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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I Long-Leggedy Beasties
1KatherinePriddyA Boston University student. aka: Kate.
 GeorgeDanielsAn English horologist.
 CorbinDellKate Priddy's second cousin.
 HenryJamesAmerican British author.
 CarolValentineThe president of the building association.
 Bob The doorman.
 AudreyMarshallA literary agent in New York.
2Philip Corbin's brother.
 RichardDellCorbin's father.
 LucyPriddyKate's mother.
 Amanda Richard Dell's wife.
 Patrick Kate's father.
 Alice Patrick's border terrier.
 Rupert PenryJonesBritish actor.
3Theodora Kate's therapist.
 AlanCherneyKate's new acquaintance.
 Sanibel A doorman.
 Sanders A cat.
 FlorenceHalperinKate's neighbor.
 John D.MacDonaldAmerican writer of novels and short stories.
 DickFrancisEnglish jockey and crime writer.
 RobertaJamesA detective.
 Martha Kate's neighbor in London.
 JeanSebergAmerican actress.
 RachaelChessCorbin's new acquaintance.
5DorisDayAmerican actress.
 RexHarrisonEnglish actor.
6Quinn Alan Cherney's girlfriend.
 Viv Quinn's best friend.
 ChetBakerAmerican jazz trumpeter.
 Mike Quinn's friend.
 JohnLe CarreBritish author.
 Brandon Quinn's new acquaintance.
7GillianFlynnAmerican writer.
 Bella Alan's acquaintance.
 KarenGibsonA police officer.
8JackLudovicoAudrey's close friend.
 Kerry Audrey's best friend.
9BradPittAmerican actor.
 RobertChristieCanadian actor and director.
 Sadie Kate's cousin.
10Hannah Alan's sister.
11MarthaLambertKate's new best friend.
12ClaireBrennanCorbin's new acquaintance.
13SarahScharfenbergOne of Corbin's acquaintances.
 HenryWoodOne of Corbin's acquaintances.
 Mr.HinchliffeCorbin's professor.
15Barry Corbin's fellow intern.
 Anna Henry's girlfriend.
 LindaAlcheriHenry's new acquaintance.
 HankBowmanHenry's fake name.
18AgathaChristieEnglish mystery and detective writer.
 JohnGrishamAmerican lawyer, politician, and author.
 AshleyJuddAmerican actress.
 StephenKingAmerican writer.
 RobertJordanAmerican author of epic fantasy.
 ChuckPalahniukAmerican novelist, essayist.
 Orson ScottCardAmerican science fiction novelist.
 PabloPicassoSpanish artist.
19Sumera Kate's classmate.
 LilaAnderbyKate's new neighbor.
 BillValentineCarol's husband.
20Oscar A tenant.
21AbigailTanAn FBI agent.
23GregoryChapelAn instructor at nursing college.
24Allie A counselor.
25WendyHillerEnglish film and stage actress.
 RogerLiveseyBritish stage and film actor.
 LeslieHowardBritish actor.
26CharlesBukowskiGerman-American writer.
 BramHeymansCorbin's acquaintance.
27StanleyKubrickAmerican filmmaker.
 JackNicholsonAmerican actor.
 JackTorranceFictional character in Stephen King's novel The Shining.
 MelanieGellarA licensed therapist.
 JosephHahnA CPA.
 Mrs.HeathcoteCorbin's acquaintance.
   Part II An Even Split
30KayleeBuecherHenry's new acquaintance.
 AndyWarholAmerican artist and film director and producer.
 MaoZedongChairman - Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.
31JennyGulliThe first girl to really disappoint Henry.
32Nancy A therapist.
33Samantha A bartender.
36AlbertDietrichsonA judge.
 MikeGaetanoOne of Abigail's colleagues.
 AndeDamourOne of Abigail's colleagues.
37VickyWilsonA nurse.
 JimWoodHenry Wood's father.
 LinaWoodHenry Wood's mother.
38BarbaraPymBritish writer.