Characters - Alphabetical
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Casey Bailey One of Sheriff Earl's deputies.
George Bailey One of Sheriff Earl's deputies.
Mr. Barrow A judge.
Dr. Black Eddie's Physician.
Billy Bond The eldest of the Bond brothers.
Jimmy Bond The youngest of the 6 Bond's boys.
Sinclair Bond Billy Bond's cousin.
Nate Brown Owner of the feed store in Wrightsville.
Julius Caesar A Roman general and statesman.
Miss Cain A teacher.
Al Cane A pilot.
Phillip Canon Mary's husband.
Wendell Cooke A senior senator from Virginia.
Dale Crawford Sallie's acquaintance.
Abraham Crockett One of Duke's tenants.
Chuck Driscoll One of Duke's tenants.
Cecil Dunbar Duke's counselor.
Tom Dunbar Sallie's friend.
Barclay Farmington Georgette's acquaintance.
Amy Gordon Tom's fiancé.
Katherine Howard Duke's new wife. aka: Kat.
Russell Hunt The head carpenter.
Chalky Hurd Dutch Weber's killer.
Bertha Hynes A head nurse.
Earl Johnson A sheriff. Mattie's husband.
Matilda Kincaid Johnson Sallie's aunt. aka: Mattie.
Seymour Johnson Sheriff Earl's brother.
Helen Keller An American author and activist.
Ann Powell Kincaid Sallie's mother. aka: Annie.
Arthur Kincaid Duke's older brother.
Bull Kincaid Sallie's gret-grandfather.
Colonel Kincaid Duke's father.
Henry Edward Kincaid A wealthy and powerful man in a small town. aka: Duke.
Mr. Lewis Duke's employee.
Glen Lowe An investigator.
Carl Mead One of Duke's tenants.
Mary Montgomery Belle's daughter.
Morris Nelson A sole reporter of the Gazette.
Horace Platt One of Glen Lowe's deputies.
Ava Porter Duke's cousin.
Faye Powell Sallie's aunt.
Dr. Pruitt Faye's physician.
Douglas Rawley A lieutenant.
Georgette Rheims A socialite. Sallie's new acquaintance.
Gustav Rheims Georgette's husband. aka: Gus.
Hobie Shotwell One of Duke's tenants.
Willard Smith A reporter.
Jules Verne A French novelist poet and playwright
Mr. Webb Ronnie's father.
Mrs. Webb Ronnie's mother.
Ronnie Webb A rabbity kid.
Dutch Weber The one who died at Duke's house.
Vera Weber Dutch's widow.
Al One of Billy's brothers.
Becca A wet nurse.
Belle Duke's first wife.
Calvin One of Abraham Crockett's sons.
Clara Glen Lowe's wife.
Eddie Jane and Duke's son.
Edith Sallie's grandmother.
Ellen Mattie's daughter.
Ernest A stock boy.
Etta Abraham's mother.
Fibonacci An Italian mathematician.
Galileo An Italian astronomer, physicist: a polymath
Garland A clerk.
Gloria Abraham Crockett's wife.
Grace Kat's daughter.
Isaac One of Abraham Crockett's sons.
Jake Nell's baby.
Jane Duke's 3rd wife.
Jenny Al Cane's plane.
Jesse One of Billy's brothers.
Jonah One of Billy's brothers.
Josie A waitress.
Leroy Shorty's mechanic.
Louise Cecil Dunbar's wife.
Nell A maid.
PJ Billy Bond's cousin.
Rick One of Billy's brothers.
Sallie Duke's daughter.
Shorty Billy's acquaintance.
Virgil Becca's husband.
Wayne Faye's boyfriend.