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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProMrs. ChangKimberly's mother. Aka: Ma.
1Bob Kimberly's American uncle.
 Paula Mrs. Chang's sister. Kimberly's aunt.
 Mr.NThe businessman in Taiwan.
 KimberlyChangProtagonist and Narrator. Aka: Ah-Kim, Kim Chang.
 Fat BoyWongKimberly's schoolmate.
 Tall GuyLamKimberly's schoolmate.
 Nelson Kimberly's cousin. Bob and Paula's son.
 Godfrey Kimberly's cousin. Bob and Paula's son.
   Tong Sing - The Chinese Almanac.
2Mr.BogartKimberly's teacher.
 MattWuThe boy Kimberly falls in love with.
 Mrs. WuMatt's mother.
 ParkerWuMatt's brother.
3Mr.AlKimberly's neighbor.
 AnnetteAveryKimberly's friend.
 TyroneMarshallKimberly's black classmate.
 MissKumarThe black teacher at Kimberly's school.
 Mei-Mei Kimberly's friend from Hong Kong.
4Mrs. AveryAnnette's mother.
 Tommy Mrs. Avery's cat.
5Luke Kimberly's classmate.
 Mrs. LaGuardiaThe school principal.
 Dr.WestonMrs. Avery's acquaintance. The woman who helped Kimberly.
 Mr.ScogginsKimberly's social studies teacher.
7Greg Kimberly's schoolmate.
 Sheryl Kimberly's schoolmate.
 Curt Kimberly's schoolmate.
 Tammy Kimberly's school bus mate.
 Mr.JamaliThe theater director.
 Kerry Kimberly's English tutor.
 Elizabeth Greg's friend.
 Ginny Greg's friend.
 Duncan Greg's friend.
 Mrs. ReynoldsKimberly's teacher.
 Dr. CopelandThe director of Science and Math department.
8Mr.PakOne of the men at the steamers.
9Samantha Kimberly's acquaintance.
 Mr.WuMatt's father.
 Louisa Mr. Wu's girlfriend.
10Vivian Matt's girlfriend.
12Chelsea BrownAn American actress.
 Emily The lead in the play called "Our Town".
14PeteHoKimberly's patient.
 Mr.HoPete's father.
 Jason Kimberly and Matt's son.