Characters - Alphabetical
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JanetAustenEnglish novelist.
Tang JiaBaoWei's acquaintance.
Mr.BoydWei's colleague.
Dr.BrancusiA physician.
George H. W.Bush41st President of the United States.
JohnnyCarsonAmerican talk show host and magician.
JimmyCarter39th U.S. President.
DeepakChaharIndian Cricket player.
SisterChenOne of the church members.
MadameChiangThe wife of Generalissimo and President Chiang Kai-shek.
LiuChiehThe last Permanent Representative of the Republic of China at the UN.
ChingChingZhee Hyan's girlfriend.
ChiangChing-kuoEldest and only biological son of former president Chiang Kai-shek.
AuntyChuOne of Li Min's relatives.
ChunChunA singer.
DowagerCixiChinese empress dowager.
ZhouEnlai1st Premier of the People's Republic of China.
MarianneFaithfullBritish singer, songwriter and actress.
FranciscoFrancoRuled Spain as a military dictator from 1939 until his death.
JohnFraserScottish actor and author.
DuFuChinese poet and politician of the Tang dynasty.
PaulGauguinFrench Post-Impressionist artist.
GrahamGreeneAn actor and writer.
Lu AiGuoA liaison for the ROC consulate.
Su MingGuoDr. Tsai's very good friend.
AdolfHitlerThe leader of Nazi Germany.
Liou KaiHsiangA fisherman.
ProfessorHsiaoOne of Dr. Tsai's acquaintances.
QiongHuaJia Bao's wife.
YiHuaA waitress.
OliviaHusseyEnglish actress.
Dua HyanLi Min's older son.
ZheeHyanLi Min's younger son.
MickJaggerEnglish songwriter, singer of The Rolling Stones.
MarkJensonAn AIT employee.
JamesJoyceIrish novelist, short story writer, poet, teacher, and literary critic.
ChiangKai-shekA Chinese political and military leader. aka: Generalissimo.
Robert F.KennedyAmerican politician and lawyer. aka: Bobby.
Martin LutherKing Jr.African American Baptist minister and activist.
Henry A.KissingerU.S. Secretary of State.
YangKuei-feiThe infamous concubine.
TsaiLi KaLi Min's eldest daughter. aka: Ah Zhay.
WeiLinNaomi's son.
HenryLiuTaiwanese writer.
AhLuZhee Hyan's classmate.
JiaLunAh Zhay's son.
JiaLungJia Bao's son.
ReneMagritteBelgian surrealist artist.
KarlMarxGerman philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist.
DaveMatsonA therapist.
SteveMcQueenAmerican actor.
Jeng LiMinA painter. aka: Ah Bin.
PengMing-minA democracy activist, advocate of Taiwan independence.
JoniMitchellCanadian musician.
RichardNixon37th President of the United States.
JacquelineOnassisFormer First Lady of the United States.
ProfessorOngJia Bao's acquaintance.
AuntyOwyangUncle Owyang's wife.
UncleOwyangThe grandparents' neighbor.
DollyPartonAmerican singer-songwriter and actress.
PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist.
ChengPingNarrator's classmate.
Mr.PingOne of the interrogators.
MarcelProustA writer.
ThomasPynchonAmerican novelist.
MonaRudaoThe son of a chief of the Seediq tribe of Taiwanese aborigines.
Mr.SasakiA high school teacher.
Dr.SeussAmerican children's writer and illustrator.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
HuangShih-huiA writer.
WeiShinAunty Wong's daughter.
Dr.SloanA physician.
Dr.SunOwned a medical clinic.
BenjaminSuttonMr. Jenson's colleague.
TeresaTengTaiwanese singer.
ZhanTian-maA popular silent film narrator.
TingTingNarrator's friend.
Dr.TsaiLi Min's husband. aka Baba.
SisterTsaiOne of the church members.
LinWangAn elephant.
ChenWen-chengA Carnegie Mellon University professor.
AuntyWongOne of Li Min's relatives.
UncleWongAunty Wong's husband.
ProfessorWuOne of Dr. Tsai's acquaintances.
DengYanAh Zhay's husband. aka: Jie-fu.
BoYangChinese author.
Mr.YangOne of the interrogators.
SunYat-senChinese physician, politician and revolutionary.
HsiaoYenNarrator's best friend.
ChenYiThe Governor-General.
LinYi-hsiungThe major leader of the democratization movement in Taiwan.
HuangYing ChengWei's acquaintance.
BrotherYuOne of the church members.
MaoZedongFormer Chairman of People's Republic of China.
BrotherZhangOne of the church members.
JiaZheAh Zhay's son.
Ah Gong Li Min's father.
Ah Ma Li Min's mother.
Amy Emily's friend.
Cheung A midwife.
Confucius Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philosopher.
Eddie Ting Ting's fiancĂ©.
Emily Stephanie's older sister.
Helen James' wife.
James Wei's friend.
Janet A waitress.
Lin Naomi's husband.
Lorraine The general's wife.
Mary Stephanie's teacher.
Matsu A sea goddess in Chinese folk religion.
Mei Mei Ah Zhay's daughter.
Melody Jia Bao's daughter.
Naomi Li Min's acquaintance.
Pam Wei's neighbor.
Rebecca Stephanie's classmate.
Sam Narrator's acquaintance.
Stephanie Wei's youngest daughter.
Yaru Mei Mei's daughter.
Yu Wei's dead son.