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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1  Salt Draw
 Buster Daisy Mae's son.
 Helen Daisy Mae's youngest daughter.
 RobertCaseyA member of the first cavalry unit of the U.S. Army.
 Daisy Mae PeacockDaughter of a miner.
 Apache Daisy Mae's manservant.
 Lupe Daisy Mae's servant girl. Aka: Loopy.
 AdamCaseyDaisy Mae's husband.
 Robert E.LeeRobert Casey's commanding officer.
 Mr.McClurgAdam's neighbor.
   Poms - English Pilgrims
 Roosevelt A horse.
 Mr.ClutterbuckA grocer.
2  The Miraculous Starecase
 LilyCaseyAdam and Daisy Mae's eldest daughter.
 MotherAlbertinaMother Superior.
 Pucket Lily's neighbor.
 Louella Pucket's sister.
 ZacharyClemensTenant farmer.
 Dorothy Zachary's daughter.
 Patches Lily's horse.
 Ellie Zachary's wife.
3  Promises
 PriscillaLoosefootA half-Navajo woman.
 Mr.MacIntoshSchool superintendent.
 Mim A commodities trader's wife.
 MinnieHanaganOne of Lily's roommates.
 TedConoverA vacuum-cleaner salesman.
 Charlie Ted's co-worker.
 Margaret Ted's wife.
4  The Red Silk Shirt
 GradyGammageCollege president.
 BalmyGilSon of the guy with four wives.
 OrvilleStubbsOne of the town hall deputies. Aka: Rooster.
 Red Devil A mustang.
 JimSmithHorse race judge. Aka: Big Jim, Smithy.
 Flivver  Jim's Model T Ford.
 LotSmithJim's father.
 Mr.WonderfulThe man with Hollywood connections.
 FatherCavanaughA priest.
5  Lambs
 GrannyCombsBest midwife in Yavapai County.
 Rosemary Jim and Lily's daughter. Aka: Rose Mary.
 Little Jim Jim and Lily's son.
 Mr.LeeThe Ash Fork Chinaman.
 Mei-Mei Rosemary's pet lamb.
 BlackieCamelThe older of the two Camel brothers.
 Old Jake Hired help.
 Jenny A little mule.
 Bossie A cow.
6  Teacher Lady
 Mrs.HutterLily's neighbor.
 UncleEliPatriarch of the local polygamists.
  JohnsonDeputy in Seligman
 Johnny JohnsonDeputy Johnson's son.
 Rosita Mexican girl.
7  The Garden of Eden
   Havasupai - people of the blue-green water
 FidelHannaA young Havasupai.
 ClaricePearlSenior muckety-muck with Arizona Department of Education.
 MarionFinchA nurse.
   Yavapai - The Sun People
   Walapai - The Tall Pine People
  GaitersA movie director.
  Boots An actor/extra.
8  Gumshoes
 Winnie RuthJuddA murderer. Aka: Blonde Butcher, Trunk Murderess.
 Ernestine An art teacher.
 Glenda A warehouse bookkeeper.
9  Flyboy
 AgnesWeepsHorse Mesa's first schoolteacher.
 Diane Little Jim's wife.
 RexWallsAir force pilot.
 RayCrebbRanch owner.
 Gus Rex's old air force buddy.
Epi  The Little Critter
 Jeannette WallsRex and Rosemary's daughter.
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