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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One The Truck 1959
1FrederickDupreeRay Carney's cousin. aka: Freddie.
 RaymondCarneyA furniture salesman. aka: Ray.
 Aronowitz Carney's partner in the sale and distribution of stolen products.
 Jacob A surly, pockmarked teenager from a Ludlow Street rookery.
 LenaHorneAmerican dancer.
 RubyBrownOne of Carney's acquaintances.
 TimmyJamesOne of Ruby's acquaintances.
 Mr.HaroldOne of Ruby's acquaintances.
 HazelBrownRuby's mother.
 OliverHandyRuby's classmate.
 PatBakerOwner of the Miracle Garage.
 Rusty Carney's assistant.
 LarryEarlyOne of Carney's acquaintances.
 GabeNewmanOne of Carney's acquaintances.
 Elizabeth Ray Carney's wife.
 Mr.WilliamsA math teacher.
 JaneWilliamsMr. William's wife
 May Carney's daughter.
2RichieEvansAmerican motorsports racing driver.
 Alma Elizabeth's mother.
 Dr.BlairElizabeth's physician.
 LelandJonesElizabeth's father.
 Bert New owner of the building.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.American minister.
 Millie Freddie's mother.
 Pee WeeGibsonFreddie's acquaintance.
 DaveCortezAmerican pop and R&B organist and pianist.
 Miami Joe Freddie's acquaintance.
3Sandra A waitress.
 DinahWashingtonAmerican singer.
 BillyEckstineAmerican singer.
 Ink Spots A vocal group.
 CabHallowayAmerican singer.
 JoeLouisAmerican professional boxer.
 Adam ClaytonPowell Jr.A former U.S. representative.
 JackieRobinsonAmerican baseball player.
 Bill A cook.
 ChinkMontagueA local mobster.
 Buxbaum One of Carney's men.
4Arthur One of Freddie's acquaintances.
 Pepper One of Freddie's acquaintances.
 Betty Carney's friend.
 Little Richard American musician.
 ChesterMillerA night man.
 Anna-Louise A switchboard operator.
 Lulu Anna-Louise's friend.
 RobReynoldsThe manager of the hotel.
 DukeEllingtonAmerican composer.
 RichardWrightAmerican author.
 EllaFitzgeraldAmerican jazz singer.
 Mr.GoodallOne who occupy Room 313.
 LancelotSt. JohnWorked at the hotel bar.
 Fernando G.RuizA Venezuelan national and distributor of handcrafted crockery.
 LeonardGatesOne who stayed ar Room 807.
5BumpyJohnsonChink's acquaintance.
 LucindaColeChink's girl.
 FrediWashingtonAmerican film actress.
 Delroy One of Chink's men.
 Yea Big One of Chink's men.
 LouParksChink's longtime fence.
 SaulSteinSelf-proclaimed Gem King of Broadway.
6W. C.HandyAmerican composer.
 AlexanderOakesElizabeth's childhood friend.
 StaceyMillerCarney's acquaintance.
7Banjo An elderly hustler.
 HarryHoudiniHungarian-American illutionist.
 Lacey Carney's acquaintance.
 Julius Lacey's son.
 MikeCarneyRay Carney's father.
 Gladys Mike Carney's live-in-partner.
 Chan Owner of a Jolly Chan's restaurant.
8WilliamMunsonA detective from 28th precinct.
 Gibbs Hotel's night manager.
9Pete Miami Joe's cousin.
   Part Two Dorvay 1961
1TerrancePierceCarney's acquaintance.
 HankDiggsPresident of the Diggs Pomade company.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 ClarenceDarrowPierce's acquaintance.
 Franklin DShephardAn uptown lawyer.
 SamuelParkerAn English churchman.
 Robert F.WagnerFormer mayor of New York City.
 Mr.LiebmanAn economics professor.
 WilliamHoldenAmerican actor.
 John Ray Carney's son.
 WilfredDukeA banker.
 AbrahamFryeOne of the few negro judges.
 DickThompsonThe President and CEO of High Performing Systems Inc.
 EllisGrayRan the biggest Negro-owned construction company in the city.
 Louie the Turtle Chink's acquaintance.
 DenmarkGibsonOwner of the oldest funeral home in Harlem.
 ClementLandfordFormer member of Dumas Club.
 NapoleonBonafarteFrench military leader.
 AlexanderDumasSon of a French army officer.
