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Remy Hale
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ProKathaleenLandA retired NASA mathematician.
 Margot LeeShetterlyAmerican non-fiction writer.
 AranShetterlyMargot's husband.
 KathrynPeddrewAfrican-American woman with a degree in chemistry. Aka: Chubby.
 OpheliaTaylorA graduate from Hampton who was running a nursery school.
 SueWilderAn author.
 KatherineJohnsonAmerican mathematician.
 BenLeeMargot's brother.
 LaurenLeeMargot's sister.
 DavidWoodsOne of Margot's father's buddies.
 ElijahKentOne of Margot's father's buddies.
 WeldonStatonOne of Margot's father's buddies.
 Julia Margot's aunt.
 CharlesFoxxJulia's husband.
 Ruth BatesHarrisNASA's deputy assistant administrator. Charles Foxx's mother.
 Jocelyn Margot's younger sister.
 JohnGlennUnited States Marine Corps aviator, engineer, astronaut.
 ChristineDardenAmerican mathematician, data analyst, and aeronautical engineer.
 VirginiaBigginsA reporter assigned to the Langley beat for the Daily Press.
 Beverly E.GolembaPerformed the mathematical calculations for the NASA program .
 DorothyHooverAmerican physicist and mathematician. A pioneer of NASA.
 Robert JonesOne of the premier aeronautical engineers of NASA.
 DorothyVaughanAmerican mathematician and human computer worked for NACA.
 MaryJacksonAmerican mathematician and aerospace engineer at NACA.
 JohnBeckerOne of the top aerodynamicists.
 MargeryHannahThe white computer who served as the black women's first boss.
 SamKatzoffSenior staff scientist at NASA.
 Doris E.CohenThe NACA's first female author.
 Alexander HamiltonOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
 Virgil IvanGrissomUnited States Air Force pilot. Aka: Gus.
1  A Door Opens
 MelvinButlerThe personnel officer at the Langley Mem. Aeronautical Lab.
 SherwoodButlerThe laboratory's head of procurement at Langley.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
 HenryReidThe engineer-in-charge at Langley laboratory.
 VirginiaTuckerAmerican mathematician who work at the NACA.
 A. PhilipRandolphAmerican labor unionist, civil rights activist, and socialist politician.
 JosephRauhOne of the US foremost civil rights and civil liberties lawyers.
 EleanorRooseveltFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Woodrow Wilson28th U.S. President.
2  Mobilization
 Robert R.MotonAmerican educator and author.
 HowardVaughanDorothy Vaughan's husband.
 Ann One of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 Maida One of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 LeonardVaughanOne of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 Kenneth One of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 LeonardJohnsonDorothy Vaughan's father.
 SusiePeelerDorothy's stepmother.
 DeweyFoxA poet.
 Elbert Frank CoxThe first African American to receive PhD in Mathematics.
 Dudley Weldon WoodardThe second African-American to earn PhD in Mathematics.
 W. E. B. Du BoisAmerican sociologist, socialist, historian, civil rights activist.
 Mary S.PeakeAmerican teacher and a member of the black elite in Hampton.
 PearlBassetteOne of Hampton's natives and a daughter of a black lawyer.
 MaryCherryOne of the women who attended a war training class at Hampton.
 MinnieMcGrowOne of the women who attended a war training class at Hampton.
 MadelonGlennOne of the women who attended a war training class at Hampton.
 MiriamMannOne of the women who attended a war training class at Hampton.
 WilliamMannMiriam Mann's husband.
3  Past Is Prologue
 AltonaJohnsA music teacher.
 JoshuaColemanJoylette's husband.
 JoyletteColemanA retired school teacher.
 KatherineColemanJoylette's youngest daughter.
 Charles One of Coleman's children.
 Margaret One of Coleman's children.
 Horace One of Coleman's children.
 William S.ClaytorAmerican mathematician specializing in topology.
 Charles H.HoustonA prominent African-American lawyer.
 AliceJacksonBlack student who was denied by the University of Virginia.
 James GobleA chemistry teacher. Katherine Coleman's husband. Aka: Jimmy.
4  The Double V
 FrederickLucyDorothy V.'s acquaintance.
 AnnieLucyFrederick's husband.
 MarkEthridgeA novelist, screenwriter, and communications consultant.
 VernonJohnsAmerican minister. Altona Johns' husband.
 P. B.YoungThe owner of the Norfolf Journal and Guide.
 JamesThompsonA politician.
5  Manifest Destiny
 HarryHoltThe city's clerk of court.
 FrankDarlingAn oyster magnate.
 GeorgeWytheThe first American law professor and Virginia judge.
 Collis P.HuntingtonAmerican industrialist.
