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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 JacindaGreenwoodA forest guide in Greenwood Arboreal Cathedral. Protagonist.
 Knut The most senior forest guide. Jake's closest friend.
 JohnMuirAn advocate of U.S. conservation.
 Torey A young guide.
 Davidoff A Russian special forces operative. Jake's boss.
 CorbynGallantThe celebrity pilgrim. Jake's client.
 MeenaBhattacharyaA first chair violist. Jake's mother.
 LiamGreenwoodJake's father. Willow's son.
 Dr.BiswasA leading expert on bodhi tree.
   General Sherman - The world's biggest tree.
 HarrisGreenwoodThe owner of Greenwood Island.
 WillowGreenwoodHarris's daughter. Jake's grandmother.
 R.JHoltThe founder of Holtcorp.
 JohnRockefellerThe Greenwood Island's former owner.
 Alvarez Liam's helper.
 TempleVan HorneLiam's great-aunt.
 GeorgeNakashimaA master woodworker.
 TanyaPetrovAn oil oligarch's wife.
 Sage Willow's ex-lover.
 EverettGreenwoodWillow's uncle. Harris's brother. Aka: Saul Bowater.
 LiamFeeneyHarris's translator.
 Harvey BennettLomaxMr. Holt's driver.
 EuphemiaBaxterOne of Mr. Holt's employees.
 LavernLomaxHarvey's wife.
 Harvey Lomax Jr.Harvey and Lavern's son.
 HattieLomaxHarvey and Lavern's daughter.
 HowardBlankA war veteran. Everett's companion.
 Pee-weeMortonEverett's acquaintance.
 MortBaumgartnerOne of Harris's colleagues.
 H.RMacmillanA timber syndicate leader.
 TerranceMilnerHarris's long-time clerk.
 FionaCraigHarris and Everett's guardian.
 SinclairMonahanThe buggy driver. Everett's boss.
 Mrs.PapadopoulosPod's babysitter.
 ArtMcSorleyA railroad detective.
 Pod The baby that Everett finds.
 JamesCraigFiona's husband. A physician.
 ParsonBrennanMrs. Craig's companion.
 TaistoMakiThe town's famous woodcutter.
 Ms.MillerHarris and Everett's teacher.
 DocKaneMrs. Craig's doctor.
 SamSharpeA Lt. Colonel. Harris's boss.
 GillesThibaultThe headmaster of the deaf and blind academy in Montreal.
 Gertie Temple's cook.
 JurgenKohlerTemple's husband.
 Bennett The prime minister.
 Cook The ship captain.
 FrederickWeyerhaeuserThe deceased lumber king.
 Orin Liam Greenwood's friend.
Greenwood suggested by Jacqueline Chorney