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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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    Armand   Gamache   Chief superintendent of the most powerful police force.
    Barry   Zalmanowitz   Chief Crown prosecutor.
    Maureen   Corriveau   A judge. New to bench.
    Myrna   Sanders   Retired psychologist. Runs book store.
    Clara   Morrow   Portrait artist.
    Reine-Marie       Gamache's wife.
    Olivier   Brule   Gabri's partner.
    Gabri   Dubeau   Runs local B & B.
    Ruth   Zardo   Old  (crazy) poet.
    Rosa       Ruth's duck.
    Jean-Guy   Beauvior   Gamache's long time second-in-command.
    Isabelle   Lacoste   Chief homicide inspector.
    Joan   Blanchette   Judge Corriveau's partner.
    Matheo   Bisonette   Lea Roux's husband.
    Lea   Rous   Dr. Landers's long time friend.
    Kathleen   Evans   Architect. aka: Katie.
    Patrick   Evans   A contractor.
    Dr.   Landers   Myrna's husband.
2   Henri       Famache's German shepherd.
    Gracie       Gamache's little dog.
    Anton   Boucher   Dishwasher and morning busboy. aka: Lebrun.
    Sarah       Bakery owner
    Beliveau       General store owner.
    Leo       A dog. Gracie's brother.
    Jaqueline   Marcoux   Worked for Sarah as a baker.
    Gustav       Lea's dishwasher.
3   Madeleine   Toussaint   New head of the Serious Crimes Surete. Hatian.
            Surete - civil police force/detectives.
5   Annie       Jean-Guy's wife.
9   Paul   Marchand   Cartel soldier.
10   Edouard   Valcourt   Matheo's college roommate.
11   Florence       Gamache's granddaughter.
    Zora       Florence's sister.
12   Andre       Madeleine's husband.
    Honore       Jean-guy's son. aka: Ray-Ray.
14   Dr. Sharon   Harris   Coroner.
17   Charlotte       Barry's daughter.
18   Daniel       Gamache's son.
23   Beth       Katie's older sister.
    Yvon       Beth's husband.
25   Antonio   Ruiz   Anton's former employer.
    Maria Celeste       Antonio's partner.
26   Colleen   Simpson   Owned chain of day centers.
27   Mr.   Dillon   Marshall of Dodge City.
34   Maurice   Boucher   Anton's uncle.
    Mrs.   Boucher   Maurice's mother.
35   Robert       Isabelle's husband.