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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Bridie Buffy's landlord.
 RusselBufferyAn actor. Protagonist. Aka: Buffy.
 Nyange Buffy's daughter.
 Quentin Buffy's son.
 James Quentin's partner.
 Penny Buffy's 3rd wife. A photographer.
 Ted The doorman.
 Fig Buffy's dog.
 George Buffy's former dog.
2Monica An event organizer.
 Rupert Monica's assistant.
 Rachel Monica's friend.
 Malcolm Monica's lover.
 Joe The manager.
 Hilary Malcolm's wife.
3Dafydd The bar manager.
 Hammy Buffy's hamster.
 Voley One of Dafydd's bartenders.
4Jacquetta Buffy's 2nd wife.
 Leon Jacquetta's new husband
 Bruno Buffy's son.
 Tobias Bruno's brother. Buffy's son.
 Barry Bridie's house-clearance.
 Simon Bridie's new neighbor.
 Jill Simon's partner.
 FannyCradockAn actress.
 Voda Bridie's house-cleaner.
 Aled Voda's brother.
 Conor Voda's boyfriend.
5Amy A makeup artist.
 Neville The man that Amy befriended.
 Craig Amy's boyfriend.
 EldonJamesAn old actor.
 Keith A background actor.
 Alice Neville's friend.
 Celeste Buffy's daughter.
 Lorna Celeste's mother.
6Frieda Buffy's new friend. A schoolteacher.
 Iris Frieda's partner.
 MichaelGambonAn old actor.
 LancePritchardLance's wife.
 Clare A martial artist.
7Harold CohenA novelist.
 PiaCohenHarold's 2nd wife.
 Dennis One of Harold's friends.
 Annie One of Harold's friends.
 Melanie A single parent.
8Taffy Buffy's nearest neighbor.
 Sita One of the hotel occupants.
 Charlie Nyange's ex-lover.
9Andy The man who has brain tumors. A postman.
 Toni Andy's lover and best friend.
 Ryan Toni's son.
 EnidPriceOne of Andy's regular customers.
10India Jacquetta's daughter. Buffy's step-daughter.
 Roy A former Marxist firebrand.
11RosemaryTurnbullOne of the hotel occupants.
 Popsi Buffy's first wife.
 Lou A law firm secretary.
 Douggie Rosemary's ex-lover.
 Nolan One of Buffy's workers.
 Shirley Nolan's mother.
 Nina A dress shop owner.
 Bella A student.
 Julia Shirley's sister.
 Des A rugby player.
 BillMurrayRosemary's husband.
12LaviniaBalcombeThe course-tutor.
 Walter A horse breeder.
 MaryTaylorA convicted shoplifter.
 TeddyBalcombeLavinia's husband.
13DaiJonesA clothing store owner.
 Virginia Andy's former schoolmate. Aka: Ginny.
14Alec A local postman.
 Phil A retired accountant. Monica's ex-husband.
 Tess One of Monica's acquaintances.
15Colin Penny's lover.
17Carmella Nyange's mother.