 Marie Carney's secretary.
 Candace Duke's secretary.
2Lester Carney's acquaintance.
 Birdy Lester's girlfriend.
 Zippo A photographer.
 JamesCagneyAmerican actor.
 ChetBlakelyFreddie's acquaintance.
 Linus Freddie's friend.
 BizDixonFreddie's acquaintance.
 Alice Biz Dixon's mother.
3HarveyMoskowitzA jeweler.
 ErnestBorgnineCarney's acquaintance.
  SimonovA professor.
 ThomasEdisonAmerican inventor.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer.
 Homer Greek author and epic poet.
 Miguelde CervantesA Spanish writer.
 BenjaminFranklinOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
 John D.RockefellerAmerican business magnate.
 Ari Moskowitz's nephew.
 SidneyPoitierBahamian-American actor.
4Beatrice Rusty's fiance.
 Mr.SmithA businessman.
 VictorMatureAmerican stage actor.
5Thomas AndrewBruceA tenant at apartment 288 Convent. aka: Cheap Brucie.
 Laura A working lady.
 Hazel Laura's aunt.
6Nancy Carney's mother.
 Pedro Freddie's father.
 Isabel One of Millie's acquaintances.
 JimmyEllisOne of Millie's acquaintances.
 Roper Pepper's partner.
 Alfred Pepper's grandfather.
 TommyLipsPepper's acquaintance.
 AlvinPittAn osteopath by profession.
 CorkyBellA security at the big poker game.
 SylvesterKingCorky's acquaintance.
 Fletcher An white accountant from Connecticut.
 Marco Dixon's employee.
7MyrnaDukeWilfred Duke's wife.
 ArthurLevittOne of the mayor's men.
 Van DerZeeA chronicler.
 CarlVan VechtenAmerican writer.
 MiltonO'NeilA divorced lawyer.
 Prince Alfonso Prince of Portugal.
 FrancisBurlingtonFounder of The Burlington Hall company.
8Dr.CampbellMr. Jones' friend.
   Part III Cool It Baby
1JeffreyMartinsOne of Carney's acquaintances.
 Higgins One of Carney's acquaintances.
 Devon Higgin's cousin.
 DebbieReynoldsAmerican actress.
 MalcolmXAfrican-American minister.
 DiahannCarrollAmerican actress.
 ChiefMurphyA police Commisioner.
 Mr.DiazOwner of MT Liquors.
2Chet the Vet One of Chink's acquaintances.
 JerryCatenaAn underboss in the Genovese family.
3George W.CarverAmerican scientist.
 DaleBakerThe president of the Black Star Travel.
 DetectiveFitzgeraldThe detective of the 33rd Precinct.
 Garrett Detective Fitzgerald's partner.
 PatrickCarsonA dentist to Harlem's elite.
 FrankHoganThe Manhattan DA.
 LamontHopkinsRans the uptown branch of Empire United Insurance.
 JamesNathanIn-charge of business loans at Carver Federal.
 JamesPowellA ninth grader who joined the mob of angry students.
 PatrickLynchThe building superintendent.
 ThomasGilliganA police officer.
 Verna Pierce's wife.
 RobertVan WyckThe first mayor of the New York City.
4LouellaMatherLinus's acquaintance.
 JoeDiMaggioAmerican baseball player.
 CharlieKellerAmerican baseball player and coach.
 RockHudsonAmerican actor.
 Buck Munson's partner.
 Mr.ShermanCarney's neighbor.
 PattiPageAmerican singer and recording artist.
 AbeEvansOwner of the Sterling Gold & Gem jewelry store.
5James Linus' great-uncle
 GeneralTipA legend in championship jism circles.
 OrnetteColemanAmerican saxophonist.
 Gretchen Van Wyck's old housekeeper.
 AmbroseVan WyckLinus' father.
 Janice Freddie's next door neighbor.
6Buford Pepper's acquaintance.
 LeeMarvinAmerican film actor.
7WaltWhitmanAmerican poet, essayist and journalist.
 EdBenchVan Wyck's lawyer.
 Mr.LloydEd Bench's partner companion.
 DootsieBellPepper's acquaintance.
 CalJamesPepper's girl cousin.
8FrankSinatraAmerican singer and actor.
 CountBasieAmerican jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer.
9Rodney Marie's husband.
 Tracy Marie's daughter.
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