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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One
 Lance NicholasDunneAmy's husband. Aka: Nick.
 AmyElliot-DunneNick's wife. Missing.
 MargoDunneNick's twin sister. Aka: Go.
 Carmen Amy's new friend.
 Gary Margo's tree.
 McMann A bar owner.
 CarlPelleyNick and Amy's neighbor.
 RandElliotAmy's father. A psychologist.
 MarybethElliotAmy's mother.
 Andy Amy's fiancĂ© in her book.
 Velasquez A police officer.
 Riordan Velasquez partner.
 RhondaBoneyThe lead detective on Amy's missing case.
 JimGilpinBoney's partner.
 Campbell Amy's friend.
 Insley Amy's friend.
 George Amy's friend.
 John Amy's friend.
 Jack Nick's friend.
 Jennifer Jack's wife.
 JanTevererNick and Amy's neighbor.
 Mike Nick and Amy's neighbor.
 Taylor One of Mike's daughters.
 Talullah One of Mike's daughters.
 Topher Mike's son.
 GeraldineFerraroA vice presidential candidate in 1984.
 EllenAbbott-LiveSpecialized in missing and murdered women.
 Hannah Nick's alleged side chick.
 Brian Amy's friend in Amazing Amy.
 Suzy Brian's friend. Amazing Amy's sidekick.
 Joanna Amy's archrival in the Amazing Amy book.
 JudithViorstA character in Amazing Amy.
 HilaryHandyThe girl who was obsessed with the Amazing Amy book.
 DesiCollingsAmy's ex-boyfriend who became obsessed with her.
 StucksBuckleyNick's old friend.
 ShawnaKellyThe frito-pie baker.
 Mr.ColemanNick's former teacher.
 JoeHillsamMikey's brother.
 MikeyHillsamJoe's brother. The town's badass.
 Lonnie Drug and illegal firearms dealer.
 MaureenDunneNick's mother. Aka: Mo.
 Vicky Maureen's best friend.
 BillDunneNick's father.
 NoelleHawthorneAmy's best friend.
 Andie Nick's mistress.
 Mary One of Amy's friends.
 Blecker Amy's cat.
 JacquelineCollingsDesi's mother.
 DavidSamsonOne of Amy's ex-boyfriends.
 MurphyClarkOne of Amy's ex-boyfriends.
 TannerBoltNick's lawyer. Aka: Hubby Hawk, Dickhead Defender.
 CodyOlsenTanner's former client.
   Part Two
 Dorothy The Walmart manager.
 Jeff Amy's new boyfriend.
 Madeleine Andie's friend.
 Greta The girl that Amy met.
 CampbellMcIntoshAmy's childhood friend.
 Rebecca The girl who wanted to interview Nick.
 SharonSchieberA reporter.
 BetsyBoltTanner's wife.
 Custer A police officer.