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Remy Hale
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ProWinstonChurchill A soldier and a journalist.
 RandolfChurchill Winston Churchill's father.
    Part I Pushful, The Younger
1   Death By Inches
 JackChurchill Winston's younger brother.
 JohnChurchill The first Duke at Marlborough.
 Victoria  Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
 AlexanderScott Winston's first biographer.
 GeorgeChurchill Winston's uncle.
 LillianHamersley George's wife.
 ConsueloVanderbilt Wife of the 9th Duke of Marlborough.
2   The Graven Palm
 Al-Mahdi  A Muslim leader.
 Sunny  Winston's cousin.
 Ben Caunt Former heavy weight champion in England.
 RobertAscroft One of the members of the Parliament.
 JennieJerome Lord Randolf's wife.
 Salisbury  The Prime Minister of India.
 A.W.Moore Lord Randolf's private secretary.
 JamesOswald Ascroft's counterpart.
 LeonieJerome Winston's aunt.
 CharlotteRobinson A palm reader.
 CharlesDarwin An English naturalist.
 Arthur ConanDoyle A British writer.
 Albert  Queen Victoria's husband.
 OscarWilde Mrs. Robinson's devoted client.
 AlfredDouglas Had an affair with Oscar Wilde.
3   The Scion
 FelixSemon Renowned throat specialist.
 John PalmerBravazon Prince of Wales's close friend.
 FrederickSmith Churchill's close friend.
 JamesMawdsley Churchill's running mate.
 AlfredEmmot One of Churchill's opponents.
 WalterRunciman One of Churchill's opponents.
 Mrs. Runciman Walter's wife.
  D'Abernon The British ambassador to Berlin.
 LeonardJerome American financier and speculator.
 CarylRamsden One of Jennie Jerome's lover.
 George West Jennie's boyfriend.
 PatsyWest George Cornwallis-West's mother.
 ArthurBalfour Lord Salisbury's nephew.
4   Blowing The Trumpet
 AlexanderPope An English poet.
 James II  The King of England.
 William III  King of England Aka: William of Orange.
 Anne  Queen of England.
 Leopold  Emperor of the Roman Empire.
 Napoleon  A French statesman.
 Jeune  Churchill's friend.
 ThomasHardy An English novelist and poet.
 RobertBrowning An English poet and playwright.
 JosephChamberlain The secretary of state for the colonies.
 ErasmusJacobs Son of a South African farmer.
 JohannesNicolaas A farm owner.
 Diederickde Beer Johannes's brother.
 PaulKruger The President of the Transvaal.
 William Gladstone Former British Prime Minister.
 CecilRhodes Former Prime Minister of the Cape Colony.
 LeanderJameson A British colonial politician.
 IvorGuest Churchill's cousin.
 Cornelia  Ivor's mother. Lord Randolf's older sister.
 ConynghamGreene A British diplomat.
 Louisde Souza Kruger's secretary of state for war.
 Marie  Souza's wife.
    Part II Into Africa
5   Send Her Victorious
 Henry V  King of England.
 RedversBuller Appointed as Commander-in-Chief in South Africa.
 SamuelJohnson An English writer.
 PamelaPlowden A beautiful young woman with whom Churchill had fallen in love.
 Trevor JohnPlowden Pamela's father.
 AlfredHarmsworth A publisher.
 OliverBorthwick An editor of the Morning Post.
  Algernon Borthwick's father.
 FlorenceDixie The first female correspondent.
 EdgarWallace A journalist.
 RudyardKipling A journalist.
 ArthurSullivan A composer.
 ThomasWalden Churchill's valet.
 William PennSymons One of the most experienced officers in the British army.
 John BlackAtkins A journalist.
 HenriLansdowne British secretary of state of war.
 GeorgeWhite Penn Symons counterpart.
 LeoAmery A journalist.
6   We Have Now Gone Far Enough
 BarneyBarnato A British mining magnate.
 PietJoubert A commanding general.
 DeneysReitz Frances William Reitz's son.
 FrancisReitz The Transvaal secretary of state.
 LouisBotha The Transvaal parliament.
 Philip RudolpfBotha A man with his two sons joined the Great Trek.
 NelsonMandela A charismatic young lawyer.
 JamesYule Penn Symons second-in-command.
 LucasMeyer Commander Botha's old friend and mentor.
 MichaelDavitt An Irish journalist and activist.
7   The Blackest Of All Days
 AylmerHaldane Churchill's old friend.
 WilliamLockhart Then commander-in-chief of Her Majesty's army in India.
 ThomasBurberry A British clothier.
 AlfredMilner The governor of Cape Colony.
 GeorgeSteevens A journalist.
8   Land Of Stone And Scrub
 Shaka  A young warrior.
 GenghisKhan Founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
 Dengane  Shaka's half brother.
 AndriesPretorius Close friend of Louis Botha's grandfather.
