Characters - Alphabetical
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BethanyAtlasFred's wife.
FredAtlasOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
JohnBarryBritish composer and conductor of film music.
PeterBenchleysA War Veteran. One of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
DonBianchiOne of a detectives.
AileenBloomA second-year PhD student.
RubyBridgesAmerican civil rights activist.
BillieEilishAmerican singer-songwriter.
EileenFisherAmerican fashion designer and entrepreneur.
AdamHarrisonDave's elder brother.
DaveHarrisonJane Harrison's son.
JaneHarrisonA pre-school teacher. One of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
TimHarrisonDave's father.
OscarHeepHead office manager for Bankers Collective.
BernardHerrmannAmerican composer and conductor.
CatHestiaOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
HelenHestiaRich and Cat's daughter.
LaineeHestiaCat Hestia's daughter.
RichHestiaCat's husband.
DeniseHudsonOne of a detectives.
MichelleKaurOne of Sai and Nikita's children.
NikitaKaurSai's wife.
PranavKaurOne of Sai and Nikita's children.
ElsaLanchesterBritish-American actress.
DannyLassonArlo's friend.
BrookeLeonardisOne of Julia's acquaintances.
Ms.LopezJulia's teacher.
DebraLucanoOne of Rhea's students.
CheerieMaupinGertie's stepmother.
TomMijaresOne of Rhea's students.
SiennaMullerOne of Julia's acquaintances.
DominickOttomanelliOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors. aka: Dom.
LindaOttomanelliDominick's wife.
MarkOttomanelliOne of Dom and Linda's sons.
MichaelOttomanelliOne of Dom and Linda's sons.
JillPontisSteven's wife.
MarcoPontisOne of Steven and Jill's sons.
RichardPontisOne of Steven and Jill's sons.
StevenPontisOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors. aka: Steve.
BertrandRussellBritish philosopher and polymath.
MiguelSantosOne of Rhea's students.
FredSavageAmerican actor and director.
FritzSchroederRhea's husband.
RheaSchroederA college professor. Gertie's friend.
ShellySchroederRhea's daughter.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright, poet and actor.
JessicaShermanA 13 year-old girl Rhea knocked unconscious at a cafe in Seattle.
SaiSinghOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
SamSinghSai and Nikita's son.
NickSlossA criminal attorney.
CharlieWalshMargie and Sally's son.
MargieWalshOne of Arlo and Gertie's neighbors.
SallyWalshMargie's wife.
ArloWildeA former lead guitarist.
GertieWildeA former beauty queen. Arlo Wilde's wife. aka: Gert.
JuliaWildeGertie and Arlo's daughter. aka: Jules.
LarryWildeGertie Wilde's son.
Allen The chair of the English department.
Ella One of Rhea's daughters.
Fluffy A cat.
Fritz Jr. Rhea's son. aka: FJ.
Gennet One of a detectives.
Gretchen One of Rhea's daughters.
MaryJane Allen's wife.
Nirvana Rock band.
Oscar Arlo's new acquaintance.
Ralph Fred and Bethany's dog.