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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I 1948-1955
1  1948
 Seth Torie's brother.
 Ogden Torie's uncle. aka: Og.
 Lyle A sheriff.
 Calamus Torie's cousin.
 Vivian Ogden's wife.
 Mrs.BernettTorie's acquaintance.
 VictoriaNashThe protagonist in the story. aka: Torie.
 WilsonMoonTorie's lover. aka: Wil.
 Ruby-AliceAkersTorie's neighbor.
2Abel A horse.
 ErrollFlynnAn Australian-American actor.
 BasilRathboneA South African-born English actor.
 GreerGarsonA British-American actress and singer.
 Oliviade HavillandA British-American actress.
 FredAstaireAn American dancer, actor, singer, choreographer and presenter.
 Jimmy Ogden's brother.
 EdgarBergenAn American ventriloquist, actor, vaudevillian and radio performer.
 CharlieMcCarthyEdgar Bergen's beloved puppet.
 Mr.MasseyA banker.
 Dr.BernettMrs. Bernett's husband.
3Mr.JerniganA store owner.
 Trout A dog.
4HoldenOakleySeth's acquaintance.
 ReverendWhittA preacher.
 Franklin D.RooseveltThe 32nd U.S. President.
5Mad Myrtle Seth's neighbor.
 MatthewDunlapTorie's acquaintance. aka: Matty.
 MillieDunlapMr. Dunlap's wife.
 Mr.NashTorie's father.
6ChetOakleyOne of Holden's brothers.
 RayOakleyOne of Holden's brothers.
 ForrestDavisMr. Nash new helper.
 EzraMartindellA law officer in Iola.
 AlbertMartindellEzra's father.
7CoraMitchellTorie's neighbor.
9Mr.ChapmanA grocery owner.
   Part II 1949-1955
10  1949
 Mr.CliftonTorie's acquaintance.
13Baby Blue Torie's son.
16  1949-1954
 Hollis HenryNashTorie's grandfather.
 LouiseLandonA school secretary.
 SeymourGreeleyA professor. aka: Greeney.
   Part III 1955-1970
18  1955
 EdCooperA realtor.
 LilaHardingFormer owner of the house.
 Mr.HardingLila's husband.
 Zelda Ed Cooper's wife.
19  1955-1962
 Carlos Torie's neighbor's son.
 John F.KennedyThe 35th U.S. President.
20  1970
 WarrenBeattyAmerican actor and filmmaker.
 Joseph Ed and Zelda Cooper's son.
 IngaTateOne who took care of Torie's son.
 Lukas Torie's child's name. aka: Luke.
   Part IV 1949-1970
21Paul RayTateInga Tate's husband.
 Maxwell Inga and Paul Ray's son. aka: Max.
 Inga SabrinaZimmermanFull name of Inga Tate.
 Jimmy Lukas' acquaintance.
 Jane One of Max's girls.
 Jillian One of Max's girls.
 Cara One of Max's girls.
 Joan One of Max's girls.
 Kelly One of Max's girls.
 Marguerite One of Max's girls.
 Lisa One of Max's girls.
   Part V 1970-1971
23EmmettTillAfrican-American boy who was abducted & lynched in Mississippi.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.American Baptist minister.
Go as a River suggested by Lorrie DaVega.