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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1 - Voyage to Lilliput
1LemuelGulliverProtagonist and Narrator. Aka: Quinbus Flestrin, Grildrig.
 JamesBatesAn eminent surgeon in London. Gulliver's master.
 John Gulliver's uncle.
 AbrahamPannelA boat captain.
 MaryBurtonGulliver's wife.
 EdmondBurtonMary's father. Gulliver's father-in-law.
 WilliamPrichardThe master of the antelope.
2Golbasto Momaren EvlameGurdilo Shefin Mully Ully GueThe Emperor of Lilliputh. Aka: Emperor.
3Flimnap The Lord High Treasurer of Lilliput.
 Reldresal The Principal Secretary for Private Affairs. Gulliver's friend.
 SkyreshBolgolamA High Admiral.
 Galbet An Admiral on the realm.
4Mildendo The metropolis.
 Empress Lilliputh's empress.
6Clustril Flimnap's informer.
 Drunloh Flimnap's informer.
7EmperorOf BlefuscuThe Blufuscu Emperor.
 Limtoc The general.
 Lalcon The chamberlain.
 Balmuff The grand justiciary.
 Calin DeffarPluneCalim Dedfar Prime Minister.
8JohnBiddelA boat captain from Deptford.
 PeterWilliamsGulliver's captain.
 JohnnyGulliverGulliver's son.
 BettyGulliverGulliver's daughter.
 JohnNicholasA captain from Liverpool.
   Part 2 - Voyage to Brobdingnag
2Glumdalclitch Gulliver's nurse. The master's daughter.
3Master Gulliver's master at Brobdingnag. A Farmer.
 Queen The Queen at Brobdingnag. Gulliver's mistress.
 King The King at Brobdingnag.
7DionysiusHalicarnassensisA Greek historian.
8ThomasWilcocksThe man who helped Gulliver. An honest Shropshire man.
   Part 3 - Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubrib and Japan
1WilliamRobinsonThe captain of Hopewell.
3  Flandona Gagnole - The Astronomer's cave.
 King The King of Laputa.
4LordMunodiThe long-time Governor of Lagado.
6  Langden - The natives in Tribnia.
 BrotherTomGulliver's acquaintance.
8  Glubbdubdrib - The island of sorcerers and magicians.
 AlexanderThe GreatThe commander at the Battle of Arbela.
 Hannibal Gulliver's friend.
 JuliusCaesarA general from North Africa. The 1st Roman Emperor.
 PompeyThe GreatCaesar's great rival.
 TheGovernorThe Governor of Glubbdubdrib. Gulliver's friend.
 Marcus BrutusJuniusThe man who assassinated Caesar.
8Aristotle A Greek philosopher.
 Didymus A Greek scholar.
 Eustathius A Greek scholar.
 Homer A Greek author.
 Descartes A French philosopher.
 Gassendi A French philosopher.
 Heliogabalus A Roman Emperor.
 PolydoreVirgilAn Italian historian.
 Publicola The Vice-Admiral.
9Bliffmarklub The High Chamberlain at Trildrogdrib.
10  Struldbrugg - Immortal people in Luggnagg.
 TheodorusVangrultThe invented captain of Gulliver when the King of Luggnagg asked him.
   Part 4 - A Voyage to the Country of Houyhnhnms
1  The Yahoos - A strange sort of animal in Houyhnhnms.
 RobertPurefoyGulliver's acquaintance.
 CaptainPocockA ship captain from Bristol.
 JamesWelchCaptain Pocock's sailor.
3CharlesVAn Emperor.
11PedroDe MendezThe boat captain Gulliver's acquainted with.