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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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    Part I
1Jared A. Hansen16 year-old football & basketball player. Deceased. Aka: Jare.
 Cheryl AndersonOne of Jared's sexual partners.
2Karen Ann McNeilRichard's girlfriend. Valium addict. Currently in coma. Aka: Kare.
 Richard DoorlandKaren's boyfriend. Best talker of group. Football player.
 Wendy CherninIn love with Jared. A swimmer and choir member.
 Pam SinclairA glamour vixen. Aka: Pamie.
 Hamilton ReeseJared's friend. aka: Mr. Hefton
 Donna KilbruckA girl with walrus-crotch.
3Albert LinusThe poor and quiet kid. A member of Photography Club.
 Lois McNeilKaren's mother who's obsessed with owls.
4Dr. MengerKaren's doctor.
 George McNeilKaren's father.
 Eileen  Richard's cousin.
 Philip EngRichard's English classmate.
 Scott LitmanRichard's English classmate.
 Andrea PorterRichard's English classmate.
5Susan  The girl who loves to eat at Wendy's.
 Donald  Basketball Varsity Player.
 Norman  The guy who's vain in his Varsity sweater.
 Gillian  Broke her arm on Spring Retreat.
 Brian  A car nut.
 Sue  A girl who wants to live in Hawaii.
 Noreen  A girl who wants to live in Europe.
 Don  A boy who wants to make a million and be a ski bum.
 Gordon  A boy who wants to be a Radio DJ in Australia.
 Eggie  Nickname of Karen's car.
 Scott PelpsPam's archenemy. Secretly adored Hamilton from afar.
6Mr. PhilipsA manic-depressive wife beater.
 Mrs. OwenHas a liver disease.
 Mr. PulaskiPerved his own kid.
7Carol DoorlandRichard's mother.
 Megan Karen McNeilRichard and Karen's daughter.
8Kevin  Richard's decision maker.
9Klaus  Pam's new beefy play-thing.
 Rick  A not-so talented photographer.
 Charlie  Richard's golden labrador.
10Cleo  A hiker. Hamilton's wife.
12Tina LowryRichard's old classmate.
 Scott (1)  A production guy in Los Angeles.
 Jenny TyrellMegan's friend.
 Skitter  Megan's up-to-no-good boyfriend.
14Hillary MarkhamA prop lady living near Cleveland Dam.
 Scott (2)  Richard's old high school friend. An actor of the coach character.
 Barton  Richard's co-worker.
 Mrs. KitchenHamilton's neighbor who lives in Unit 403.
 Dawn  Hamilton's next door neighbor.
 Mr. HuongHamilton's neighbor who lives in Suite 508.
    Part II
15Teddy LiuPam and Hamilton's friend.
 Tracy  Pam and Hamilton's friend.
 China WhiteOverdosed at a Halloween Party.
17Cindy WebberHamilton's computer date.
 Raymond MerlisKaren's computer date.
 Keith  The single hair growing in the mole of Raymond's face.
20Gloria  The TV show host.
 Paula  Pre-interviewer of the TV show.
 Randy  Woman arguing with Gloria.
 Jason  Gloria's assistant.
21Mr. LennoxRichard's neighbor.
22Captain DunphyRichard's neighbor in West Vancouver.
 Jerry DunphyCaptain Dunphy's brother.
 Mrs. DunphyCaptain Dunphy's wife.
23Ellaine BucananLois's neighbor.
 Gareth  An actor who is dead on taping.
 Dorrie  The production assistant.
 Sandra  Catering server. A plump forty-ish woman who was found dead.
 Don  The director.
 Randy  Skitter's car-fixing friend.
 Scott (3)  Skitter's car-fixing friend.
    Part III
27Brian AlwinJared's classmate from tenth grade.
 Stacey KlaasenA girl Jared slept with.
 Jennifer BanksA girl Jared slept with.
 Annabel FreedA girl Jared slept with.
 Dee-An WalshA girl Jared slept with.
 Jane  Megan's daughter.
28Mr. TyrellJenny's father.
 Mrs. TyrellJenny's mother.
34Linda JermynAn old classmate of the group.