's former classmate.
 FabiaRogersMargaret's former classmate.
 Mrs.GriswoldThe chief constable.
 MargaretDolanMargaret's former classmate.
 AnneKellyMargaret's former classmate.
 DianaStevensMargaret's former classmate.
 DudleyDruryMargaret's former boyfriend.
10DiPlunkettClare's companion.
11KathleenDruryDudley's wife.
 JanetTippingThe girl at the swan.