 H. G. WellsEnglish writer.
 Yvette Nicole BrownOne of Dorothy's acquaintances.
 ThelmaStilesOne of Dorothy's acquaintances.
 LessieHunterA graduate of Praire View University in Texas.
 BlancheSponslerMargery Hannah's assistant.
 FrankKnoxSecretary of the Navy.
 John D.BirdCanadian engineer, scientist, and journalist.
 FrancisRogalloAmerican aeronautical engineer.
 JohnVictoryThe NACA's long-serving executive secretary.
 JohnStackAeronautical engineer.
 IreneMorganAfrican-American woman arrested in Middlesex County, Virginia.
 Glenn L.MartinAn early American aviation pioneer.
 MalcolmMcLeanThe former administrator at the Universiy of Minnesota
 OrvilleWrightOne of American aviation pioneers.
 ArthurKantrowitzAmerican scientist, engineer, and educator.
6  War Birds
 Benjamin O.Davis Jr.American US Air Force general and commander of the WW II.
 CharlesLindberghAmerican aviator, military officer, author, inventor, and activist.
 AmeliaEarhartThe first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
 HowardHughesAmerican business magnate, record-setting pilot, engineer.
 ClarkGableAmerican film actor.
 SpencerTracyAmerican actor.
 Myrna LoyAmerican film, television and stage actress.
 EastmanJacobsThe leading aerodynamicist who worked for NACA's Langley.
 Michael Max MunkGerman aerospace engineer who worked for NACA.
 TheodoreTheodorsenNorwegian-American theoretical aerodynamicist worked at NACA.
 EdwardTellerAmerican-Hungarian theoretical physicist.
 AnnBaumgartnerThe first American woman to fly a US Army Air Forces jet aircraft.
 Leonardoda VinciItalian polymath of the High Renaissance.
7  The Duration
 EricEppsA former teacher at one of the Negro high schools.
 Harry S.Truman33rd U.S. President.
 Harry F.ByrdFormer Governor of Virginia.
 Mary McleodBethuneAmerican educator, stateswoman, philanthropist.
 MarianAndersonAmerican contralto.
8  Those Who Move Forward
 ThurgoodMarshallFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US.
 RoseKennedyAmerican philanthropist, socialite.
 BingCrosbyAmerican singer comedian and actor.
 LouGehrigAmerican professional baseball first baseman.
 HenryLuceAmerican magazine magnate.
 MaryPickfordCanadian-American film actress and producer.
 Malcolm ForbesAmerican entrepreneur.
 Henry WatersTaftAmerican lawyer and author. The brother of Pres. William H.Taft.
 John W.Davis Jr.Prof. of Urology and Director of the Urosurgical Prostate Program.
 Booker T.WashingtonAmerican educator, author, orator, adviser to multiple presidents.
 Carter G.WoodsonAmerican historian, author, journalist.
 James C.EvansAn MIT engineering graduate.
 Homer A.HoltWest Virginia lawyer and politician.
9  Breaking Barriers
 Donald One of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 Michael One of Dorothy Vaughan's children.
 MarjoriePeddrewKathryn's sister-in-law.
 MatildaWestDorothy Vaughan's relative.
 John MalloryPhillips Hampton Institute's bookkeeper.
 Dwight D.Eisenhower 34th U.S. President.
 IdaBassetteOne of Dorothy's colleagues.
 ChuckYeagerUS Air Force officer, flying ace, and record-setting test pilot.
 SamRosenbergA white economics professor at Hampton Institute.
 ElridgeDerringOne of the laboratory administrator.
 JamesTingle Laboratory health officer.
 RufusHouseHenry Reid's assistant.
10  Home By The Sea
 EmilyWinstonMary Jackson's sister.
 FrankWinstonMary Jackson's father.
 Ella S.WinstonMary Jackson's mother.
 LeviJacksonMary Jackson's husband.
 Alonzo G.MoronThe black president of the Troop.
 Mrs.MoronAlonzo Moron's wife.
 Lawrence D.BellAmerican industrialist.
 EthelRosenbergAmerican citizens convicted of spying on behalf ofthe Soviet Union.
 JuliusRosenbergEthel Rosenberg's husband.
 William R. PerlAmerican lawyer and psychologist.
 Pearl I. YoungThe first female technical employee of the NACA.
 JosephMcCarthyFormer American senator from the state of Wisconsin.
 PaulRobesonAmerican bass baritone concert artist and stage and film actor.
 Josephine BakerAmerican-born French entertainer.
 Mahatma GandhiIndian lawyer.
 Fanny JohnsonAn author, poet and essayist from West Virginia.
 ChristineRichieDorothy Vaughan's colleague.
