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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Arnie Betty's last husband / Sarah's step-grandfather.
 Charlie Butcher.
 BettyDeeArnie's 2nd wife / Sarah's grandmother. aka: Sis.
 Betty JeanSmarshBetty's daughter / Sarah's mother. aka: Jeannie.
 FatherJohnPriest of a nearby parish.
 Dorothy (2) Jeannie's younger sister. aka: Pud.
 Candy Pud's older daughter / Jeannie's cousin.
 Shelly Pud's younger daughter.
 Nicholas C.Smarsh JR.Sarah's father / Jeannie's husband.
 AugustSmarshSarah's child.
 SaraSmarshNarrator / Protagonist.
 Ray Betty's first husband / Sara's biological grandfather.
 Nicholas C.Smarsh SR.Sarah's grandfather. aka: Chic.
 TeresaSmarshNicholas SR's wife / Sarah's paternal grandmother.
 Mr.CarterThe President of the United States.
 RonaldReaganThe new President of the United States.
 GeorgeStraitFamous singer.
 SamSmarshSarah's uncle.
2MattSmarshSarah's brother.
 Aaron Betty's father.
 JeannetteSmarshNicholas's sister.
 GarySmarshSarah Smarsh's uncle.
 JosephStechSarah's peditrician.
 Dorothy (1) Betty's mother.
 Ed Dorothy (1)'s father / Betty's grandfather.
 Irene Dorothy (1)'s mother. / Betty's grandmother.
 DeeRoyAaron's brother.
 FranklinRooseveltThe President of the United States in 1935.
 Carl Dorothy (1) and Aaron's first child.
 Bert Dorothy (1)'s sister.
3WillieNelsonWhite singer / Founded the concert fund-raising.
 John CougarMellencampWillie's co-founder.
 NeilYoungMiddle class hippie from Canada / Willie's co-founder.
 WendellBerryKansas farmer and activist.
 JohnnyCarsonAmerican television host.
 Sasha Sarah's german shepherd.
 DwightEisenhowerThe President of the United States in 1953.
4RobertByrdSenator from West Virginia.
 Daniel PatrickMoynihanA 1965 New York politician.
 RichardNixonThe 37th U.S. President.
 Mrs.CoykendallSarah's teacher.
 NolaFoulstonDistrict attorney.
 GeorgeTillerAbortion provider who was murdered.
 Joe Dorothy (1)'s third husband.
 Paul Dorothy (1)'s second husband.
 Polly Betty and Pud's sister.
 Chris Sarah's step mother.
 Bob (1) A newspaper columnist / Jeannie's boyfriend.
 Bob (2) Betty's third husband.
 Mr.CheathamSarah's teacher in Minneha.
 Ms.DunnSarah's teacher in Minneha.
5HerbertHooverSecretary of Commerce in the 1920s. 31st U.S. President.
 Johnny Betty's second husband.
 Robert Betty and Bob's son / Sarah's uncle. aka: Bo.
6ClarinaNicholsActivist / Journalist.
 ElizabethCandy StantonNew York suffragist.
 Susan B.AnthonyNew York suffragist.
 Miguel Mexican immigrant.
 Galen Betty's fifth husband.
 Herbert Betty's boyfriend.
 Dean Betty's sixth husband.
 Dawn Sarah's first friend.
 Larry Pud's husband.
7AmeliaEarhartWinchita's famous daughter.
 Pat Carl's wife.
 Tom A man who lives on Arnie's farm.
 Jerry Arnie's farmhand.
 GeorgeBushThe U.S. President.