    Part III Chance
9   The Death Trap
 RobertGrenfell The man who took Churchill's place as 2nd Lieutenant.
 TheodoreRoosevelt Youngest President in US history.
 ArthurWilson Third Naval Lord and controller of the Navy.
10   A Pity And A Blunder
 CharlesLong Left in temporary command by his superiors.
 TomFrankland A young officer in the batallion.
 ParkGray A young trooper.
 WalterKitchener A member of the Buller's staff.
 HoracioKitchener Walter's brother.
11   In The Lion's Jaws
 AlfredNovel The inventor of the dynamite.
 SolomonPlaatje South African's journalist.
 HowardHillegas An American journalist.
12   Grim Sullen Death
 HiramMaxim An American inventor.
    Part IV Prisoners Of War
13   To Submit, To Obey, To Endure
  Keuzenkamp A burgher.
 AdamBrockie An Irish segeant major.
 James WolfeMurray A British army officer.
14   "I Regret To Inform You"
 John SingerSargent Most famous painter of the Victorian era.
 BernardBaker An American businessman.
15   A City Of The Dead
 HansMalan Kruger's grandson.
 SytzeWierda A Dutch architect.
 CharlesBurnett A captured officer from the 18th Hussars.
 JanSmut The Transvaal state attorney.
 AlexanderTodd A Nobel-Prize winning chemist.
 JohnMilton One of the outstanding students.
 Mr.Boshof A storekeeper.
 BourkeCockran An American politician.
16   Black Week
 R.W.L.Opperman Commandant of the guard.
 JanGunning Opperman's assistant.
 MarianoLuis de Souza's father.
 TruiJoubert Mariano's wife.
 PaulMethuen A commanding officer of the First Division of the Brirish army.
 PietCronje A general of the South African Republic's military forces.
 Koosdela Rey The legendary Boer general.
 AdrianHofmeyr A clergyman from Cape Colony.
 JohnButtery An editor for the Standard and Diggers News.
 NathanMarks Accused of being Boer's spy.
 DanieTheron One who had witnessed Churchill's captivity.
 FrederickStopford Buller's military secretary.
17   A Scheme Of Desperate And Magnificent Audacity
 AdolfVischer A Swiss surgeon.
 P.Eloff Kruger's grandson.
 KateStuart Haldane's wife.
18   "I Shall Go On Alone"
 W.E.H.Lecky An Irish historian.
 JonathanSwift An Anglo-Irish essayist.
 StuartMenzies A prolific British author.
 Robertde Bruce King of Scotland.
 WalterScott A Scottish novelist.
    Part V In The Heart Of The Enemy's Country
19   Toujours de I'Audace
 GeogeDanton The leader of the French Revolution.
 EdouardGirouard A railway builder and chronicler of the war.
20   "To Take My Leave"
 P. MaritzBotha The first criminal landdrost, or magistrate.
 CatherineHolmes A young girl who remembered the Churchill's escape.
21   Alone
 DavidLivingstone The famous Scottish missionary and explorer.
 Robert BadenPowell Founder of the Boy Scouts.
22   "Wie Is Daar"
 JuliusBurlein Owner of the most productive collieries in Witbank.
 JohnHoward Former politician.
 DanDewsnap The mine engineer.
 JoeMcKenna One of the Scottish's miners.
 JoeMcHenry One of the Scottish's miners.
23   An Invisible Enemy
 HenryHildyard A British army officer.
 WilliamMcKinley President of U.S. at that time.
 CecilSpring Rice Roosevelt's friend. British ambassador to US.
 WillemLeyds Then state secretary of the Transvaal.
 KaiserWilhelm II Son of Queen Victoria's oldest daughter.
 Arthur FitzroyHart Commanding officer of South Africa field force.
 MohandasGandhi An Indian lawyer and activist.
 DavidOgilvy In-charge of the Naval guns.
 FreddyRoberts Only son of Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts.
 FrederickRoberts A renowned combat leader.
24   The Light Of Hope
 IanHamilton Acting adjutant general of the Natal Field Force.
25   The Plan
 Robert LouisStevenson A Scottish novelist.
 JohnAdams A colliery's secretary.
 CharlesBurnham A shopkeeper.
 JeremiahCullingworth Burnham's grandmother.
26   The Red And The Blue
 Morris  Chief customs officer.
 AlexanderRoss A British Consul General.
EpiFrederickLe Mesurier A prisoner.
 EmilyHobhouse A British social worker.
 HenryBannerman Would become a Prime minister in 1905.
 Edward VII  Kaiser Wilhelm's cousin.
 Elizabeth II  Queen Victoria's great-great granddaughter. Klerk Boer's new President.
 Victor BulwerLytton 2nd Earl of Lytton and godson of Queen Victoria.
 ClementineHozier Churchill's wife.
 EdwardMarsh Churchill's private secretary.
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