 AureliaBoazA 1949 Hampton Institute graduate.
11  The Area Rule
 Kazimierz R.CzarneckiPolish aeronautics engineer who worked for thr NACA. Aka: Kaz.
 Richard T. WhitcombAmerican aeronautical engineer.
 Marilyn MonroeAmerican actress, model, and singer.
 WalterCronkiteAmerican broadcast journalist.
 FrankMalvestutoFormer head of NASA Supersonic Aerodynamics Division.
 HerbertRibnerA researcher.
 JamesWilliamsFormer Tuskegee airman who had fallen in love with airplanes.
 JuliaWilliamsJames Williams' wife.
12  Serendipity
 Patricia Jimmy Goble's sister. Aka: Pat.
 WalterKanePatricia's fiancĂ©.
 Helen Jimmy Goble's eldest sister.
 JoyletteGobleJimmy's eldest daughter.
 Connie One of Jimmy's daughters.
 Kathy One of Jimmy's daughters.
 EuniceSmithOne of the first African American women work at the Langley.
 ErmaTynesWorked as a human computer at Langley Air Force Base.
 JohnMayerOne who tackled orbital mechanics.
 CarlHussOne who taught the physics of the solar system.
 HaroldHamerOne who lectured on rocket propulsion. Aka: Al.
 HenryPearsonFlight Research division chief.
13  Turbulence
 Mrs.PearsonHenry's wife.
 VeraHuckelThe head of the Computing Section.
 HelenWilleyAmerican women computers working for NASA.
 MelvinGoughLangley's chief test pilot.
 AlSchyKatherine's boss.
 ThomasVillaOne that could not secure financing from local banks.
14  Angle of Attack
 JackieRobinsonAmerican professional baseball player.
 BarbaraJohnsVernon Johns' niece.
 Spottswood RobinsonAmerican educator, civil rights attorney.
 OliverHillAmerican civil rights attorney from Richmond.
 William DavisButtsA Negro lawyer.
 Kitty O'BrienJoynerAmerican electrical engineer with the NACA for Aeronautics.
 ThomasByrdsongAerospace Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center.
 JimWilliamsAnalog designer.
15  Young, Gifted, and Black
 ChristineMannA rising senior at the Allen School for girls.
 Autherine LucyThe first African-American student to attend the Univ. of Alabama
 Charles H.LoebAn editor and publisher.
 Wernher von BraunGerman-born American aerospace engineer and space architect.
 JesseHelmsFormer American senator from North Carolina.
 NoahMannChristine Mann's father.
 DesmaMannChristine Mann's mother.
 Julia Christine Mann's best friend.
 CabCallowayAmerican singer band leader.
 EuniceWaymonAmerican singer-songwriter. Aka: Nina Simone.
 BettyeTillmanOne of the first black students admitted at University of Carolina.
 JoAnneSmartOne of the first black students admitted at University of Carolina.
 Benjamin LeeSmithThe superintendent of the Greensboro public school system.
16  What a Difference a Day Makes
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th U.S. President.
 HarveyAllenNACA engineer.
 TedSkopinskiDescribing the path taken by the space vehicle on earth's surface.
 W. H.Phillips An Englishman constructed a model helicopter.
 Christopher C.Kraft Jr.American aerospace engineer and NASA engineer and manager.
 LarryBrownAn engineer.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.American Christian minister and activist.
 RalphAbernathyAmerican civil rights activist and Baptist minister.
 Claudette ColvinAmerican nurse arrested for refusing to give up her seat.
 RosaParksAmerican activist in the civil rights movement.
 J. LindsayAlmondSenior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals.
 JamesRortyAmerican radical writer and poet.
 PaulDemblingThe NACA's chief legal counsel.
 FloydThompsonLangley's assistant director.
 IsabelleMannOne of Dorothy Vaughan's co-workers.
 ArmintaCookOne of Dorothy Vaughan's co-workers.
 LorraineSatchellOne of Dorothy Vaughan's co-workers.
 HesterLovelyOne of Dorothy Vaughan's co-workers.
 DaisyAlstonOne of Dorothy Vaughan's co-workers.
17  Outer Space
 AltonMayoHandled on the problems faced by an object returning to earth.
 Forest RayMoultonAmerican astromer.
 LucilleColtraneOne of Langley's female employees.
 Jean C.KeatingOne of Langley's female employees.
 Katherine C.SpeegleOne of Langley's female employees.
 RuthWhitmanOne of Langley's female employees.
 Emily S.MuellerOne of Langley's female employees.
 DorothyLeeAccepted a position as a computer in PARD.
 Maxime FagetDir.of Engineering and Dev't at Manned Spacecraft Center - NASA
18  With All Deliberate Speed
 Robert R.GilruthAmerican aerospace engineer and the first director of NASA.
