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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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            PART ONE
1   Lori   Armstrong   Detective from the 43rd Precinct.
    Hector   Nunez   Crimes and missing-persons detective.
    Brian   Bennett   Mike's eldest son.
    Laszio   Montez   Dope dealer and suspect for a double homicide.
    Mike   Bennett   Homicide detective. Real name: Michael Bennett.
2   Mary C.       Mike's girlfriend.
    Trent   Bennett   Mike's son.
    Eddie   Bennett   Mike's son.
    Chrissy   Bennett   Mike's daughter.
    Maeve   Bennett   Mike's wife. Deceased.
    Seamus       Priest. Mike's grandfather.
3   Juliana   Bennett   Mike's daughter.
    Jane   Bennett   Mike's daughter.
    Bridget   Bennett   Mike's daughter. Fiona's twin.
    Shawna   Bennett   Mike's daughter.
    Ricky   Bennett   Mike's son.
    Fiona   Bennett   Mike's daughter. Bridget's twin.
    Sheilah       Nun from Holy Name School.
4   Vinny       Mike's friend assigned at Rivers Island Detention Facility.
6   Walter   Nussbaum   Mike's informant. aka: Chill.
7   Lenny   Whitehead   Informant. Black crack dealer.
    Manny   Garcia   Informant.
    Billy   Haskins   Informant. Former set designer.
8   Ken       Mary Catherine's brother.
9   Gary   Mule   Murdered student. Rumored to be drug dealer.
    Toni   DiPetro   Assistant principal.
        Chapman   Police officer.
10   Robert   Hernandez   Latino student. Goes to same school as Gary.
    Jimmy   Hilcox   Senior. Goes to same school as Gary.
13   Stacy   Ibarra   Brian's lawyer.
        Weicholz   Judge assigned to Brian's case. Former Marine.
    Chad   Laing   Assistant district attorney assigned to Brian's case.
19   Diego   Martinez   Suspected of killing Gary. aka: DiDi.
20   Tom   Miko   Maintenance supervisor for school board.
    Sabrina       Diego's sister.
21   Patrick   Marshall   Brian's friend. Athlete at Holy Name School.
23   Todd   Schupper   Former financial-crimes supervisor. Now at Columbia.
26   Harry   Grissom   Lieutenant. Mike's boss.
    Susan   Ruiz   Detective.
27   Albert   Stass   Drug dealer. aka: Caracortada.
28   Tim   Marcia   Sergeant in charge Manhattan North's Narcotics Task Force.
34           PART TWO
41   Sandy   Coles   Mike's former partner. Now detective at Linewiler Police.
44   Sadie       Homeless teenager.
47   Tom   Bacon   Contractor.
49   Thomas   Bacon, Jr.   Tom's son. aka: Tom-Tom.
    Tricia   Green   Tom-Tom's girlfriend. Athlete at high school.
53           PART THREE
62   Bob   Carbone   Investigator from Medical Examiner's Office.
66   Lauren   Furtado   Judge at Penobscot.
    Arlene   Greenberg   Dell Streeter's lawyer.
    Mr.   Albanese   Assistant district attorney at Penobscot.
67           PART FOUR
69   Anthony       A resident of Linewiler, Maine.
71   Addy   Villanueva   Chief ADA. University of Maine graduate.
75   Mickey   Bale   A resident of Linewiler, Maine.
88   D.T.       Dell Streeter's bodyguard.
    Billy Ray       Dell Streeter's bodyguard.