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Characters By Chapter
Christiana Hale
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   Part 1
1Jean LouiseFinchProtagonist. aka: Miss Priss, Miss Scout.
 Joshua S.St. ClairJean Louise's cousin.
 AtticusFinchJean Louise's cousin.
 MaysonMaycombThe man Maycomb County was named after. Colonel.
 HenryClintonJean Louise's friend. She is in love with him. Aka: Hank.
 Alexandra FinchHancockAtticus's sister.
 Edgar Atticus and Alexandra's cousin.
3Francis FinchHancockAlexandra's son.
 JamesHancockAlexandra's husband.
 Jimmy Atticus's uncle.
 Jeremy AtticusFinchJean Louise's dead brother.
 Calpurnia The Finch's old cook. aka: Cal.
 CaraClintonHenry's mother.
   Part 2
4William WyattBibbMaycomb's town governor.
   Old Sarum - A small community in Maycomb.
 Taylor Judge.
 AlbertConinghamOld Sarum's laziest boy. Jean Louise's first kiss.
5Buick Hank and Jean Louise's old companion.
 Bill Worker in an eat shop.
 Tom The chimney sweep's son.
 Charles BakerHarrisOutsider in Maycomb. Jean Louise's childhood friend. aka: Dill.
 Two-ToedTomAlligator in Alabama.
 Johnny MackBrownFormer scout in Maycomb.
 Rachel Jean Louise's neighbor. Dill's aunt.
 James EdwardMooreheadA renowned speaker at the Baptist Church.
 Mrs.MooreheadReverend James's wife.
 CarolineFinchAtticus's sister.
 John HaleFinchAtticus's brother. aka: Uncle Jack.
 Mrs.MerriweatherMr. Merriweather's wife. Quarrels with her husband in public.
 Mr.MerriweatherMrs. Merriweather's husband.
   Part 3
6MaryWebsterThe woman who saw Hank and Jean Louise naked in the river.
 Mr.GinsbergOwner of a store.
7Mr.CowperA man that has hallucinations.
 ClydeHaskinsPiano/organ player in Maycomb's Methodist Church.
 HerbertJemsonMusic director in Maycomb's Methodist Church.
 Mr.StoneChurch minister.
8WilliamWilloughbyCorrupt politician.
 Tom-CarlJoynerRight-hand man of William.
 GradyO'HanlonCourtroom speaker.
10RumplestilskinCunninghamIce cream shop owner. Someone Jean Louise met.
   Part 4
11MissBluntJean Louise's former teacher.
 GeorgeHillJean Louise's 6th grade schoolmate.
 Ada BelleStevensJean Louise's former classmate.
 FrancineOwenJean Louise's former classmate.
 Mr.OwenFrancine's rapist father.
 Theodre Ice man in Jean Louise's school.
 Mrs.DuffJean Louise's former teacher.
12Mr.WordsworthPower Mower owner.
 AaronSteinThe greediest boy Jean Louise has ever met.
 Zeebo Calpurnia's son.
 Mr.HealyThe man Frank killed.
 Frank Calpurnia's grandson. Zeebo's son.
 Fred Owner of a grocery store.
 ChesterSumpterPrincipal of the Mt. Sinai Trade Institute.
 Helen Zeebo's first wife.
   Part 5
13Bob Jean Louise's guest.
 Michael Jean Louise's guest.
 SarahFinleyJean Louise's high school friend.
 Jane Jean Louise's high school friend.
 Mr.TalbertJean Louise's old companion.
 Irene Jem's girlfriend in high school.
 Warren A man who proposed to a garbage collector.
 BillSinclairJean Louise's friend. Hester's husband.
 HesterSinclairJean Louise's friend. Bill's wife.
 ClaudineMcDowellJean Louise's inquisitor.
14RoseAylmerDr. Finch's old cat.
 Richard WaldoSibthorpA Roma-Catholic priest.
 E.C.B.FranklinAn old-time printer.
 Mr.UnderwoodAn old-time printer.
   Part 6
15GladysGriersonJean Louise's former schoolmate. aka: Happy Butt.
 MissMuffettTeacher at Maycomb County High School.
 CharlesTuffettPrincipal at Maycomb County High School.