 LenoirChambersA writer, and newspaper editor of The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk.
 Christine DardenAmerican mathematician, data analyst, and aeronautical engineer.
 James A.JohnsonKatherine Goble's second husband. Aka: Jim.
 HarveyAllenAn engineer at the NACA's Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory.
 AlanShepardOne of the selected "Mercury Seven" astronauts to the world.
 ScottCarpenterOne of the selected "Mercury Seven" astronauts to the world.
 WallySchirraOne of the selected "Mercury Seven" astronauts to the world.
 Althea GibsonAmerican tennis player and professional golfer.
19  Model behavior
 Levi Jr.JacksonMary Jackson's son.
 Emma JeanLandrumA member of Langley's tiny engineering sisterhood.
 JaniceJohnsonAssistant troop leader.
 HelenMulcahyFormer East Computer transferred to Langley's tech editing dept.
 Levi Sr. Mary Jackson's husband.
 Carolyn Mary Jackson's daughter.
20  Degrees of Freedom
 Raymond Rosa Parks' husband.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
 John F. Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 RobertKennedyUnited States Attorney General.
 SaraBullockOne of Dorothy Vaughan's colleagues.
 BarbaraWeigelOne of Dorothy Vaughan's colleagues.
 YuriGagarinSoviet Air Forces pilot and cosmonaut.
 HaroldBeckOne of Katherine's former colleagues.
 Mary ShepBurtonOne of the math aides who ran the trajectory analysis software.
 Catherine T.OsgoodOne of the math aides who ran the trajectory analysis software.
 Shirley HuntHinsonOne of the math aides who ran the trajectory analysis software.
21  Out of the Past, the Future
 Gherman TitovSoviet cosmonaut.
 DudleyMcConnellAn aerospace research scientist at the NASA.
 AnnieEasleyAmerican computer scientist, mathematician, and rocket scientist.
 Melba RoyMoutonAssistant Chief of Research Programs at NASA.
 Jacqueline KennedyFormer First Lady of the United States.
22  America is for Everybody
 JohnPerryAn engineer.
 ErnieHairstonA mathematician.
 PaulWilliamsA mathematician.
 GordonCooperAmerican aerospace engineer, test pilot.
 BayardRustinAmerican leader in social movements for civil rights, socialism.
 DorothyHeightAmerican civil rights and women's rights activist.
 John RobertLewisAmerican statesman and civil rights leader.
 DaisyBatesAmerican civil rights activist, publisher, journalist, and lecturer.
 RoyWilkinsActivist in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
 MahaliaJacksonAmerican gospel singer.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JoanBaezAmerican singer, songwriter, musician and activist.
 James WebbLangley's director.
 RubyRaineyFormer East computer.
 EdWhiteAmerican aeronautical engineer and NASA astronaut.
 Roger B.ChaffeeAmerican naval officer and aviator and NASA astronaut.
23  To Boldly Go
 AlbertMurrayA successful New York lawyer.
 Odetta Albert Murray's wife.
 JulesVerneFrench novelist, poet, and playwright.
 GilScott-HeronAmerican soul and jazz poet, musician, and author.
 TomPaineA challenging NASA's administrator.
 EdDwightAn astronaut trainee.
 AntonChekhovRussian playwright and short-story writer.
 Nichelle NicholsAmerican actress, singer, and voice artist.
 GeneRoddenberryAmerican television screenwriter.
 Coretta Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife.
 NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon.
 John W.DavisAmerican politician, diplomat and lawyer.
 BuzzAldrinAmerican astronaut. One of the two humans to land on the Moon.
EpiJimLovellAmerican astronaut, naval aviator, and mechanical engineer.
 JackSwigertAmerican NASA astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer.
 FredHaiseAmerican NASA astronaut, engineer, fighter pilot.
 JamesHicksAmsterdam News editor.
 Barack Obama44th U.S. President.
 MarvinGayeAmerican singer-songwriter.
 LangstonHughesAmerican poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist.
 RobertFergussonScottish poet.
 SylviaFriesNASA historian.
 GloriaChampineA research pilot with the NACA.
 WandaJacksonMary Jackson's granddaughter.
 RowenaBeckerJohn Becker's wife.
 DavidFettermanChristine Danden's new boss.
 RichardSeabassOne of Cornell researchers.
 AlbertGeorgeAmerican astronomer and a discoverer of minor planets.
 Beverly GolembaA historian.
 Roger ButlerDorothy Vaughan's former boss.
 WilliannaSmithDorothy Vaughan's former colleague.
 Robert Benjamin Lee IIIMargot L. Shetterly's father. A climate scientist worked at Langley.