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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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ProRebecca  Suicide victim. Aka: Becca.
   Amish - a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships
1BillColemanJazz trumpeter.
 KateBurkholderPolice chief of Painters Mill. Aka: Katie.
 MonaKurtzKate's third-shift dispatcher.
 RandyTraskThe one who reported the fight to the police.
 RupertMaddoxFormer marine and Painters Mill police officer. Aka: Glock.
 AngiMcClanahanOne of the girls involved in the fight.
 SadieMillerSarah's husband's niece.
 LoriWestfallSadie's friend.
 FannieRaberOne of the old women who gossips about Kate.
 Sarah Kate's sister.
2Esther Sadie's mother.
 RoyMillerSadie's father.
   BCI - Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
 JohnTomasettiAgent with the Ohio BCI in Cleveland.
 AuggieBrockTown mayor.
 BradfordBrockAuggie's son.
 T.J. Kate's youngest police officer.
 Catherine Auggie's wife.
 Lois Mona's counterpart.
 KathleenMcClanahanAngi's mother.
 SheriffRasmussenTown sheriff.
 ChuckSkidmorePainters Mill police officer. Aka: Skid.
 RolandShumakerPainters Mill auxiliary officer. Aka: Pickles.
3AnnieKingOne of the missing girls.
 Gabrielle Richfield security officer. Aka: Gabby.
 AnselAdamsOhio's attorney general.
 LawrenceBatesDeputy superintendent.
 DennyMcNinchTomasetti's boss.
 PaigeWilsonMcNinch's assistant.
4BudGoddardTrumbull County sheriff.
 EdnaKingAnnie's mother.
 LeviKingAnnie's father.
 Jacob Kate's brother.
5Ruthie One of Edna and Levi's daughters.
 David Edna and Levi's youngest son.
 Lydia One of Edna and Levi's daughters.
 AmosYoderVegetable vendor.
 AmyStutzAnnie's best friend.
 DanBeilerThe man who saw Annie and Justin in together.
 JustinTreecePerson of interest.
6TrinaTreeceJustin's mother.
 JackTreeceJustin's father.
7 HarrisHighway Patrol officer.
  GilmorePolice officer.
 BonnieFisherOne of the missing girls.
 LeahStuckeyOne of the missing girls.
 Julie One of the sheriff's deputies.
 RedGibbonsGoddard's predecessor.
 NoahMastOne of the missing people.
 MikeCampbellConvicted sex offender.
 StacyKarnsConvicted for child pornography.
 FrankGilfillanLeader of the Twelve Passages Church.
 PerryMastNoah'a father.
 Lewis One of the sheriff's deputies.
 Dale Police officer.
 Clyde One of the sheriff's deputies.
 EliFisherBonnie's father.
 SuzyFisherBonnie's mother.
8IreneMastPerry's wife.
 BenjaminYoderPerry's neighbor.
 GideonStoltzfusA Mennonite.
   Mennonite - member of a Protestant sect originating in Friesland
10DannyFosterThe man who found the dead body.
 AbrahamHertzlerAmish bishop. Aka: Old Abe.
11Ruth Abe's wife.
12MarilynMonroeAmerican actress, model, and singer.
13RuthWaglerOne of the missing girls.
 WilliamMillerSarah's husband.
  TroyerBishop at Painters Mill.
 MattButlerOne of the teenagers summoned to the police station.
14Andy Matt's father.
 DaveWestmooreAngi's boyfriend.
 ElainaReiglesbergerMandy's mother.
15Mandy A witness who claims she saw Sadie got into the car.
 Paxton Mandy's horse.
17 SeibenthalerTown judge.
22 WalkerOne of the sheriff's deputies.
 Marcus One of the sheriff's deputies.
24RalphTanninLake County sheriff's deputy.
 Dr.BartonDoctor at Hillcrest Hospital.
25HannahSchwartzNoah's girl.
 GarthHoskinsThe one who got into a car accident.
 Jeff Owner of the truck whom Garth hit.
 Benji A dog.
EpiRachelShrockThe perpetrator's next victim.
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